Friday, 20 July 2012


Now that should get your attention.

Earlier this month I posted the first of an intended series on celebrity women I think either need a a good spanking or could administer one.

It got a bit of interest and comment, that may have had to do with my choice of Maria Sharapova, who tends to polarise people, but I think I'm onto a winner with the idea. People also asked if they could suggest nominees. The answer is yes, anyone who wishes is free to email me, but before you all rush to your keyboard and start deluging Aunty with suggestions I need to make a few points and set some ground rules.

1) August is already set. I don't know exactly who it will be, but there's a small sporting event being held in London, you may have heard of it, it's called the Olympic Games. I'm certain I can find a deserving high profile young lady over those two weeks of competition. As I've already done Maria, it won't be a tennis player, though. I'm leaning towards the Australian champion hurdler Sally Pearson at present. Yes, there's a bit of bias there.

2) The nominee must be female. If the opening series is successful I may include men next year, but this year it's the ladies turn.

3) If you nominate someone please give me a reason as to why. I don't care if it's as flimsy as 'I just want to see her gorgeous bottom smacked.', but I do want a reason. You're also welcome to suggest a punishment or even write a piece describing it. If it's appropriate I'll publish that with the nomination.

4) The nominee needs to be high profile and preferably world famous. I have readers from all over. I'm Australian, but I suspect the majority of my readership is from the US. I can cheat a little with the Olympics as nearly any gold medallist (and I'm probably going to choose a high profile individual sport, rather than a team event) is going to be world famous for a little while anyway. Once that's done I need to have people who all my readership are aware of, not just those based in the US or the UK or Australia.

5) The nominee can be a spanker or a spankee.

6) The judge's (me) decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

I hope everyone wants to participate, even though it probably does mean a rather full inbox for yours truly, this will be better with audience participation, and that we all have fun with it over the next 10 - 11 months. I'm looking forward to it.

The successful lady will be shown here late in the month. I may have to pick a winner out of all of them at the end of it, and I'll write a visit from that lady to the Spank Shop.

You've got a month to put your thinking caps on and send me Miss September.


  1. Aunty,

    I have always wanted to see Jennifer Lopez's gorgeous bottom get spanked, and there have been times in her career she has earned a good spanking. I also think she would make a good spanker so she could be cast either way in my estimation.


  2. I've already received a couple of nominations for this. Kimberley has set up a spreadsheet so that I can keep track of who has been nominated. Please bear in mind that you have until September to do this as well.

  3. Aunty,

    My initial nominee is Hope Solo they sexy and amazing goal tender for the US ladies soccer.