Monday, 9 July 2012

Naughty Maria

I have decided to trial something for the blog. Over the next twelve months each month I will post some pictures and thoughts about a famous lady who I see as either deserving of a spanking or qualified to give one. As Wimbledon just finished, and I'm a tennis fan I thought I'd make my debutant spankee tennis champion Maria Sharapova.

There are many facets to Miss Sharapova and the following pictures will showcase some of those.

This is a glamour shot of Maria in a bikini. She has a lovely athlete's body and I can't begrudge her showing it off, although I would like to remove those polka dotted bottoms and turn her bottom the same shade as the dots.

Maria doing what she is best known for, playing tennis. She cuts a striking figure on the court, and has a great on court presence, it's a shame that she's better known for the decibel level and array of unladylike noises she makes when playing. I have a cure for that I'll explain later.

Unlike many of her contemporaries the Russian player does not often throw tantrums on court, however she's no stranger to doing this off court. Here she is pouting and looking extremely put out about something. I know I could give her something to pout about, it's sitting right here on the table in front of me. It's a heavy, flat implement that has seen plenty of use, but rarely for it's intended purpose. Can you guess what it is?

Now this is the Maria we all know and the one that exasperates so many of us and makes us watch Wimbledon and other Grand Slam tennis tournaments with the sound on our TV sets turned off. She is in mid yell. The shriek that she and some other tennis players, most notably Victoria Azarenka employ these days is simply not necessary. It is in fact an extreme form of gamesmanship or cheating which denies the opponent the opportunity to hear the ball off the strings and judge it better. She doesn't have to do it and she does not do it in training. If I had her here in the shop I'd be pinning up her tennis dress, lowering her panties and putting her over my lap for a good long hard spanking, that would really give her a reason to shriek, and umpires would have instructions to send her back to me for a refresher if she continued the shriek fest afterwards.


  1. I can only imagine the volume and quantity of shrieks you could elicit from the naughty Ms. Sharapova. And the variety of intruments you would use. And the pleasure I would derive from helping to soothe her punished buttocks. Kiss, kiss, kiss...


  2. I volunteer to witness this spanking, ma'am!

    I would agree totally with your analysis but would tkae some time warming her tennis panty first.

    She is lovely but I see your ebony being used to teach her a well earned lesson.


  3. I'm a tennis player and fan, I enjoy watching Maria play, however her squealing makes me crazy. I definitely agree that she needs her panties pulled down and given a good bottom warming, then she can shriek and squeal all she likes.

    She does look good in white tennis panties !


  4. Thank you Phil, Ron and Bob for your comments. Maria is a beautiful girl, but one very much in need of a smacked bottom, IMO (Kimberley tells me that's internet speak for in my opinion). I hope I'm a winner with my spanker/spankee of the month.

    1. Definitely a winner with this one. Now about my offer to help comfort poor Maria after her session over your lap... :-p


  5. Yay! A post about my favourite sexy tennis player.

    Aw! But Aunty wants to spank her? But, but Aunty! A spanking would make poor Maria kick and wail and squeak and squeal, and her lovely bottom would be all red and sore as a result.

    I can picture her now, sniffling in the corner after her spanking, holding her little tennis skirt up to display her punished rear. And I can picture the sad frown on her lovely face, as she sits to write her lines: "I will not shriek on the tennis court," one hundred times.

    Is that really what you want? :D

  6. It is what I would love to see...Aunty and her ebony will do justice to her lovely bottom.

  7. Penny, you have managed to say exactly what I want, although in my vision Maria is standing up her bright red bottom on display, her dress pinned up, writing her lines on a blackboard,

  8. Aunty, I am so delighted with your new venture and think it's a brilliant idea. Are you going to choose the deserving lady each month or are you going to ask for suggestions?

    I have played tennis and there is absolutely no need for the noises that Maria makes, which is indeed the worst form of gamesmanship. What a joy it would be to see her over your knee with her knickers down getting her little Russian bum reddened!!

  9. I don't watch tennis, but of course I've seen this beautiful player. A spanking for her would be so nice. She is very tall, athletic, and with a strong arm, so possibly a good spanker, as well.

  10. I'm really pleased this has occasioned so much comment. Thanks for your post Sophie, lovely to see you posting again, sweetness. I will be open to suggestions, I'll do a post soon regarding that question, dear.