Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Real Princess

This is it! My Olympic spankee post. I had a wonderful response, and some of my lovely followers suggested people for this rather dubious honour. I've had USA female soccer player Hope Solo and beach volleyballer Misty May put forward. As I said, and I believe Kimberley reiterated I was trying to go for people I thought would be known by all my followers whether they be America, British, Australian or otherwise. I had heard of Misty, but I think I'm a rather keener follower of Olympic sport than the average person. Hope Solo was unknown to me, and I reasoned that if I hadn't heard of her then only those who take an interest in the fortunes of the US women's soccer team would be aware of her, although I will own she's a very pretty girl and could probably use a good hot bottom. Congratulations to Hope and her team, as well as Misty and her partner for winning gold at the 2012 Olympics.

I've made a bit of a rod for my own back here. Most Olympic athletes aren't worldwide celebrities, except for the tennis players, and they were disqualified because I'd already used Maria Sharapova in July.

Initially I wanted to use Australia hurdler Sally Pearson, but Debbie pipped me in her article, and after seeing Sally's incredibly gracious winning interview and how she reacted to the silver and bronze medallists I couldn't bring myself to ever want this girl spanked. For those that don't know about Sally here's a picture of her.

As pleased as punch after winning gold.

It was while I was watching the equestrian events that inspiration hit me. One of the British competitors is not only a fine horsewoman, she's also a bona fide celebrity. I am of course talking about Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter: Zara Phillips.

Zara competed well with her team and they actually won a silver medal in the eventing. In a nice touch the medals were presented by Zara's mother; Princess Anne, and she got a kiss as well as the medal.

Now why when this privileged and famous woman has gone on to use her talent and win a medal at the Olympics would I want her spanked?

Zara was not always the talented and gracious girl who won a spot on the British equestrian team. She was at one stage quite the wild child of the British royal family, and looked headed down the same road as her great aunt Princess Margaret.

Zara in her hard partying days. Don't those bright eyes just beg to have her bottom soundly spanked?

Now happily married and representing the royal family with pride and distinction Zara shows off her silver medal. Maybe someone (her mother?) spanked her before I suggested it.

I'm now open for suggestions for September's woman, and I know some of you have already sent some to me. I've had Kimberley put them in the spreadsheet. So put your thinking caps on and tell Aunty who you want spanked for September.


  1. Nice post ma'am, love the review. From here in the US, Hope was in line for a long spanking after her twitter attack on the broadcasters and former soccer stars, but then she went quiet, maybe they did spank her, but also then turned in 6 amazing saves in the finals!
    Will wait for the next list of candidates, well done.

  2. Thank you Ron, I hope others agree with my choice. I'm open to suggestions for next month, though.

  3. I would like to see you make Zara bend over a bale of hay and spank her across her tight white jodhpurs before pulling them and her knickers down and applying her very own riding crop to her bare, royal behind...please Aunty!

  4. My goodness, Sophie! I think Zara's lucky you weren't at the Olympics!

  5. I saw Princess Anne compete in the 1976 Olympics, and am so pleased her daughter followed in HRH's footsteps. An excellent choice!


  6. Thank you Hermione. I am very pleased you agree with my choice.