Friday, 31 August 2012

Spanked by Josette - a memory

Hello darlings! I have a memory to share with you today, this is from the lovely Alan, and recalls what I am sure was a very formative afternoon for him.

Miss Josette settles accounts with her cheeky young neighbour.

Since I enjoy visiting blogs such as this one devoted to spanking, I am confirmed in my view that women as mother, aunty, teacher, girlfriend, lover or wife are formidable spankers, knowing quickly how undress a behind, either male or female, to administer a good spanking both sound and stinging in the case of disobedience, be that for silly behaviour, lying, etc…

For my part, I was not spanked until my senior year of college, when I was fourteen years old, not from the hand of my mother, who has never spanked me, but the palm of a female young neighbor, then the mother of a classmate, and finally that of a female friend of my mother.

But this is a long story...

When I was 15 years old, my next-door neighbor was a 25 year old woman who worked as a hairdresser. Her name was Josette. Every time she was on the stairs, I tried to walk behind her, looking under her short skirts, because Miss Josette did not wear pantyhose, but only stockings and I wanted to see her thighs, garter belt and pant. One afternoon, a Wednesday, around noon, returned home from college, I was behind her on the stairs, looking her stockings, and when I arrived on our floor, she was waiting for me, arms crossed.

“Do you think I don’t see you behind me every time I am on the stairs? Come with me to my studio, I have to speak to you.”

Blushing, I followed her inside and she locked the door behind us, dropped her hand bag on the table, took a chair, and put it in the middle of the room. She crooked forefinger at me to stand by her. When I was just in front her, she grabbed my hips, unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees, laid me on her lap, head down and my bottom up. She took off my underpants, and my bare tummy lay on her wool skirt and nylon stockings, but also bare bottom  to her gaze on her lap, she held me by the waist, then I realized she was ready to spank me like a small child; on my bare bottom.

I had never received a spanking before, because I was a good child, obedient and hardworking; what I knew about spanking in families is that usually spanking, boys and girls, was given by women (mother, aunt, teacher) and typically spanking was given and received pants down or skirt up, sometimes pants down when stupidity was serious, and that spanking was humiliating and also stinging and burning after.

Miss Josette lectured me.

“So, now you are fifteen, normally you are not a bad child, but however I am going to spank you on your bare bottom as you are a scoundrel and after a good spanking I am sure that you will not look under the skirts of a young lady!”

And she began to spank me ... she spanked my bare bum, alternately, with cadence, several dozen slaps, the right buttock, the left buttock, my bottom was jolted and warmed under the slaps. I was humbled to be bare bottomed and my backside was hurting, but squeezing buttocks and teeth, with both hands clutching the legs of the chair, I resisted the pain, but not the humiliation after several dozen spanks that I did not count.

After several minutes and a great many smacks on my burning buttocks, Miss Josette stopped spanking. I thought the spanking was over, and I wanted to rub my buttocks with both hands to dissipate the heat and the pain, but Miss Josette took my wrists and repositioned my arms above the bottom.

“Well young man, I'm not done, I'm just starting, it was just a warm up, now I know how many are muscular and firm your butt is, I can spank you as you deserve, and as I want to make you pay for your insolence and rudeness!”

Miss Josette started to spank me faster and harder … I began to sob ... I begged her to stop the spanking ...  I promised her that I was sorry, I promised her that I didn’t look under her skirt ... I was crying between the slaps … my legs flailing when slaps smacked into my painful rear.

After a very long time, Miss Josette stopped the spanking. She left her now warm right hand on my buttocks.

“Your spanking is finished.I like the redness and warmth of your buttocks. I hope you understood the lesson. In the future, look under the skirts of your girlfriends who also are fifteen years old, and not under the skirts of a young lady!”

She stood me up from her lap, and I knelt on her right, crying and vigorously rubbing my very sore and hot bottom.

Josette took my chin with her fingers, looked me in the face and raised it with her forefinger, telling me.

“Stand in the corner, hands on your head, leave your bottom bare and if you dare move, I will spank you again immediately!”

I stood there a long time, feeling very embarrassed to have been spanked on my bare bottom by such a wonderful lady. Twenty minutes later, she came to me and rubbed my bare bottom, happy that my bottom was again red and hot.

“You can put your trousers on and go away, but the next time you look under my skirt, I will spank you in front all my hairdresser female colleagues and maybe they would like also to spank you ... the spanking would be much worse than today!”

I left her apartment, but not fast enough, because at the door Miss Josette gave me one last slap on the bottom before I left. Like every Wednesday afternoon, I was alone and I stood for long minutes, lying on my stomach, with a cold wet towel on my freshly spanked, hot bare buttocks.

Miss Josette never spoke of this "incident" to my parents, and she herself had preferred to settle accounts with me, and especially with my bare buttocks.

So after this spanking, every time I met her on the stairs, she looked at me with a mocking smile and I was reminded of the first time she took me upstairs!


  1. I read this story on another blog. Can't remember which one. I liked it very much then and I still like it.

    I'm sure the young man learned a valuable (and pleasurable) lesson over the lap of Josette. Kind of makes me wonder what would happen if he ogled Kimberly from behind, or, even more foolishly, Aunty Andrea...

    One thing confuses me though, he mentions not being spanked until his senior year at college, when he was fourteen? Must have been a genius or something, I guess. I'll bet he didn't feel too smart over his neighbor's lap...

    BTW, I like the illos too. ;-)


  2. Aunty,

    Wonderful and well done, very interesting and slightly sexy spanking story, thanks.


  3. Phil, I believe Alan's reference to college is actually high school. He is European and that's how they refer to their high schools. If he had ogled Kimberley or myself he would have been taught a very similar lesson, although it may have been more severe.
    Thank you Ron, I'm sure Alan will be pleased that you enjoyed it.