Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spankings required

I saw these two pictures and they set off my spanking gene.

This one is of the delightful Princess Kate, also known as the Duchess of Cambridge, it made me wonder if she lit any campfires of her own on the bottoms of the girls on the trip. It also made me remember a few trips I took over the lap of our Brownie mistress when I was a girl in the Brownies.

This is pop princess Kylie Minogue, displaying her delightful derriere. Made my palm itch. I know if I'd ever been photographed like this I wouldn't have been sitting down for some time once my parents found out.


  1. Do tell! I'm sure we're all dying to know about your spankings in the woods...


  2. Thank you, Aunty Andrea. I enjoy how the idea of spanking can be weaved into the fabric of everday life. In fact, I think that's what attracts me most, the imposing of a discipline scene on one where most people would not expect it, or imagining a contemporary situation placed instead under old-fashioned circumstances. The jogging of personal memories can also be powerful.

  3. Aunty.

    Wow Kate, how incredible is she and yes again love the thought of an outdoor spanking.


  4. Kate is absolutely gorgeous, and I am sure she could administer a very thorough spanking.