Monday, 20 August 2012

A girl's best friend

It's often said that a girl's best friend is diamonds. I think that depends on the lady, and it is not the case with me. I like diamonds, they're sparkly and expensive, although they're not my favourite gem stone and certainly not my best friends. I like things that look nice, but serve a purpose, and a for a lady in my situation my best friend is something I can use.

One of the mistresses at School Mistress Fantasy seems to be of the same opinion. Here she is showing off her's and my best friend.


  1. Diamonds may not be your best friend, but think how many hairbrushes you could buy with just one diamond. No bottom in Clarkstown would be safe... ;


  2. From my point of view, best friend and worst enemy all in one....

  3. Phil, you are of course assuming that there is a safe bottom in Clarkstown at present, dear :).
    RR, what you said just illustrates my point, sweetheart, the hairbrush is also so versatile!

  4. Ah but a best friend in her hands, she is a lovely lap and love her skirt and well, yes the brush.
    Thank you