Friday, 31 August 2012

Spanked by a girlfriend's mother - a memory

Hello to you all again, today we have another of Alan's memories to relive with him. I hope you all enjoy.

Mrs B wants you over her lap.

Warming up her daughter's bottom.

And now for her little friend.

Wear my stockings when you're supposed to be studying, will you?

A close up.

Every Wednesday afternoon, after lunch, I was scheduled to go to Helene B's house; a female friend from college with whom I studied. One Wednesday while her mother was out shopping, Helene drew me into her parent’s bedroom. She wanted to show me some "women’s secrets." After opening drawers, Helen took out nylon stockings, garter belt, pantyhose and asked me which I preferred. Remembering the thighs of Miss Josette sheathed in nylon stockings a few weeks earlier, prompted me to choose stockings, and Helene sat on the edge of the parental bed, took off her white socks and pulled on the black stockings, along her thighs teenage self-supporting stockings with elastic garters, Helen amused herself for my greatest pleasure to cross and uncross her legs and let me glimpse the bottom edge. We were only fifteen, and girls then were always dressed with pleated skirts, socks and clearly temptation was too strong to dress themselves as young ladies. We had so much fun that  we did not hear the return of Helen's mother…

Mrs. B. searched for us all over the house and eventually surprised us upstairsin her bedroom, hands on hips, she called us.

"What are you doing in my bedroom? Shouldn’t you be studying?”

Mrs. B. looked at us, and saw that her daughter was wearing nylon stockings.

"Go down in the dining room and wait for me! I’ll put away your mess before taking care of you two!"

We hurried down to the main room and sat side by side. We pretended to carry out the work that we had not started. We were both quite worried, and I asked Helen what was going to happen. She told me that we would receive a severe moral lesson, but the worst thing for her, once we completed our homework, because she feared punishment from her mother in case of poor performance or disobedience at school and told me that once I was gone, back home, she would certainly be spanked with her skirt up and tucked safely away, pants down, because she had disobeyed her mother, and was not allowed to enter her parent’s bedroom and rummage about in her mother’s things.
We heard Mrs B. come down the stairs and a few seconds later, she came into the room where we were. Without saying a word, she took a chair, positioned it in the middle of the room, sat down and motioned for Helen to come forward. Before getting up and join her mother, Helen whispered.

"My God, I'm good for spanking now, ... in front of you ... hopefully because you're here I'll get to keep my skirt ... I hope that tomorrow you will say nothing our to our friends at college ... Promise me!”

Helene went to her mother. Without wasting time Mrs B. laid her daughter across her thighs, held her there firmly, pulled her skirt up, and I could see my girlfriend in white panties. Mrs. B. continued, and pulled Helene's panties down. The panties slid easily down Helene’s the thighs, legs still sheathed in nylon stockings. Her mother spanked her daughter’s bare bottom for several minutes daughter.  Helene cried under the slaps, kicked and screamed and begged her mother to stop between sobs.

I had a direct view of Helen’s bare buttocks of under the rapid slaps, squeezing her curves which made me blush! The spanking was quick but intense. Mrs. B. stopped spanking and raised her daughter up, who took off the nylon stockings and gave them to her mother. Helene, sobbing, skirt still tucked up went to the corner of the room, nose to the wall, scarlet buttocks exposed to my view.

Then Mrs. B. beckoned me to approach her. My turn. I was somewhat reassured because I still remembered the bitter and painful spanking that I had received a few weeks earlier from the hand of Miss Josette; my young neighbor, for looking up her skirt on the stairs. I walked towards my friend’s mother. Mrs. B. grabbed me by the belt, she unbuttoned my pants, dropped them to mid-thigh, and swung me across her lap, and when she was ready to spank me, she called Helene.

"You can watch your friend Hélène, he looked while I spanked you!"

I was not very proud in that position over; the lap of the mother of my girlfriend, but also because my friend was attending my spanking "butt naked."

Looking up, I saw Helen looking at me, and smiling, just like me a few minutes earlier. She had a good view of my bare buttocks and also my privates. I was looking desperately for a way to protect myself with both hands, but Mrs. B. as Miss Josette had, grabbed my wrists and pulled me deep into her lap. Instinctively I squeezed my buttocks tight, but no fast enough for Mrs. B. began to spank me as long nd soundly as she had spanked her daughter. The palm of her hand bouncing alternately on each of my buttocks, making them hot and sore.

When she was finished, she sent me back to my friend against the wall of the room, pants and underwear down at my ankles, my behind crimson and painful with tears in our eyes.

We both remained there with naked red buttocks on display for a long time, noses to the wall, and when Mrs. B. allowed us out, and  to get dressed, our bottoms were still warm again. In the future, our Wednesday afternoons were much more studious.


  1. Mmmmm... Lovely. I can just picture it in my mind. In my own fantasy, the girl and I would be a bit younger and a hairbrush may have been involved... ;-)


  2. Great story, can't wait for part 3. I wonder how mom's friend will like to deliver her spankings...

  3. Yum. I met Aunty Andrea through Miss Hasler's blog. Thought it was time to come over and say hello.

    Humiliated Geek

  4. Nice one Aunty, please say thank you to Alan