Monday, 2 July 2012

'Phi Gamma Beta 6'

The girls from spanking sorority Phi Gamma Beta are back and this time they've brought their mothers along!

From CF Shots. One of the Phi Gamma Beta mothers gets ready to spank her daughter.

From Clare Fonda Spanking. Stevie disciplines one of her charges.

From Premium Spanking. Naomi is stretched out over mother Caroline's lap for her spanking.

From Girl Spanks Girl. The girls get ready for the Sunday night paddling.

It was a Friday afternoon in the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house, and emotions were quite high. The girls of the sorority were either excited or nervous, some were both. It was not unusual for the girls to be emotionally agitated on Friday afternoons, it was a rather natural state, as all the members were paddled on Friday nights before bed. However this day’s feelings were not caused by the impending paddlings, in fact the girls were not scheduled to be paddled this Friday night. It was the opening night of the sorority’s mother daughter weekend.

All of the girls, with the exception of the four first years, had experienced mother daughter weekends, so knew what to expect, and what their mother’s reaction to their somewhat strict and unusual sorority would be. The first years did not have that luxury, and they all had different feelings about the upcoming weekend.

Of the four; Amy Mathieson had the least concern. Her mother; Carla, had pledged to Phi Gamma Beta, and was even friends with the sorority’s strict housemother; Stevie. Amy’s older sister: Jade, had also been a PGB girl, and so her mother had gone through a number of mother daughter weekends as both a daughter and a mother. In fact Amy was rather looking forward to seeing her mother, and observing how she interacted with the other girls and their mothers.

Fellow first year Emma Casey had a different view of things regarding her mother Elizabeth - or Elle - as she preferred to be known, had not ever been a member of a sorority. Elle Casey was actually English, she had attended boarding school, and then done her tertiary studies at a university in England where they did not have sororities. Elle was a high achiever, and she had insisted that her daughter be the same. Towards that end she had sent Emma to a strict boarding school from a very young age, and although Emma could not be certain, she suspected the college she attended had been chosen for her largely because of PGB’s reputation for strict discipline. Some of the girls had said they were a little concerned at their mother’s reactions to things like the weekly paddling, Emma was the same, but for the reason that she felt her mother may think it was a really good idea, and actually want to schedule additional discipline for her daughter.

Jessica Sterling was definitely not looking forward to the weekend. The pretty brunette did not have a biological mother anymore. Jessica’s mother had passed away when the girl was quite young, and she could barely remember her. Her wealthy father had seen that she was cared for by a succession of nannies and nurses, and then a string of his girlfriends. Jessica’s stepmother; Sylvie, her second stepmother in fact, was far younger than the girl’s father, and probably younger than a lot of the other girl’s mothers. Jessica had been hoping that Sylvie would not want to attend the weekend, Amy had already offered to share Carla with her, but Sylvie had jumped at the chance. Sylvie was not highly educated, and Jessica was terrified the woman would embarrass her, and even worse that she may object to the sorority’s discipline techniques and try to haul her out. Jessica wasn’t all that keen on the paddlings, and she did seem to get more of them than her other sisters, but she had made some really good friends, she loved her fellow first years; Amy, Emma and Sally, just as much as any real sisters, and besides her boyfriend Matthew was at the same school, and a member of their brother fraternity Phi Sigma Tau.

The bubbly, slightly eccentric Sally Fairweather sat by herself, staring into a cooling cup of coffee. Sally had a secret she had never told anyone in the house. Not her fellow first years, not her best friend and sort of boyfriend; the Phi Sig Patrick, not even her ‘big sister’ Veronica. Sally had never told Stevie this either, but she was aware that the house mother knew about it, because she had all the girl’s details and she’d sent out the invitations for the weekend. Sally’s parents were a good deal older than most first year students’ parents.

The girl had been a rather unexpected arrival, and in fact of her two sisters, the one closest to her age; Nancy, had been 24 and married with a child of her own when Sally was born. That made Sally one of those rare girls who was actually an aunt to a niece who was older than her. When Sally was 15 her mother had been afflicted with severe memory loss, further investigation had proved that she had early onset Alzheimers. Sally’s aging father had not been able to care for his wife at home, and she had been placed in a care facility. Nancy had effectively become Sally’s mother. She’d always been close to her little sister, and Nancy’s daughter; Mandy, had been as close as a sister with Sally anyway, so it wasn’t a major transition. It was just that all the other girls were going to have their mothers here, except for Jessie, and even then she at least had a stepmother and Sally was going to have her big sister, although she thought Nancy may actually be older than Jessica’s stepmother. The blonde girl’s eyes filled with tears as she remembered her last disastrous visit to her mother, where the poor woman hadn’t even remembered who Sally was.

There was a knock at the door, a number of the girls jumped, others squealed, and a few ran to the staircase. One of the girls who ran for the staircase was bright blonde cheerleader Shauna, she leapt up, grabbed her ‘little sister’ Jessica by the hand and dragged her to the stairs, urging “Come on, Jessie! We practiced this.”

Stevie stood up gracefully and turned around so that she was facing her eager and nervous charges and ordered “Places ladies. We want to give our mothers a proper Phi Gamma Beta welcome just like we practiced.”

The girls arranged themselves in front of the stairs. They lined up in groups from smallest to tallest. The backline was composed of girls like the volleyballer Naomi, and the broad shouldered swimmer Johanna, Jessica, although a first year, was quite tall and also in the back. The likes of Amy and the petite sophomore Georgette were in front. Stevie smiled at the girls, they could be absolute angels when they wanted to be. The handsome black skinned lady opened the door, and beamed out at the women assembled on the house’s lawn. “Welcome to Phi Gamma Beta, ladies. Your daughters have something they’d like to say, or sing to you.”

As Stevie ushered the women in, the girls at the staircase began singing a song of welcome. Not all the girls were good singers, but they had enough who were, and they had practiced both song and the slow, languid movements that accompanied it, all week.

When the girls brought their welcome to a conclusion the assembled mothers all clapped, and some cheered. It was a little old fashioned, but it was still fun and it was a tradition the sorority had observed almost since its formation.

Once the song of welcome was done the girls broke from their assembly, and began to mingle affectionately with their mothers, hugging and kissing. It wasn’t lost on Amy, as she was embraced by an effusive Carla, that neither Emma or Jessie hugged their mother or stepmother. In fact Emma was very formal and cool with Elle, who was equally stiff, and Jessica didn’t seem to know quite how to react to Sylvie, the beautiful blonde trophy wife was rebuffed when she attempted to hug her stepdaughter. Amy wasn’t the only person who saw that. Stevie also noticed it, and her eyes flashed ominously.

It was pretty redheaded self-appointed mistress of the kitchen; Heather, whose mother Ivy suggested that the mothers could all use some refreshment. Heather apologized for their lack of hospitality, grabbed Georgette and Shania and headed for the house’s kitchen, followed by Ivy, who was a plumper version of her daughter. Obviously the interest in cooking had been handed down from mother to daughter, and Ivy liked to test her work.

Whilst coffee and tea was being prepared the mothers settled down with their offspring. Amy was nestled in between Carla and Naomi. Caroline; Naomi’s mother, was on the other side of her daughter. “Caroline!” Carla Mathieson greeted the olive skinned woman joyfully. “So nice to see you again!”

“You too, Carla,” Caroline returned the greeting. “I was so pleased when Naomi told me that Amy had joined the sorority and was her little sis, because I knew I would get to see you again at this weekend.”

“Jade couldn’t believe it when her little sis got to be mentored by the very same girl, who she had acted as big sis to during her final year.”

Caroline beamed “It’s wonderful how these things happen.”

Amy took the opportunity to snuggle Naomi, and examine some of the mothers. Naomi had inherited her jet-black hair and her dark skin from her mother, but the height had come from somewhere else. Caroline wasn’t a midget, but she was nowhere near as tall as her daughter. That must have been from Naomi’s Dad.

She could see a real resemblance between Emma and the reserved Elle. The hair, complexion and build were very similar, especially since Emma’s recent interest in lacrosse had melted away the puppy fat she’d initially been carrying when Amy first met her out the front of the house at the beginning of their first semester. Emma smiled a lot, she didn’t think Mrs Casey did a lot of smiling. Frowning…that she did a lot of, she was frowning at her daughter right now and Emma was squirming uncomfortably. Amy gave a little shiver, and hugged both her mother and Naomi tightly.

Jessica sat next to Sylvie, although she was careful not to sit too close and nervously watched the conversation between her stepmother and her big sister Shauna, and Shauna’s mother Elise. Elise was a little taller than her daughter, but she had same cheerleader’s body, peaches and cream complexion, and although her hair was long and fair like her daughter, Amy doubted it was natural, there was definitely colouring in it. From what little she had seen of Sylvie she seemed really nice, Amy hoped Jessica could get over her dislike of the woman.

Sally looked positively miserable, and Amy couldn’t understand why. The blonde girl’s mother looked really nice. She had dark blonde hair, she was probably a little younger than most of the mothers there. Amy heard a comment from Veronica; Sally’s ‘big sis’, that explained her friend’s demeanour. “You’re not Sally’s mother?”

Nancy smiled at the dark haired girl and replied “No, I’m her sister. Sally was born when Mum and Dad were older. Mum’s not well, and couldn’t look after Sally, so big sis stepped in.”

Sally rolled her eyes, and sighed.

“Oh c’mon sis,” Nancy tried to cheer her sister up. “I’m not that bad. Mandy’s the same age as some of the girls here, so I am a Mum of a college aged girl, just not you.”

The ladies were soon taking coffee and tea as Heather and her two assistants served it.

Stevie got to her feet and said to Sylvie “Would you like to discuss Jessie in my study, dear?”

“That would be lovely, thank you Stevie,” Sylvie replied, with a smile.

Jessica frowned, there was something wrong here. For some reason Stevie and her stepmother were acting like they knew each other, and they shouldn’t beyond the invitation Stevie had sent for the weekend. Jessica tried to get away without mentioning much about school when she returned home for holidays, Jessica tried to avoid Sylvie where she could when at home.

“Jessica,” Stevie said over her shoulder as she led Sylvie to her study, “we’ll want some tea, darling. Can you organize that please?”

Jessica got to her feet, and was going to argue that she wasn’t a servant, but felt some eyes on her, and remembered the last response like that to Stevie had earned her an appointment with the house mother’s wicked rubber paddle, christened Miss Sting by the girls, and she had spent the night sleeping on her stomach. She nodded meekly, and went to the kitchen to make and take tea to the ladies.

“So Jessie’s settling in well?” Sylvie asked Stevie a little anxiously.

“Did you think she wouldn’t?” the housemother asked.

“She can be a little rebellious,” Sylvie admitted.

“Oh, she’s far from the first hard case we’ve had here, and she’s not the worst either. She may need a hot bottom more often than her sisters, but we’re getting there.”

A gentle knock on the door interrupted the conversation.

“That’ll be Jessie with the tea,” Stevie told her guest.

Sylvie shook her head, and commented “I don’t know how you’ve done it, Stevie. She throws a tantrum at home if she’s asked to rinse out a cup.”

“You just have to be firm with girls,” Stevie advised, and then called calmly. “Enter.”

Jessica entered bearing a tea tray with a pot of tea, steam curling lazily from the spout, it had two cups and saucers, milk, sugar and a plate of sweet biscuits. Jessica set it down on the table between the two ladies, she poured a cup for Stevie and added milk and sugar as the housemother liked, then asked her step mother “Tea, Sylvie?”

“Yes please, Jessica. No milk, one sugar.”

Stevie blew on her tea to cool it, sipped appreciatively and asked “Jessica doesn’t know how you take your tea?”

“Believe it or not, Stevie, this is the first time Jessica has ever served me tea.”

“We have servants at home,” Jessica muttered, retreating a few steps from the table and folding her hands behind her back.

“When I want your input young lady,” Stevie told Jessica sternly, “I will ask for it. Is that understood, Miss Sterling?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jessica answered politely.

“What do you understand?” Stevie asked, her voice still stern.

“I will not speak unless I am spoken to,” Jessica ground out from between gritted teeth.

Stevie nodded and Sylvie marveled. There must be something to the sorority’s paddling philosophy. This was not the insolent girl she knew at home.

“May I go, ma’am?” Jessica asked.

“No, you may not,” Stevie answered. “You’ll need to hear some of this. Go to the corner and stand there while your mother and I discuss things.”

“Stepmother,” Jessica replied automatically, as she turned and went to the corner.

“Jessie,” Stevie’s serene tones followed here. “I heard that and you will pay for it, my girl. Miss Sting has been asking about you of late.”

Jessica winced, her gluteal muscles remembered the feel of the wicked little paddle. She stood stewing in the corner, looking at the featureless wall, and listening to the housemother and her stepmother talk over tea.

“So Jessie’s doing well academically?” Syvlie asked.

“Oh yes,” Stevie replied. “There’s always room for improvement, but I have good reports from her tutors, and her marks are consistently solid. She’s settled in well here, Shauna keeps her on a tight rein, but she has friends and has even forged a friendship with a young man.”

“She has?” Sylvie asked, and teased her stepdaughter “When were we going to hear about your beau, Jessie?”

In her corner Jessica fumed and her cheeks flamed. She did like Matt, the bratty young art student from Phi Sigma Tau, but she wasn’t sure how her father would react to him. Fat chance of keeping that secret now Sylvie knew about it.

“I think you did the right thing by recommending to your husband that Jessica join our sisterhood.” Stevie told the pretty trophy wife seated across from her.

“I know Jim had some misgivings, especially when he heard about the paddlings, but I think it’s been good for Jessie, and I know Jim will be pleased as punch when I report back to him.”

Unable to contain herself, Jessica spun around and confronted Sylvie “Wait!” she blurted out. “It was your idea to have me join PGB?”

Sylvie sipped her tea, and nodded benignly.

“But I thought that was Daddy,” Jessica said.

“I know you did, Jessie.”

“My name is Jessica!” the tall brunette nearly shouted, and just stopped herself from stamping her foot.

“And your mother’s is Sylvia,” Stevie calmly told Jessica. “However you call her Sylvie.”

“She is not my mother!” Jessica yelled, tears starting to spill from her eyes.

Sylvie looked a little helpless, and did not know how to deal with the tantrum. Stevie sighed and set her cup down. “Oh dear, an overwrought little girl,” she commented. “We know how to deal with those here, don’t we Jessica?”

The import of Stevie’s words hit Jessica, and her shoulders slumped “Please Stevie, ma’am. Please not. I don’t deserve a paddling,” she sobbed.

“I decide that, not you, Jessica, and I rather think a paddling is exactly what you do need.”

Jessica started to cry in earnest.

“Jessica,” Stevie ordered the girl. “Go to your mother and request a spanking over her lap. I’d like her to warm you up before your encounter with Miss Sting.”

Jessica squeezed her eyes shut tight, this could not be happening!

“Stevie, are you sure?” an agitated Sylvie asked.

“Positively,” Stevie replied firmly. “Jessica responds very well to spanking. Some time over her mother’s lap will do the both of you a world of good, and strengthen the maternal bonds. The follow up with Miss Sting will ensure the lesson remains learned. Jessica, Sylvia is waiting. I know you want to make me and the rest of the sorority proud. So go and ask for your spanking, immediately!”

Jessica stood by her stepmother, and asked haltingly “I’m sorry for being disrespectful to you, Sylvia. Will you please spank this naughty girl?”

Sylvie looked at Stevie with wide eyes.

“Accept her apology and guide her over your lap, Sylvie,” Stevie instructed. “I also notice that Jessica did not call you mother.”

“That’s quite all right, Stevie. I think it’s going to take time and maybe more than one spanking,” Sylvie placated the housemother. “Thank you Jessica, you were very adult to ask to be spanked.”

“She’ll need to be bare bottomed for the spanking,” Stevie advised.

“You heard Stevie, Jessie, pants off,” Sylvie ordered, starting to warm to her role as maternal disciplinarian.

Jessica frowned, but skinned down her tight, faded blue jeans and panties, revealing a neatly trimmed patch of tawny pubic hair.

“I’ll take them,” Stevie offered, as an embarrassed Jessica picked up her discarded clothes.

Sylvie had no previous experience of spanking. Her parents had not believed in it, and she’d never belonged to a sorority like Phi Gamma Beta. In a previous conversation with Jessica’s stern housemother, she had been told that it was a natural maternal skill that all mothers, even stepmothers, simply seemed to acquire along with their offspring. Jessica obviously knew far more about getting and giving a spanking than her stepmother, so Sylvie patted her lap, and said “Okay, Jessie over you get.”

Jessica lay herself over her stepmother’s soberly skirted lap, and wriggled a little so that she had placed her bottom in the centre of the lap. Her pert rear end pointed at the ceiling, and she could touch the floor with her toes and fingers.

“So, I just slap it?” Sylvie asked.

Stevie nodded with a smile.

Sylvie put an arm around her stepdaughter’s slender waist, raised her arm and brought her hand down. The smack reverberated around the room. Jessica grunted, and a pink handprint appeared on one cheek.

“A little harder, Sylvie,” Stevie offered. “Her bottom won’t break.”

Sylvie accepted the advice, and nodded. The second slap, on the opposite cheek, was both louder and harder. It also got an ‘ouch’ from the girl over the pretty blonde woman’s lap. Her mouth firming, Sylvie settled into her role as spanker. She made a concerted effort to land slaps all over her stepdaughter’s writhing bottom. As Jessica was the veteran of many a spanking, reddening her bouncing globes was something that took a good deal of effort from a novice spanker, but Sylvie was determined, and she was a fit woman who worked out regularly to maintain her trim figure. It wasn’t too long before Jessica’s hemispheres were glowing brightly, and the girl was gasping and fighting to hold back tears of pain.

“Make sure you give the upper thighs a scalding as well, Sylvie,’ Stevie advised. “They’re quite tender, and Jessie generally howls when they get done.”

Sylvie took a deep breath, firmed her grip and unleashed a volley of spanks to Jessica’s creamy white upper thighs. As Stevie had said the girl roared and redoubled her efforts to wriggle off her stepmother’s lap. Sylvie held her tight until the thighs were a smarting red, and matched her pulsating buttocks.

“Oh lovely,” Stevie commented from her seat across from the in progress spanking. “She’s done to a turn with your hand. Now it’s time for Miss Sting to do her job. Come to Aunty Stevie, Jessie.”

“No, no, no!” Jessica bawled over Sylvie’s lap. “Not Miss Sting, please Stevie.”

“I told you at the start of this, young lady, that you had an appointment with Miss Sting. Are you going to be a big girl, or a baby, Jessica?”

“Big girl,” Jessica sobbed.

“Then stop all this carry on, get over my lap and make me proud,” Stevie instructed.

The sound of Jessica’s paddling, the loud meaty slaps that the wicked little rubber paddle made as it splatted across Jessica’s burning nates, and the girl’s blood curdling howls could be clearly heard in the house’s living room. Most of the girls and their mothers took it in their stride, occasionally raising their voices to be heard over the racket coming from the housemother’s study, but the three other first years cast worried looks at the door, and Sally’s sister Nancy was totally stunned. Of concern for Emma was that Elle seemed most interested in what was going on behind the door. Carla Mathieson took the opportunity to explain to Nancy and Elle about how things worked on mother daughter weekends. All of the mothers or guardians discussed their daughter’s progress academically and socially with Stevie at some stage of the weekend, the girls weren’t always required to be present, but it was mandatory for the first years. Girls were regularly disciplined by their mothers, and Stevie throughout the weekend, not including the Sunday evening paddling.

“You’re okay with this, Sal’?” Nancy asked her younger sister.

Sally nodded her blonde head “It did my head in at first, but now it’s just how they do things.”

“I take good care of her, ma’am,” Veronica assured Nancy.

“I’m sure you do Veronica,” Nancy replied, but her eyes were worried. Her attention was then taken by Veronica’s mother Eileen engaging her in conversation.

Jessica emerged from the study, her eyes red and swollen, she had obviously been crying, and she walked stiffly. She didn’t speak to anyone, but allowed Sylvie to lead her to her room, Shauna followed, she knew her little sis would appreciate some comfort, and Sylvie may need help with providing that.

Stevie’s voice floated from her study “If Carla and Amy are free I’d like to see them in here.”

Carla and Stevie chattered away happily like the old friends that they were, whilst Amy sat nervously next to her mother. One of Amy’s older sister’s Jade’s most severe spankings at college had been administered after Carla found out the girl had been goofing off from Stevie at one of these weekends. Amy knew that she had worked hard, and had the grades to prove it, but Stevie didn’t just report on grades. If she knew what she and her boyfriend, the shy Phi Sig science student Colin had tried at a mixer earlier then Amy would be leaving this room with a bottom the same colour as her fiery locks.

“Amy is an angel,” Stevie told her friend warmly.

Carla smiled “She’s always been the better behaved of the two girls. She mentioned some good academic results.”

Stevie laughed “Amy’s understating it a little. Her grades are outstanding. She’s not just the highest graded first year at PGB, she’s in the top percentile for the entire school.”

Carla’s eyebrows rose, and she enfolded her daughter in a hug.

Amy wriggled out, giggling, and reproved her mother with a “Mum!”

“I’m happy with you darling,” then she turned to Stevie. “I’m pleased about the results, but Amy can be a little shy, and part of why I thought PGB would be good for her was for social opportunities.”

Stevie nodded “She’s great friends with the other three first years, as I’m sure you’ve seen. She’s also very close with Naomi, who is good for her. She has a boyfriend too.”

“Boyfriend?” Carla asked, and turned to her daughter. “I haven’t heard anything about this.”

Amy blushed as red as her hair.

“His name’s Colin,” Stevie supplied. “He’s a Phi Sig, quite a studious lad, and very nice. Polite too. I’ll be surprised if you don’t meet him this weekend. He drops by the house at least once every weekend and regularly during the week. The visits are always supervised, though.” Stevie was quick to add.

Amy heaved a sigh of relief, Stevie was obviously unaware of what had happened during the mixer.

In contrast to Jessica and Sylvie’s meeting with the housemother, Amy and Carla’s was full of smiles and compliments. Amy walked from the room with a big grin, and fell into easy conversation with Naomi and Caroline, while Elle and a visibly nervous Emma entered the study.

“Emma’s marks are high?” was Elle’s first question to Stevie as her daughter poured tea for the women.

Stevie sipped from her cup, and answered “They’re solid, but they could be higher.”

Emma tried to shrink under her mother’s withering gaze.

“Why?” Elle asked imperiously.

“Emma is quite intelligent, but she hasn’t applied herself with same sort of zeal that she did in her first semester.”

Elle sipped her tea, and sighed “It’s a boy, isn’t it?”

Stevie smirked into her cup “There is a boy, but I don’t think he’s entirely the cause of the problem.”

“Who is he, Emma?” Elle put to her daughter.

“I have a friendship with a boy called Gordon. He’s a gymnast, and we only study together. I help him with his WORK, he’s not academically gifted. Mother, Gordon is NOT a problem.”

Stevie watched the exchange, and monitored Elle’s mood by her expression. It was obvious the woman pushed her daughter hard. Emma also studied hard, but she had put time into lacrosse over the last semester that previously she had spent studying. Stevie approved of it as long as the girl’s grades weren’t adversely affected, but she also had a responsibility to the parents of the girls, and she would have to find a compromise, it would more than likely be Emma’s plump little bottom that would pay a price today to satisfy Elle that she would do her best to score highly in class from now on.

Elle fixed her daughter with hard eyes, and demanded “You will give up any non academic activities immediately!”

“Mother!” Emma wailed. “I can’t just do that.”

“You can and you will, young lady!”

“Stevie!” Emma implored her housemother.

The elegant black woman held up a hand to prevent any further sparks flying between mother and daughter.

“Elle, Emma has made a commitment to the lacrosse team, and I believe she does have some talent for the sport. She has also made another commitment to Gordon, and from conversations I’ve had with the Phi Sigma Tau housemaster; Howard, the boy has taken significant strides forward in his academic pursuits.”

Elle Casey’s lips compressed into a thin hard line, and she said crisply in her clipped British accent “It may have benefited the boy in question, and the lacrosse team, but it has not helped my daughter.”

“Be that as it may, Elle,” Stevie replied reasonably. “Emma is more than just a study machine, and it helps the girls to have outlets other than their studies. Emma is one such student. Her big sister Denise is a wonderful role model in the area of study and does help Emma. If it will make you happier I’ll instruct Denise to step up her discipline of Emma if her other activities affect her study. Will that help?”

Emma’s mouth dropped open. Denise spanked her about once a month as it was for study related incidents. The curly haired senior spanked the same way she did everything else she set her mind to: excellently.

Elle nodded “I think that will help.”

Emma sighed, at least she was still going to be allowed to see Gordon, and keep her spot on the lacrosse team. Her bottom would pay the price for it, though.

“However,” Elle continued. “There is the matter of Emma neglecting to tell me about these other pursuits.”

Emma closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Her mother was speaking in what the girl had always referred to as her ‘smacked bottom’ voice, it was the same tone Elle had used when her daughter was a little girl and told that her behaviour had earned her a smacked bottom.

“Omission is the same as lying as far as I am concerned.”

Stevie nodded her head in agreement.

“Do you have a slipper I might use?” Elle asked, seating herself in the middle of the couch, and smoothing her skirt over her lap.

Stevie produced a large, heavy leather soled men’s bedroom slipper from a desk drawer, and held it up for Elle’s inspection.

“Yes, that will do nicely,” the British woman said. “You know the drill, Emma. You have until the count of ten to get your dress up around your armpits, your panties and off and be over Mummy’s lap.”

‘Yes, Mummy,” Emma said obediently, and began to do as her mother had said while Elle began her count of ten.

Stevie sat back, and watched as Elle Casey arranged her miserable daughter over her lap, and scolded her with that proper English voice. That was soon drowned out by the slipper’s supple sole introducing some heat and colour into Emma’s tender plump hindquarters. Before long Emma was kicking and squealing as her mother spanked on determinedly. Stevie had to admit the woman really knew how to apply that slipper. Denise preferred the slipper to spank with, she should have taken lessons from Elle Casey.

Emma didn’t speak as she left the study, and went straight to her room to have a cry while lying on her bed. Amy’s eyes were sympathetic. Knowing how hard Elle pushed her daughter, Amy knew that the earnest conversation she was in with Denise and Keri was about Emma’s academic performance.  Amy idly wondered if Denise would give her little sis a bedtime spanking that evening.

If it was possible Nancy was even more nervous than her flighty younger sister as they entered Stevie’s study. “Take a seat please, Nancy.” Stevie invited with a smile, indicating the couch that Elle Casey had just vacated.

Nancy sat nervously on the edge of the sofa.

“Would you like some tea?” Stevie asked.

Nancy moistened her lips with her tongue, and nodded.

Stevie looked across at Sally who stood in the middle of the room, hands folded behind her back. “Fresh tea, please Sally. Make sure it’s hot, young lady. You remember what happened last time you served lukewarm tea.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sally said quickly, one hand going to the seat of her jeans as she remembered the hiding Stevie had given her for serving tea that was not piping hot.

“I had no idea!” Nancy exclaimed as her sister entered the room with a tea tray.

Sally poured Stevie’s tea, and made a cup for Nancy, while she eyed off the piece of paper her older sister was brandishing.

“Sally,” Nancy addressed the blonde, as she accepted a steaming cup from her. “What do you have to say about this?”

Sally frowned, and took the paper than Nancy held out to her. She read it with a sinking heart. It was her most recent academic assessment. It did not make pretty reading. Sally knew her grades had slipped and she knew why, but she had not expected Nancy to find out about it before she could take some corrective action.

‘It’s not very good,” Sally ventured, biting her lip.

“No, it is not!” Nancy agreed. “It’s deplorable. What is it this time, Sal’?”


“Oh don’t give me that little miss innocent butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth look, young lady. What other activity has caused the dreadful results?”

Stevie had to admit she was impressed with the scolding Nancy was handing out to her younger sister, but then again Nancy was the mother of a girl not much older than Sally, so had experience in some maternal interaction.

Sally sighed “Dancing.”

“So, you’re going to become a professional dancer when you leave college?” Nancy asked acidly, sipping her tea to hide her irritation.

“No!” Sally flared up. “It’s just some fun. Chill, Betty.”

“I will not chill, young lady!” Nancy shot back. “And my name is not Betty, it’s Nancy.”

Sally rolled her eyes.

Stevie stepped in. “Sally, if you say whatever to your sister, I will bare your bottom here and now and give you the longest, hardest spanking you can possibly imagine.”

Sally’s face went white, she shut her mouth and stood up straight.

“Thank you, Stevie,” Nancy told the housemother. “Maybe I should do what Stevie just said. Give you a good spanking. Mum and Dad never spanked you, and I never needed to with Mandy, but you sound like a little girl who needs a smacked bottom.”

“Nancy!” Sally squealed.

“If I may offer some advice,” Stevie spoke up. “You giving Sally a spanking may be the best thing for everyone. It would show her that you mean business and you expect her grades to pick up. It would teach her a lesson about respecting her elders, and I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t bond the two of you closer than ever before.”

“Really?” Nancy asked. “Spanking bonds people.”

“Oh absolutely,” Stevie replied positively. “They may not like it at the time, but they’re better for it afterwards and they love their punisher.”

“What about it, Sal’?” Nancy addressed her sister. “Do you think a good old fashioned spanking would help?”

Finding it hard to believe she was agreeing to this, Sally murmured “It couldn’t hurt…much.”

Nancy took a deep breath and sat up straight. Her parents had never spanked Sally, being the baby of the family gave the girl a lot of leeway, however Nancy, and her older sister Mary, had been brought up in a different era where parents who did not spank were the exception, not the rule, she’d never been spanked at Sally’s age, but she had experienced enough hot bottoms at her mother’s hand to remember the experience quite keenly. She drew on past experiences to discipline her flighty younger sister.

“Come here Sally Leeanne,” she said sternly to the girl.

Hearing her middle name used made Sally’s face blush crimson, but she went and stood by her sister’s knee. Stevie sat back with her tea, and watched proceedings.

“Jeans down,” Nancy commanded.

“Oh c’mon, Nancy,” Sally complained. “Bare. Serious?”

“You know we don’t paddle any other way here, Sally,” Stevie reminded the blonde.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sally answered, lowering her snug jeans to her ankles.

“Panties, too,” Nancy said.

“Please, can’t I keep them up until I’m at least over your lap?”

Nancy looked across at Stevie who shook her head.

“Sally, you can either take them down yourself or I’ll do it for you,” Nancy informed the younger girl.

Sally sighed and pouted, but did as she was told.

Nancy patted her lap.

Knowing that there was little she could do Sally lay over her older sister’s lap. As she was positioned Sally compared the experience of being over Nancy’s lap to the other laps she’d been laid over since joining the sorority.

The spanking began a little hesitantly, and Nancy was nowhere near as firm with her smacks as Stevie or Veronica, she didn’t even compare that favourably with some of the first years who had playfully spanked Sally in her first week at Phi Gamma Beta. However as the chastisement continued Nancy gained confidence, her hand became heavier and the sting and heat built in Sally’s pert hindquarters. She started to squirm and squeal, and her tangled denims and panties slid further down her legs, and trapped her ankles as she tried to wave her legs around.

“She’s warmed up nicely,” Stevie observed. “May I suggest the use of an implement to really drive the message home?”

Nancy raised her cornflower blue eyes to regard the housemother, and asked “What sort of implement?”

“That’s really up to you, Nancy.”

“Mum used to use a hairbrush on I and my sister,” Nancy remembered. Sally’s struggles over her sister’s lap intensified when she heard the word hairbrush mentioned. Nancy frowned in annoyance, and slapped the girl’s rosy bottom sharply, with the stern admonishment “Stop that Sally! It’s very distracting. Do you have a hairbrush, Stevie?”

“You don’t have one, Nancy?” Stevie asked, surprised that the woman did not carry one.

“Not one suitable for spanking Sally’s behind,” Nancy replied.

Stevie nodded, went to her desk and rummaged in a drawer, her hand emerged holding a wide oval hairbrush made of dark wood.

“Oh that looks ideal!” Nancy exclaimed holding out her hand.

“It’s warmed many backsides and I think a lot of the girls here will attest to its effectiveness,” Stevie agreed as she surrendered the brush.

Sally set up a great hue and cry, flailing her legs and pumping her rapidly reddening buttocks up and down frantically, as Nancy applied the back of the dreaded brush to every inch of her bottom and upper thighs, igniting a bonfire in the girl’s rear end and her sit spots.

Emma and Jessica, who had emerged from their rooms, sipped the hot drinks that had thoughtfully been supplied for them, and exchanged knowing and rueful looks with each other, as they listened to Sally getting a memorable spanking, and rubbed their own scorched sit upons.

Sally exited Stevie’s study still blubbering, and being held by Nancy and gentled down. She sobbed into her sister’s breast, as she curled up into Nancy’s lap, on a couch by the fireplace.

Stevie’s study was occupied by a great many of the mothers that afternoon as she went through their daughter’s behaviour and performance. Only the first years were required to be present at the behavioural and academic reviews. If the older girls were called in then it was usually for a spanking. This mostly happened to the sophomores, although a few juniors got the dreaded call up, and there was an audible gasp when Shauna was summoned. Once the shock had been recovered from the sound of a paddle being applied to a girlish set of buttocks could be heard emanating from the study, accompanied by Shauna’s vocal responses, which were every bit as loud as the cheers she used to urge the school’s sporting teams on in her role as cheerleader. The other girls had to feel for the pretty blonde cheerleader, as her mother Elise may have looked sweet, but according to Shauna swung a pretty mean paddle.

In most cases mothers and daughters were affectionate with each other, and pleased to be spending the time together, but family spats could not be eradicated altogether. This was illustrated by the disagreement between Ivy and Heather regarding the preparation of the evening meal. An argument that was settled by Ivy baring her daughter’s bottom, placing the girl over her knee, and using the back of the large wooden spoon that lived in the kitchen, to bring Heather’s point of view around to her own. Heather ate the meal she had helped prepare sitting on a cushion.

The evening passed with laughter and hugs as the women played parlour games, mostly it was mothers versus daughters or the mothers and daughters of various age groups teaming up to compete against others.

Shauna’s paddling the previous day aside, Amy had believed none of the seniors would be spanked until the Sunday evening paddling, which everyone had to participate in. This belief was exploded on Saturday morning. Carla had offered to treat the first years and their guardians to brunch at a campus cafĂ© as a get to know you and bonding exercise. Amy had left her purse in her room and went upstairs to retrieve it. She heard the sound of paddle impacting on bottom, but did not immediately identify it as coming from her room until she opened the door and saw Naomi stretched out over Caroline’s toned thighs, with the tall senior’s sorority paddle suspended in Caroline’s hand over her glowing buttocks. Amy’s cheeks flared red, she grabbed her purse, quickly apologized for interrupting and fled downstairs before Caroline decided to let her take Naomi’s place over the lap.

Saturday afternoon was always reserved for the staging of the annual Phi Gamma Beta mother versus daughter softball match. They had too many players for one team, so some of the less sporting mothers and daughters officiated or helped from the sidelines and players were regularly switched in and out so that everyone who wanted to play was afforded the opportunity.

Although Elle had never played softball, she had been a good rounders player as a young schoolgirl, and she proved to be quite the hitter at bat. Naomi was the daughters team’s starting pitcher, her long lean form was perfect to throw fast balls down the pitch. Georgette and Denise swapped as the catchers. Johanna’s height was useful at first base and Emma scrambled well at short stop, even catching her mother out on one occasion. Amy spent most of the time watching, although she did replace Jessica at right field for a short period. Stevie did duty as home plate umpire and Shania’s mother Eileen spent most of her time acting as line umpire. That was where the trouble began. Keri hit a ball along the ground and took off for first base. Emma swooped on the ball and threw it to Johanna at first. The tall swimmer snatched the ball out of the air, and turned to see Eileen signaling that Keri was safe. Johanna exploded and advanced on Eileen demanding to know why Keri wasn’t out when she had taken the ball cleanly from Emma. Eileen stood her ground, and said that the swimmer’s foot had not been on the base when she’d taken the catch and Keri had made her ground. Johanna refused to accept the decision and told Eileen that she was blind. Johanna’s mother grabbed her daughter by the ear, and hauled her off the field before Stevie could eject her from the game. Johanna spent the rest of the game on the bench being lectured by her furious mother: Ingrid.

The ladies arrived back at the house mostly playfully arguing about the game, with the mothers gently needling their daughters about the result, which had been a one run win to the older team. There were plenty of comments about how the old ladies had beaten the whippersnappers. As women filtered upstairs to shower and change clothes, Johanna was dragged upstairs by Ingrid, who still had a firm grip on the girl’s ear.

Those that weren’t showering soon heard the sound of a paddle impacting firmly on a pair of teenage cheeks, and the girl’s answering howls.

At length Johanna limped downstairs, followed by Ingrid, paddle still in hand and twitching ominously. The tall blonde girl presented herself in front of Eileen, and with her mother watching on, apologized for her earlier behaviour on the softball diamond. Eileen graciously accepted the apology, and told Johanna that she was forgiven. Ingrid marched Johanna to the corner, placed her hands on top of her golden mane, and yanked down her tight softball trousers, to reveal a pair of glowing and thoroughly spanked globes to the room.

Once everyone was showered and dressed, and Johanna had completed her penance in the corner, pizzas were ordered and DVDs were selected. The girls of PGB and their mothers enjoyed a night of pizza and appropriate entertainment in another evening of mother daughter bonding.

Sunday was a lazy day. The girls and their mothers and guardians enjoyed a sleep in and a casual brunch. Amy was lingering over her coffee when Georgette called from the entrance “Amy! Colin’s here for you.”

Amy’s eyes went wide, and her face flushed as her mother gave her a knowing smile. “Bring him in, sweetheart. I want to meet this young man.”

“Yes Mum,” Amy promised, then ran to greet her boyfriend at the door.

The neat, shy science student was holding a posey of bright flowers, which Amy recognized as being blooms from the sorority house’s carefully tended gardens, however she did not make a comment on it.

“Hi Amy,” Colin said to her, his free hand fiddling with the stem of his glasses as it often did when he was nervous.

“Good morning, Colin,” Amy responded. “Are those for me?” she asked, indicating the flowers.

“What?” Colin asked, forgetting for a moment what he was holding. “Oh no!” seeing the expression on the redhead’s face, he immediately followed up with. “They’re for your Mum. I mean Mrs Mathieson…”

“That’s a lovely thought, Colin,” Carla said, coming up behind her daughter, and favouring the nervous young man at the door with a warm smile. “You can call me Carla, too. Come on in, Colin. Amy can you find a vase for those and put them in some water please, dear?”

Colin and Carla stood by the couch eyeing each other off, while Amy went to get a vase for the flowers. “Are those from the garden, Colin?” Carla asked, recognizing the blooms.

“Ummm…I….uhhh…yes, ma’am.”

Carla took the flowers from the boy, handed them to her daughter and while Amy arranged them and placed the vase on a shelf, her mother lectured Colin about what he had done.

“I appreciate that you wanted to make a good impression on me, sweetheart, but stealing flowers from the houses garden is not the best way to do it, young man.”

Colin blushed, and dropped his head.

“The gardener works hard on maintaining the gardens here and the sorority pays for it. I’m sure you did not consider that when you pilfered the flower beds in a quest to impress your girlfriend’s mother, did you?”

“No, ma’am.”

“No, you did not!” Carla agreed, warming to her task as other girls began to gather to watch the scolding in progress. “Colin, I think you and I will finish this upstairs, and I will teach you the evils of stealing. You accepting the consequences of your actions will impress me far more than a bunch of pretty flowers.”

Moving like a man in a dream, Colin allowed Carla to lead him by the hand upstairs and into Amy’s room. The door had not been long closed before Colin’s yelps and pleas hit the air along with the sound of a firm maternal palm striking a defenceless bare bottom. The meaty slap of hand to buttock was soon replaced by the loud cracking sound that all the girls knew was a paddle roasting a rump.

Colin emerged from the room, the eyes behind his glasses red and swollen. His hands went to the seat of his pants and then Carla’s voice cracked “Do not even think about rubbing that bottom young man, unless you want a taste of my hairbrush along with the paddle. Get your nose into a corner and place your hands on your head until I tell you otherwise.”

As soon as Colin was in a corner, hands on head Carla calmly lowered his jeans and underwear so that his blazing red posterior was on display to the entire room. “I think we’re going to get along very well, Amy,” Carla told her daughter. “I’d love a cup of coffee too, darling.”

Later in the day the house was largely empty, some of the mothers and their daughters had elected to spend the afternoon at the house, but many of them were showing their mothers around the town or the campus. Carla, Amy, Jessica, Sylvie, Emma, Elle, Sally and Nancy had gone out for lunch so that the girl’s guardians could meet the boyfriends, although Colin had already made Carla’s acquaintance, Matthew, Gordon and Patrick had yet to meet their significant others mother, or in Sally’s case, older sister. The only stipulation everyone had on their time was that they needed to be back for supper, and the evening paddling in which all girls and their mothers would participate.

Supper was a joyful, but slightly nervous affair. It was common during the Friday night evening meal, which was also followed by a paddling. The big difference between the weekly Friday night paddling, and this one, was that on Friday nights the sorority’s big sisters paddled all the younger girls, and were then paddled in turn by Stevie. This night all the girls would line up and present their bottoms for punishment, which would be carried out by the mothers. One swat from every mother to each girl, Stevie as ‘mother’ to all the girls would go last and also administer one stroke of her paddle to every girl.

There was laughter and good-natured teasing as the girls came into the living room in their sleepwear for their paddling. Of particular interest was Georgette. Her mother had given her a present, and the petite dark haired sophomore was wearing them for the paddling. They were a pair of dropseat footy pajamas. They were red with little white hearts decorating them. Lots of ‘adorables’ and ‘darlings’ echoed around the room as a red faced Georgette scampered down the stairs and took her position with the other girls.

The girls were arranged in order of class, with the first years lined up next to the sophomores, then the juniors and last of all the seniors. The women had decided to settle the issue of who paddled first the same way. Carla, Sylvie, Elle and Nancy would take the first swats to be followed by the mothers of the sophomores, then the juniors and last of all the seniors. Carla, Sylvie, Elle and Nancy drew straws to see who would lead off. Strictly speaking Carla was not a novice paddler, having attended the weekends as Jade’s mother, but as the mother of Amy she was still eligible, and she was the one who won the honour of opening the paddling session. Although Stevie did not say anything she was pleased that it had worked out this way. Carla was experienced at both receiving and giving a paddling, she would be a good example for Sylvie, Elle and Nancy, none of whom had ever swung a paddle before this weekend.

The girls had all brought their own personalized paddles downstairs with them and handed them to their mothers. While their mothers chatted, and got themselves arranged for the paddling the girls were baring their bottoms and bending over for punishment. “Legs straight, Amy,” Carla instructed her daughter. “Bottom up good and high, we mothers want a good target to aim at. Make Mummy proud of you.”

Amy sighed and did as she was told, she saw out of the corner of her eye that Emma, who was lined up next to her did the same thing without being prompted, that would get her some points from Stevie, but Amy doubted it would get her off easy with any of the mothers, especially Elle, who looked like she was going to be a quick study with that paddle.

The next thought to occupy Amy’s mind was ‘OUCH!’ as her mother landed a firm, solid paddle swat to her upthrust rear end. She had just heard the paddle connect with Emma’s bottom, and heard her squeal, when Elle delivered her first swat. That was just sinking in and Jessica was letting loose with a yell, when Sylvie applied paddle to bottom, and lifted Amy onto her toes. Sally let out her opening high pitched squeal as Nancy gave her opening smack, it hurt, but Nancy was not as proficient as the opening three mothers, and it was a brief respite for Amy, judging by Sally’s reaction when Nancy reached her either the big sister had learnt from her opening three strokes, or she was applying the paddle harder to her younger sibling.

As the mothers moved down the line lighting bonfires on their daughter’s bottoms, the room filled with the yells of girls, and their bottoms began to smoulder under the constant assault. Some mothers were better with the paddle than others, and while Amy’s backside was one solid ball of blazing fire by the time Elise and Caroline paddled her, she was glad that neither of the women had ever actually paddled her for real, and felt a little sorry for Shauna and Naomi.

Once Stevie delivered a solid swat to Naomi’s high firm bottom, and stepped back, all the girls collapsed over the back of the sofas and sobbed into the cushions, every single set of buttocks was fiery hot, and the women could feel the shimmering wave of heat that emanated from that brightly glowing line. The girls were allowed to blubber and let their bottoms cool and throb while the mothers prepared refreshments. Coffee and tea for the mothers, and cocoa and milk for the girls.

The girls were soon curled up in their mother’s laps, cuddling and sipping hot milk and cocoa as their bottoms were soothed, their hair was gently stroked and tears were kisses from cheeks.

Stevie sat back with her tea, observed the affectionate scene around the room and reflected that this had been one of best Phi Gamma Beta mother daughter weekends that she could remember.


  1. Whole new meaning to mom's weekend at the sorority, just loved this and the lines, style and spankings were amazing. This will be read many times again, thank you

  2. And at least one of the boys got spanked as well. Imagine stealing flowers from the sorority garden in the hope of impressing his girlfriend's mother! I wonder if she'll be as impressed with him now, now that her mother bared and spanked his bottom and put him on display for all to see. I imagine he won't be getting to second base anytime soon... :-)


  3. Thank you Ron and Phil for your comments. Amy's a gentle soul, she knows it could just have easily been her over her mother's lap and Colin wouldn't have thought any less of her or teased her about it. He's already been to second base, too :).