Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Update from Kimberley Susan

Hello to everyone! Goodness it's been a long time since I did one of these!

Aunty wanted me to post something about the spanker/spankee of the month idea. I'm not really sure why as she covered everything herself, but one does not argue with Aunty unless they want a red bottom, so here I am.

We're all quite excited about the concept, and we think it will work well. We've already had some nominations. I won't say anymore as it's a secret who wins, but they're very worth nominees.

I have a spreadsheet with the nominations. We will credit the suggestor/s when the winner is chosen. If you'd like to suggest how you want the person spanked (eg: six of the best, an over the lap hairbrush spanking, etc...) we'll do what we can to mention that in the entry. If anyone is feeling creative they can even write up the encounter if they want and we'll do our best to edit and publish it with appropriate credit of course.

Because this wasn't one of my best or most exciting updates I'm going leave you with a wonderful photo set from the gorgeous Chelsea Pfeiffer at Good Spankings.

As I said earlier, and as I'm sure you all know the spanker is Ms Chelsea Pfeiffer, the model I believe is new to the screen. Ms Pfeiffer starts out on the well filled out seat of her cut offs, gets to work on the panties and eventually the bare bottom. Now I'm not sure if Miss Chelsea intends to use all of the implements on the ottoman (let's see what we have there, at least two paddles, an oval hairbrush and a cane, yeeowwccchhhhh!) on the girl's bottom, but if she does I estimate that's one young lady who won't sit down until Christmas.

Happy spankings!


  1. I would like to suggest Lindsay Lohan for this honor. If anyone deserves a humiliating, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed public comeuppance, it's our Lindsay. With her many run-ins with the law to her various public appearances sans underwear, she deserves the longest, hardest spanking that Aunty Andrea can devise, with every implement at her disposal, followed by a public apology from Ms. Lohan, perhaps accompanied by some photos of the aftermath of the punishment and perhaps some close-ups of her bare, smoking-hot bottom and tearful face published in newspapers worldwide. Perhaps this will focus Ms. Lohan on her career rather than her extracurricular activities...

    Do I sound a little too enthusiastic about this? Sorry... :-)


  2. So nice to hear from you my dear. Well simple for me and as you have shown any of the winners get a long, slow and deliberate hand spanking over your and Aunty's lap with some nice panty spanking. Then a long dose of the ebony !!!

    You are lovely.


  3. Thank you Phi, your suggestion has been noted, dear.
    Ron, Kimberley is tickled that you want her to give some of the spanking. I think I'll be hard put to stop her now!

  4. Well I am glad and hope to see her do her work before you my Aunty.

  5. Aunty dearest, might I suggest three for the price of one? What about the Middleton girls from the UK...that is, Kate (HRH the Duchess of Cambridge) her sister Pippa whose shapely bottom was a scene stealer at the Royal Wedding and her mother Carole whose mature bum is in dire need of a good spanking now that she is trying to play the part of Lady of the Manor? I think this idea of yours is so wonderful but then you have so many lovely, wonderful ideas, my darling Aunty.

  6. I hadn't considered the Middletons, but that's an excellent suggestion, Sophie, and I'll have Kimberley update the spreadsheet immediately!