Saturday, 21 July 2012

'A Spanking at the Lake' - Guest Fiction

Lovely what the mail brings these days sometimes, even if it is electronic. A reader by the name of Ed (not Edb) sent me the below story, it's a lovely little tale of spanking and romance. I do hope you all enjoy it.

Please be warned, there is some slightly more graphic sexual content in the story than I generally post.

A view of the lake from the cottage.

Art by Waldo, an angry wife, puts her husband over her lap for a warm up by hand.

From Boys Boarding School, a naughty husband gets his bottom blistered with the hairbrush from his lovely and dominant wife.

As we were leaving for the cottage this weekend, I did a last check of the house to make sure we didn’t miss anything we were supposed to bring (anyone who has a cottage will know there’s always something left behind!).I couldn’t find the book I’d been reading and was sure I left it on my bedside table, it wasn’t there, but as I left the room I noticed the hairbrush was not in its usual spot on her dresser.

I immediately felt a shudder of excitement in the pit of my stomach…a weird combination of excitement and dread.

Meanwhile my wife was waiting impatiently at the door, keys in hand, and was not impressed when I asked her if she had packed my book.

“Are you going to accuse me of losing something which is your responsibility again…’re already in enough trouble for that mister,” she warned before adding. “……it’s in my bag…..right beside the hairbrush!”

She just couldn’t hide a wry smile when she saw my reaction.

She knows I love to drive, but as part of my discipline, and to show that she was in charge until my full punishment has been administered, she grabbed the keys from me.

I ran around the car to open the door for her and helped her in.
“You’re going to find the drive up there much more comfortable that the drive home!” she teased.

That feeling returned to my gut, and my bottom positively tingled with anticipation, as I drank in the sight of her shapely, tanned legs beside me.

For the rest of the morning we followed our usual routine of having a light meal, before changing into our swimsuits to share a bottle of wine as we took in the sunshine while basking on the dock.

It so beautiful and quiet there, listening to nature and the lake lapping against the dock , you can feel the stress and tension of the week slowly leave your body.

All the time we chatted, kissed, teased and occasionally dipped our legs into the coolness of the lake waters.

I was certainly getting hot in more ways than one, so boldly tried to lower the zipper on the front of my wife’s curve hugging one-piece swimsuit.

My act was met with a firm smack on my offending hand.

“Not so fast….we have some business to take care of first!” she reminded me in a familiar, maternal tone.

With that she hoisted herself up and headed up to the cottage.

I took in the sight of her shapely wiggling lucious hips, mostly exposed by the high-cut swimsuit .
The next few moments were strange as many feelings and thoughts warred in my mind.

I wanted desperately to make love to my wife right then and there, but knew she had other intentions.
There was no doubt that as I splashed my feet in the cool lake water, she was retrieving that dreaded hairbrush from her bag and intended to blister my backside with it.

A part of me urged me to resist my impending spanking, but a stronger part of me realized I should do no such thing and accept my punishment like a man.

A chill ran through my spine when she emerged on the upstairs balcony, hairbrush in hand and called out in that commanding tone, beckoning me inside.

The sight awaiting me in the bedroom was glorious, my wife in her low-cut, one piece suit, hilighting all her female curves .

When she turned around and bent slightly to move her ‘spanking chair’ to the middle of the room, the ‘tent’ inside my swimshorts grew extensively.
Her suit was backless, exposing the tanned skin right down to the small of her back  and the hi-cut legs exposed most of the two shapely globes of her bottom.

The tent in my suit did not escape her attention when she spun back around.

She smiled mischievously at it while tapping the back of her brush against her palm.

Instinctively, like my erection, I stood to attention before her.

“Take off your shorts!” she ordered firmly.

I quickly obliged, and her smile broadened while she examined my shaft in its full glory.

Staring into my eyes, she gritted her teeth and took a rough hold of my member, squeezing it tightly.
“Best save that for later …..” she chuckled, releasing her grip.

She sat down imperiously on her chair, making it clear how soft and comfortable it was on her bottom while mine would soon be too sore to sit on anything.

Words were not required, a simple pat of her lap ordered me to drape myself over it.

The feeling of her silky thighs against my still intact erection was exquisite.

As I lay in this submissive, helpless position her lecture began.

With the back of the brush teasingly tapping my exposed cheeks she reminded me of my offence, not to blame others and take responsibility for my actions.

“Do you understand ?” she asked firmly.

“Yes Ma’am!” I replied ….for the next while I would refer to her only as Ma’am.

She was clearly in her element, enjoying the sense of power and control.

“I am going to blister you bottom so good that you are going to be reminded of your behavior every time you sit down for the rest of this weekend!” she declared ominously.

I clenched my cheeks and took a firm grip on the leg of the chair with one fist and waited the barrage about to rain down on my backside.

She started off as usual with a series of 4 or 5 hard swats, alternating from cheek to cheek.

They stung like heck, but I did my best to stay silent and in place to show her I could take whatever she could give me.

After about 20 or so swats like this she got down to business, spanking hard and fast at random, peppering my entire buttocks and lower thighs with stinging swats.

My resistance and composure didn’t last long and I could not even keep track of how many swats she had administered.

Soon I was howling bucking and squirming on her lap, my proud erection long gone.

She continued to whack away at my behind, using her well practiced tennis swing to snap the back of the brush against my skin to great effect.

She paused to catch her breath and I did the same.
My rear end felt like a bad case of road rash and the burning actually intensified.

There was a brief relief when she rubbed my punished cheeks with her palms to feel the heat.
Clearly pleased with her work, I winced and yelped when she dug her long fingernails into my tender flesh.

It was now time for her ‘grand finale’ a thankfully brief but painful conclusion to my spanking where she delivered about 20 or so swats, slowly and methodically, as hard as she could muster right on the sensitive “sit spot “ between my lower cheeks and upper thighs.

The pain was excruciating but she ignored my howls, pleading and apologizing, until the job was done.

When she released her grip, I immediately leapt to my feet and performed that silly spanking dance to her great amusement.

She cackled loudly as I hopped around the room, frantically rubbing my backside, while making the most unmanly noises and whines.

When my dancing subsided, she stood up and placed the brush on her end table.

“Don’t think I won’t use this again if you get up to any of your old tricks this weekend,” she warned me with a wagging finger.

Gingerly I stepped back into my swimsuit.

“A dip in the lake might help… “ she chuckled, finally showing some sympathy.

I took her into my arms, and we kissed passionately.

Her hand slipped deep down into my shorts where my frightened erection was slowly returning.

She worked it expertly until it was restored to its full glory.

This time she helped me with the zipper on the front of her swimsuit, and eagerly kicked it off while I did the same.

My butt was way too sore to accommodate her favorite cowgirl position so she gratefully got on all fours and let me take her doggy style….it was her way of surrendering the power she had exercised during my punishment and rebalancing the scales, so to speak.
I was in charge now and was thrusting hard into her it was her turn to groan and moan.

Sex like that is worth a sore backside in my opinion! 


  1. Maybe it is, but it can be a "pain in the ass" (irony clearly intended). On the other hand, the "doggy-style" position works well for the distaff side as well, if she's the one getting the sore backside. Since her bottom would be too sore to be on her back, it would be easier on her to take it from behind, as well as being enjoyable for the spanker to be able to see the results of his (?) handiwork while having it off. :-)


  2. Glad people have enjoyed Ed's work. I thought it was a rather enjoyable and quite sensual story.

  3. Great and loving story Ed, thank you Aunty for the sexy interlude and well written spanking story, well done.


  4. Thank you Ron, your words are appreciated.