Friday, 20 July 2012

A Visit to the Spank Shop

Some of you may have seen an interview I did with Andrew from Someones Gonna Get It, and if you haven't you can click on the link and read it. I asked Andrew to provide me with his idea of a visit to the Spank Shop, and he graciously acceded. Please enjoy his view of that experience.

The waiting room.

Clients are welcomed by a smiling Kimberley.

Andrea waits in her parlour, with a Spencer paddle.

There I stood, at the door outside the Spank Shop.

"How did you get here?” I asked myself.

What started off as a simple request to interview Aunty Andrea last week had somehow turned into a visit. Yes, I am in town, and yes, I used the pretext of  "If we meet it would add a "personal touch" to the piece.” Andrea guaranteed me that if she saw me she would add some "personal touches, alright" and had me make an appointment through her receptionist; Kimberley.

So, here I stand.

Checking my watch again, ten minutes have passed. It is now 1:45. And I am only fifteen minutes early. Nervous energy. I should go in, right? Unless, as the pit of my stomach is suggesting, I just turn and leave. Yeah, I'll just call and say I couldn't make it. I turned just as a beautiful, but very young, blonde woman came alongside me struggled with a box of office supplies and boxes of tea, coffee and other sundries.

"You aren't thinking of running away are you?" she asked sweetly.

Busted. I took the box from her. "Kimberley?"

"What a gentleman, you must be Andy?"

I tell her I am as we entered. A bell chimed as we stepped into the empty waiting room. It is more like a home than an office. Beige walls, broken up with white trim then painted dark underneath.  Two love seat style sofas were positioned around a small wooden table. Magazines were neatly piled on the top and bottom of it. There was a picture of flowers on the wall and some degrees hung up. Charming, and very relaxing. However, I doubt this ambience calmed too many of the frayed nerves belonging to the people who entered the shop.

 A white wooden door with fifteen window panes separates the reception area from the clients.  Kimberley went through that door, I handed the box to her through the opening.

"Thank you. Aunty is looking forward to, well, her interview with you" she said with a sweet smile. Somehow it had a hint of danger behind it. "And you are early, too. Can’t wait? Can you?”

My first blush of the day.

“Please make yourself comfortable while I check on her availability. Can I bring anything? Coffee, tea, water? You carried it in, you may as well have some?"

I told her I was fine, which was anything but the truth. My stomach was churning. I don’t think I could hold any liquid down right now. I somehow made it to one of the chairs and sat down. The phones were ringing.

As I settled in, I could hear a faint rhythmic beat, like the thump of a bass drum, only this beat was followed by muffled cries. Someone is in "therapy".  Kimberley must be have been a mind reader. While putting a caller on hold she said, "We try and soundproof the rooms, but  I think Aunty feels the noise adds to the anticipation of those in the waiting room. We are so used to it in the office that it sounds odd when there isn't a session going on".  Kim went back to the phones, which were ringing non-stop. She was frantically checking her appointment screen and booking clients. 

The drumming stopped, the cries didn't.  "Sounds like the band is on a break. I'll go let Aunty know you are waiting."

The bell chimed again. A woman in her early forties entered the reception area. She wass a little overweight, but attractive. She had strong calves under a knee high business skirt. She saw me and offered a smile.

She sat on the couch next to me. "You picking someone up?"

“No, I’m not here for….”

“Don’t bother...I know why you are here, then.”

Kimberley returned from the back room.

"Ah, Mrs. Fontaine, Aunty has just finished with Michael. He’s trying to compose himself now. Aunty went to town today on him. I suspect it’ll be a few more minutes.”

Kim slid a clipboard over to Mrs. Fontaine. “Good, I asked Andrea not to spare the rod this time.” Mrs. Fontaine signed a form.

“She didn’t. I think he'll be on his best behavior for awhile."

"If he isn't he'll be right back here."

“Can I get you something while you wait, ma’am?"

“No, I'm fine, dear.”

“Is this your first time visiting Andrea?” Mrs. Fontaine asked me.

“Uh, yes....”

She just smiled.

“Really, I’m not here for ‘therapy’.”

“Then why do you have the look of a condemned man?” she inquired.

Guess I won’t be playing poker with this woman anytime soon. I tried to change the subject. “How long have you known Andrea?”

She thought for a moment. “For, what, nine years? Two sons and a daughter know her very well.”

“You look capable....if you don’t mind me saying?” Her lap looked like it could support a naughty bottom for a long time, and she certainly looked strong enough to dish out a hard spanking.

“Oh, I’ve given them their fair share of spankings. But somehow I get more of response from them after a visit here. Andrea is a masterful spanker. You are so gonna get it".

This conversation is making me a bit anxious, luckily her son came out from the paneled door. His face was streaked with tears. He wasn’t walking steadily.

“Michael, see this man? He's going to get a spanking too. I told you, you will never be too old to be properly disciplined.”

On the way out the door, Mrs. Fontaine gave me a wink, “have a nice day.”

I started thinking about leaving…again, for the thousandth time, when Kimberley spoke “Miss Andrea’s ready for you, Mr. Cano. You can go right in.”

Like the reception area, her office was warm and inviting. Andrea was seated at a desk near a fireplace. She looked up and smiled as I entered, "Andy?" 

She was stunning. With quite an air of authority surrounding her, "Hi?"

“Hi? Perhaps it would be best if you addressed me as Miss, ma’am, or even Aunty until our little chat is through. Understand?” she said.



“Oh, yes ma'am.” I correct myself.

“That's better. Please sit.”

Andrea pushed a clipboard and a pen across the table to me, “It’s a release form. I use them with all my adult clients. If you’d read it and sign it we can get started.”

"I don't think you'll need a release form from me to do an interview. I would think I might need one from you?" I scanned the document, its a typical release form, not a lot different to the ones I use for model releases.  With a slightly shaky hand, I signed it and slid the clipboard back across to Aunty.

Andrea looked at it, and satisfied, pus it aside, “I’ll just put that in your folder later.  (I have a folder, I thought) Can I ask you a few questions first?”

"Sure" I said. She gave me a disapproving look.

“I mean, yes Aunty.”

She looked at me for a moment, then continued, “Your blog is quite fun.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“It deals with spanking. But in a light hearted way. The women are beautiful, and look very capable of dealing with naughty brats. And I love the interviews you conduct.”

“Again, thank you ma’am. I’m proud of the site.” I beamed a bit.

“Tell me have you ever been spanked?”

“Only in school, a couple of swats with a paddle every now and then.”

“At home? Growing up?”

“Not really. Occasionally a swat or two from mom.”

"So never on the bare bottom?"

“No….” she raised her eyebrow, so I quickly added “…'am.”

“Well, from your lack of manners, I do believe you could greatly benefit from a sound bare bottom spanking, don't you? “

I swallowed hard, and nodded wordlessly.

“I mean that's why you are here, right?”

“I'm here to interview….”

“Oh stop, you can interview me over the phone, or by email. You made an appointment because you fantasize about going over my knee, don't you?”

Now I know I blushed hard.

“I believe a sound, over the knee spanking is in order and long overdue. And for not addressing me properly on two occasions, you will get to meet Miss Spencer Paddle. Have you heard about my aprons?”

“Yes, ma'am. “

Andrea uses aprons to protect modesty of clients as well as to humiliate them, and foster a certain frame of mind.

“Good boy. Time is short, so let's get you suited up…or down, as the case may be.  Use the room just through that door. There’s a bathroom in there too, and I’d appreciate it if you’d take care of any pressing needs before coming back out here in your apron.”

My knees started  to buckle, but somehow I managed to do as I was told. I entered the room just off Andrea’s parlour. It is a bedroom. There is a closet, and on the bed lay a blue apron. The apron had the words ‘The Spank Shop’, embroidered on the right side of the chest. I took a deep breath. It didn’t really calm me.

Kimberley entered the room “Hello Mr Cano,” she said brightly. “In this heat I think you’ll like the feel of the gown. Please take your all of your clothes off and I’ll put them away for you, and you can have them back once Aunty is done with you.”

“Ok.” I waited for her to leave. She didn’t move. “You are staying in here?”

“Yes. I'll help you with the apron.” She said.

“I've been getting undressed and dressed by myself since I was at least 16.”  I said, trying to get a little laugh. Nothing. "Really, I can do this myself" Her steel blue eyes let me know in no uncertain terms that she was staying, and it would be best not to argue. It was her job to make sure I was properly dressed for Aunty. 

I grumbled a bit and started stripping.  Kimberley gathered my clothes from me, and folded them. With my back to the girl, I started to put on the apron.

“I'll tie the back. It's really a two-person job.  Now aren't you glad I'm here?" Kimberley asked.


I was still blushing as I exited the bedroom, and re-entered Andrea’s parlour. “Oh that color looks so nice on you!” Andrea told me, which only served to make me blush even hotter.

She pulled a straight-backed chair in front of her desk. She lifted her skirt a bit then sat down. She positioned herself, "I want you over my bare thighs. Is this how you imagined it?”

My apron started to tent pole from my waist.

"My my, I guess it is" she said with an amused tone.

I was so embarrassed.

"Don't be ashamed. This is common--before the spanking. I don't think you'll manage to hold on to it during. Turn around a moment. Bend down a bit, please.

With my back to her, I bent my knees so she can reach the strings holding my apron closed at the back. She started loosening them. I gasped.

"Tell me you don't want to feel my bare legs and I'll stop untying this….."

No answer from me.

"I thought so", she untied the strings and let the garment fall to the floor. I turned around and faced her. I cupped my exposed erection with my hands.

“Don't be silly. Hands on your sides, please.”

I moved my hands. My member bobbed a bit. Aunty laughed. “Does this embarrass you?”

I wanted to respond ‘what do you think’ but somehow I said instead “It does, ma’am.”

“You do understand that in your mind the idea of a spanking is an exciting proposition, maybe even fun? But, I'm afraid in real life it's going to be a bit different."

She gently took my hand and guided me across her lap. My erection, if possible, got even harder. "Oh my." she patted my bare bottom with her hand. For a few seconds at least, it felt somewhat enjoyable, being naked and sprawled over her legs. Her lap is very strong. Like Mrs. Fontaine, I don’t think she’ll have a problem keeping me here as long as she wants.

Now try and keep your toes on the floor. Do not clench your bottom. I like to feel these cheeks bounce under my hand,” she squeezed them. “Understand?”

“Yes ma'am.”

She stroked my bottom a few more times. I started to relax and that's when SMACK, her hand landed like a bomb. The first spank. It was like an electrical charge going through my whole body.

She was right. I was not ready for this. Almost from the first spank I started begging for the spanking to stop. My pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Andy we are just getting started. Stay loose, remember, otherwise I’ll have to get a paddle.”

 Her hand exploded onto my bare skin time and time again. I was soon dancing to the beat of the drum she was playing.

“I want you to feel the effects of this chastisement for the next few days, every time you sit down I want you to remember this.”

“Yes, ma’am. I will. I promise I will. Please hurts so much”.

I wasn't taking this well. I kicked, yelled and squealed as Andrea's relentless palm landed again and again. She was right again, this was no fantasy. It was a spanking. Heat and pain applied liberally to my exposed bottom. Andrea was a true professional, I was finding out the hard way.  I felt like my bottom was about to burst into flame, as tears streamed down my face.  I wiggled my buttocks up and down frantically trying to escape that hard spanking hand. Didn’t she ever tire?

 There was a gentle knock on the door, Andrea stoped for a second. Kimberley poked her head in.

Thank God. I started to get up, to cover myself.

 "Where, exactly do you think you’re going, mister?" Andrea asked, while landing five or six hard smacks to my bottom.

 “I thought....”

“Do you think Kimberley has not been witness to punishment sessions? “

I blushed. My face as red as my bottom.

Kimberley continued “Sorry to disturb you, ma’am, but Mrs. Anderson just dropped off Harold. Seems he was caught smoking in school today. She wants to nip it in the bud now...if you have the time?”

“How does Mr. Cano’s bottom look to you?” she asked her young assistant.

To my horror, Kim came over and inspected it, touching areas, and saying "It seems you missed a spot here, and maybe here, ma'am." I continued to cry, and heave a little over Andrea’s lap.

“Good eye young lady. I was just about to get to those exact spots.
Where is Harold?”

“He's in room 2, prepped. Here are his mother's instructions. Do you want me to handle it?”

“No, I'd better. He really needs to be taken down a peg or two.  You will excuse me for a moment won’t you, Andy?”

She helped me up, then came these shocking words.

“Kimmy would  be a dear and finish Mr. Cano’s spanking for me, while I get the cane and take care of young Mr. Anderson?”

“I'd be delighted.”

“Are you ok with that, Andy?

No I am not, I thought to myself. “I’ve had enough already.”

“No, you haven’t.”

“But…she's so young….”

“Oh, but she is very experienced.”

“I….don't know… too embarrassing going over her lap...”

“You are in very capable hands, Andrew. It will almost be like getting the spanking from me. Kimberley learned over my knee. I'll be back in a few minutes.”

Aunty left the room. Kimberley picked up a hairbrush...
”Andrew. I think you'll find I can give a very thorough spanking.”

“A brush? No one said…..”

“My hand isn't as strong as Andrea's--yet. So, I will use this…..”

She made her way to the chair and sat. She is a stunning girl. Bright blue eyes that seemed to dance with her new authority over me. She patted her thigh.
“Come to Aunty Kimberley now.”

“This isn’t can’t.”

She ignored me. “My what happened to your apron? Is that in on the floor? Were in such a hurry to be spanked you couldn't fold it?”

“Aunty let it fall there. Please you can’t do this to me.” I pleaded

“I can and I will. Now quit your whining.”

“How long have you been doing this?”

“Long enough. I've been on the other side of paddle much more. Now please, bend over...”

My questions seemed to slow her down. I continued. “Will you go light?”


“You are stalling, over please….” She is pretty smart.

“I just….”

“Do not make me ask you again,” there was steel in her voice. “Bottom’s up!”
I moved over to her. She pulled me across her knee. Her legs are supple yet firm. She easily got me into a suitable position.

“Hm, I want to have your bottom up higher. Lift your hips a bit.” She crossed her legs…but in doing so, my manhood, which as Aunty promised, was not hard anymore, got swirled on her leg.

“Oh, that isn't comfortable for either of us, I bet.” She reached between her thigh and my body and straightened me out.

“Better? Well, since you are already warmed up, we should just get to it then. You know the rules, don't clench your bottom, and try and keep your toes on the floor.”

“And by the way, you shouldn’t blame Aunty for your apron being on the floor. And, I heard that "thrilling" comment you made to me in the changing room. I hope this is more to your liking.”

And with that Hurricane Kimberley struck. She was more than efficient with the brush. Hell, she was downright cruel with it. She lifted it high and let it fly. Andrea's hand stung like the dickens. The brush, felt like a branding iron. Kimberley started spanking the area where my bottom and thighs joined. I howled.

I didn't think I could take much more. I started bucking. She kept me under control easily, rolling with every move I made, while still landing searing spank after spank. "Don't you fall off of my lap, or we will start all over again. Do you understand me"? 

I just moaned.

“I  fell off Aunty's lap one time and she tied me over a bench and went to town on my bottom with a strap.” She told me. “I’m liking this end of the brush much more”.

I don't know how long the spanking went on, or how I managed to stay over her knee. I didn't even hear Andrea when she returned to the room. I don't know how long she was watching. But she finally said "Kimmy, that's enough dear."

I stayed over Kimberley's lap. Crying. Aunty had a Spencer paddle in her hand.  If you’ve never seen one it’s a big hunk of wood with holes drilled in it.

“Stand up, Andy” commanded Aunty.

I couldn't stand.

“If you need us to help you it’ll cost you more swats. Do you understand me?”

Somehow, I found the strength to get up. My legs trembling. My butt on fire.

“You’ve been well spanked. I’m sure your poor bottom is numb. Hopefully Misss. Spencer Paddle will still leave an impression on you.”

“I’ve had enough. Kimberley used a paddle on me already.”

“Not like this one. Ready?”

“I…uh….no I can’t....”

“You can, and you will. Kimberley I may need your help. Please stay while I finish this chat with Andy.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“No....really you’ve done enough” I said.

“I promised you a chat with Miss Spencer Paddle. And I never break a promise. Are you going to be a man, or a baby, Andrew?”

“Baby,” I sobbed "can I go home now?"

She laughed. “No, not until we finish.”

“Yes, ma'am.” I sniffled.

“Excellent. I want you kneel in that high back chair, then reach down with your hands and try to grab the legs of the chair, can you do that for me?”

“Do you want me need to secure him in place?” Kim asked.

“No, we will be fine, but thank you.” Andrea said as I got into position.

“Perfect. Now spread your legs just a bit.”

I did. I guess it gives more target area.

“You get four swats for not properly addressing me. Ready?”

I just moaned.

The paddle landed with a THUNK. It is sharp and bruising at the same time. I jumped. My hands went right to my bottom.

“Do you want me to have Kim hold your hands down?”


“Then get back over that chair.”

Funny how thoughts wander. While climbing back over the chair I wondered how many people were in the waiting room, or in prep, or in "therapy" that could hear the sound of that wicked paddle impacting firmly on my bare, exposed, reddened cheeks, and my answering howls? If Mrs. Fontaine had stayed 20 more minutes...My thoughts didn't drift long as that dreaded paddle made it's way through the air and landed with a "whack". Tears literally ejected from eyes. I danced in place.

“That one found its mark didn't it? Stay still please. Arch your back. Good.”

Two more landed. I grabbed my bottom. Maybe it was numb, maybe it wasn’t. It still hurt. I got up from the chair.

“What are you doing?”

“You said four for not calling you properly ma’am. That was four.”

“It was. How many times did you make the mistake?”

What? I was horrified.  “Twice.”

“That’s right. Twice. And what’s four times two?”


“According to my limited math skills I think it means you have four more coming. So please, shall we continue?”

I went over the chair back without any fight left in me. I was contrite.

“Good boy, you are getting it now.”  Andrea handed the paddle to Kimberley. “Two for you, two for me?

“I could use the practice.” Kim said taking the menacing board from her employer. She patted it in her hand, then took a few practice swings.

She readjusted my bottom to her liking, stepped off to the side and let it rip. Let’s just say Andrea is a great teacher, because this young lady can wield a paddle.

She gave me a second one before I could catch my breath. It landed mostly on my thighs. A fresh spot, barely spanked. It lit me up. I danced over the chair.

“Sorry, my aim is a little off. Told you I need some practice.”

“I think it landed right where you wanted it to young lady.” Andrea scoleds. Kim sheepishly smiled and handed the paddle back to Aunty.

“I hope you got everything you wanted out our interview Andy?”

“More than I bargined for, ma’am.”

Aunty rubbed the paddle on my inflamed bottom. “I do enjoy these chats. I think we should schedule a follow up interview soon? Would you like that?”

She lightly tapped my bottom with the board. “Keep my name out there in the public what do you think of that?

Without waiting for my answer she swung the paddle. It landed hard. I screamed.

“I take that as a yes. I’m almost sad for our day to end.”

She wound up and let the last one go. I’m surprised it didn’t open the skin. It made my teeth rattle. And brought fresh tears. I stayed over the chair, though.

Andrea handed the paddle back to Kim. “Here dear, can you clean this and put it away on your way out?”

Andrea put her free hand on my bottom. “That is quite warm.
Andy dear, we are finished,” she told me. “You can go get dressed now. Then I’d like to see you.”

My clothes were laid out. Kim didn’t feel the need to help me dress. I went back and had a nice talk with Andrea, you can read her interview on my blog:

She gave me a big hug, and a pat on the bottom as I was leaving. The waiting room was full, every eye on me. My last blush of the day? Kim was busy on the phone, but held it away from her mouth as she said, “pleasure was all mine. hope to see you again real soon.”

I think I’ll interview by email from now on.


  1. Well, it seems Andy was a bit foolhardy to accept Andrea's offer. A very THOROUGH punishment to be sure. :-(
    It seems the stand-in for Kimberly is someone whom I should know, but, for the life of me, I can't recognize her.
    And, given the pic of Andrea waiting for him, is it any wonder Andy had a hard-on? :-)


  2. Thank you for your comment Phil. I think young Andrew got a little more than he bargained for. It's the same Kimberley that appears in her updates, so you've no doubt seen it before.

  3. I would have really liked to be the interviewer, LOL (wishful thinking)

    As always great story!!


  4. My goodness, Ms. (umm?) - Aunty Andrea - I had no idea you had multiple degrees! I should have known from your mastery of psychology and language!

  5. Owwww owwww and double ouch Aunty Andrea, poor Andy got a hell of a lot more than he bargained for. I am glad that was not me. Lovely tail of woe.


  6. I'm delighted with the response to this, and I'm sure Andrew is too, all his pain was worth something in the end. Aunty is a lady of many parts. John.

  7. Oh lord this is just amazing from so many sides but what a terrific and lovely story and the brush from Kimberley, amazing spanking at an amazing shop run by amazing and beautiful ladies.

    Thank you

  8. When I was reading this, I rather thought you may enjoy it, Ron.