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'The Wedding March' - Guest Fiction

The lovely Ed came through for me again with a delightfully sexy story about a wedding and spanking. We both agreed that the two fit so naturally together. I've been busy enjoying the Olympics, so apologise for the lack of posts. Please enjoy The Wedding March.

From Platinum Fetish. Jack spanks his new bride, and makes both sets of cheeks blush.

From Quality Spanking. Sonia's cheeks glow the same colour as her daughters after husband Bill has attended to them.

An impatient new husband couldn't even wait for his wife to change out of her dress before putting her over his knee.

It had been a long few months, but finally the big day had arrived when Bill Phillips would give away the hand of his only daughter Katie to her husband to be Jack Naylor.
The wedding wasn’t large by any means, but still made a hefty dent in Bill’s bank account.

He and his wife, Sonia, had sat down with Katie before the wedding announcement and established a budget for the ceremony and reception.

It seemed that this was quickly forgotten by the two ladies as they enthusiastically set about spending the budget.

Bill tried his best to offer suggestions to save money, but he was labeled a spoilsport, and Sonia and Katie made sure he was not involved in any of the arrangements other than writing checks. Sonia proceeded to overspend on every line item in the budget Bill had prepared to the point where Bill was almost afraid to look as the bills continued to pour in.

It was an hour to the wedding and Bill stood in front of the mirror struggling with his bowtie while Sonia and the bridesmaids hovered around Katie. He cast an eye at Sonia. She did look absolutely stunning in her long, green satin dress which hugged her curves, and her long hair tied up beautifully.In particular he admired her beautiful round bottom as she leaned over their daughter adjusting her veil.

Instinctively, Sonia turned around to catch her husband’s admiring gaze. She smiled at him and straightened up. Bill grinned and returned his focus to his bowtie. Sonia snuggled close to him and took the tie from him.
“Looks like you need some help….” she asked him seductively.

Bill’s grin widened, and he nodded.

“Were you checking me out just now Mr. Phillips?” Sonia purred.

Putting his arms around her waist he pulled her even closer so he could whisper his response. “As a matter of fact I was Mrs. Phillips…because that particular part of your anatomy will be receiving some special attention from me later on….”

Sonia’s big brown eyes grew as big as saucers “Really Mr. Phillips!! What on earth did you have in mind?” she replied feigning indignation.

Bill leaned even closer to whisper his reply in Sonia’s ear, “You have been a naughty, naughty girl for the past few months Mrs. Phillips and when this is all over you will be going across my knee for a good spanking on your bare bottom!”
Bill’s hands wandered from his wife’s waist to deliver a playful smack to her bottom.

“OW!!” his wife yelped loud enough for Katie and the others to hear.

“Really you two…. act your age!” Katie sighed in disgust.

Sonia blushed and everybody laughed.

Back at the church Jack paced nervously up and down. Parson Jones put a soothing hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Relax Jack…. she’ll be here soon.”

Jack forced a smile, and stopped pacing.

In many ways Jack felt very much like his Father–in–law to be. The last thing he wanted was a big wedding like this, but once Katie and her mother started planning he was soon on the outside looking in. On the few occasions when he was able to find ways to keep the cost down, Katie quickly silenced him.

“You don’t know about these things Jack…. just leave it all to Mom and I,” she told him in a most patronizing tone.

He had even let her pick out the ridiculous powder blue tux he was dressed in.

Jack felt guilty about letting Katie get out of control and bully him like that, especially since he knew how hard Bill had to work to earn his money. He knew he should be happy, so despite his pangs of guilt he forced a smile when he heard his bride had arrived.

Sonia sat in the front pew sobbing as Bill proudly marched the radiant Katie down the aisle. Jack turned to sneak a look and a smile returned to his face when he saw his beautiful bride. Bill had warned Jack that Katie was as headstrong as her mother, and he was certainly right, but she was also as beautiful, warm and loving as her mother. While Bill took a seat beside Sonia, Katie leaned forward to hand a small bouquet to the little flower girl. As she did, Jack drank in the sight of her firm buttocks straining against the smooth, satin wedding dress. Katie straightened up, and grinned impishly when she noticed Jack’s interest in her rear-quarters. Jack looked at her sternly, and Katie pouted back at him.

Bill looked at Sonia “If I’m not mistaken you won’t be the only one going to bed with a red bottom!” he whispered.

Sonia’s bottom tingled and she shifted on the hard wooden pew, as if anticipated her pending discomfort.
The ceremony proceeded flawlessly and in no time Mr. and Mrs. Naylor were holding each other close in a long lingering kiss. While the guests cheered and clapped, Jack pulled his new wife closer so she was facing him. He kissed her again…and then delivered a discreet smack to the seat of her tight dress, which went unnoticed to most observers.

“That’s just a little taste of what you’ll be getting tonight Mrs. Naylor…and I’m sure you know why…” Jack said softly, pecking her lips yet again.

Katie blushed “I guess I do…” she replied meekly.

The symbolic smack did not escape the Phillips’, and Sonia poked her husband in the ribs.“I do believe you’re right Bill…. looks like she’s in for a good spanking!” Sonia cackled excitedly.

As he escorted his wife back down the aisle, Bill cupped his hand around her right cheek and gave it a squeeze. “Behave!!” Sonia chirped, wagging a finger.

Bill felt more relaxed at the reception, at least some of his money was spent on something he could enjoy, a slap-up meal and good wine.

“Do you like the choice of wine dear?” Sonia asked him anxiously.

Bill gave her a kiss and clinked his glass against hers. “It’s very good darling…. but you know you should have asked for my approval before now don’t you?” he said firmly.Sonia started to respond but Bill stopped her by putting a finger on her lips.“Save it for when you’re over my knee tonight!” he said.

Sonia pouted. “Oh please Bill….. can’t it wait for another night? Remember I’m hosting a brunch for Jack’s parents tomorrow……I won’t be able to sit down if you spank me!” she moaned.

Bill laughed at his wife’s plea. “You won’t be the only one…. it will do the pair of you the world of good to be sitting on well spanked bottoms after what you’ve put Jack and I through for the past few months!”

Jack picked Katie up over his shoulders and spun her around while she waved her bouquet. In front of her a throng of anxious young women jockeyed for position, before turning into a frenzied mob for the few seconds after Katie threw it in the air. A young redheaded girl emerged from the crowd holding the bouquet victoriously high above her head.Hand in hand the happy couple made their way through the lines of well wishers to the limo which would take them to their secret wedding night destination.

Bill and Sonia stood at the back waving as the car drove off into the moonlight. Sonia melted into Bill’s arms. “Thank God its all over and everything went so well!!” she sighed.

Bill pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her cute nose.“You did a great job honey!” he told her.

Sonia grinned broadly, and returned the kiss. “Thanks dear….. does this mean I’m not going to get that……”

Bill stopped her before she could finish. “Good try Sonia. ……you’re still getting a spanking you’re going to be feeling every time you sit down for the next day or two!”

Back at the Ritz Hotel a steward pushed his trolley down the long hallway to the Bridal Suite. He stopped a few feet from the large door to make sure he had everything.
“Glasses, Champagne, truffles, flowers..” he said before he was distracted by some loud noises. He contorted his face to identify the source and pulled his trolley closer.
‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’……
The steward giggled and put his ear closer to the door.
‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’ ‘WHACK!!’ ‘SMACK!!!’……

Inside the plush suite, a very sorry bride was draped over her husband’s lap. Her long wedding gown and petticoats were unceremoniously hoisted up to rest on her shoulders.
Katie’s bottom dangled high in the air, her blue satin panties had been downed, and were banded around her thighs revealing her two glorious jiggling globes which were getting redder and redder as each spank landed.

Outside the steward decided it would be best to delay his delivery, so pulled up a chair to listen to the shenanigans coming from the room.

“Can you unzip me hon’?” Sonia called out as she stood in front of the mirror. Bill put down his scotch and allowed his eyes to drink in the sight of his wife.He undid the back of her gown, and slowly lowered the zipper which went all the way to the small of her back.The gown fell away to reveal a black bustier, garter belt and stockings. Sonia’s cheeks were exposed in their full glory and Bill wasted no time in taking a handful of each of them.

“You naughty minx ….I can’t believe you wore that to the wedding…what if we’d been in an accident?” Bill said.

“Then I’ll bet those cute doctors would be fighting over me I dare say!” Sonia replied.


Jack planted a firm slap on his wife’s shapely rump and spun her around. Her breasts were almost exploding from the bustier. Jack sat on the chair, and carefully guided Sonia over his lap. Her magnificent bare bottom jiggled as he adjusted her position. Sonia gritted her teeth and clenched her cheeks. Bill gently patted her bottom.“You’ve been asking for this for a long time Sonia Philips …and now you’re gonna get it!”

Back at the hotel, the steward was now listening to silence.He wondered if the newlyweds needed more time, but their champagne was already getting warm.
Deliberately coughing loudly to announce his presence, he firmly rapped on the door.
As he expected, it took a while before the door finally opened, and Jack poked out his head. The waiter trundled inside, trying not to look at the dishevelled bride standing by the bed. A forced smile could not hide the grimace on Kate’s reddened face, while she stood with both hands behind her rubbing the seat of her dress.

The waiter carefully set up the table, and accepted a tip from Jack, before making a hasty exit from the suite. “I hope you’re proud of yourself Jack Naylor…. by the look on his face he must have overheard me getting a spanking!” Katie fumed.

Jack laughed “You’re not getting away that easy young lady, that was just a warm up. You’re in for a real bottom roasting later on ..but for now let’s enjoy our champagne …while you can still sit.”

Katie whined “Oh no Jack…” but she knew she deserved a real good spanking from her new husband.

“YEOOOW!” Sonia howled as Bill snapped the back of her hairbrush against her scorched cheeks yet again. “Pleeeease Jack….my butt is on fire….really it is….I’ve learned my lesson !” she pleaded. Bill was unconvinced and responded by applying a series of 6 stinging swats to his wife’s bottom.
“AAAARGHH…OOOOOOH!” Sonia squealed loudly.
She gasped with relief upon feeling Bill gently massage her flaming skin. Bill loved to sight of his wife’s bottom when it was a fiery red color. Her spanking had been well deserved and thorough. Sonia would be reminded of her behaviour every time she sat for the next day or two.

“OK…on you feet Missie!” he announced, giving her rump a playful swat.
He chuckled as he watched Sonia hop around the room frantically rubbing the sting from her cheeks.

“Oh my poor bottom! Its on fire!” she shrieked.

Bill took hold of her again and pulled her into his chest. Their lips locked in a long kiss and Sonia slowly slid down to her knees. Frantically she undid her husband’s pants to release the erection which was straining against him. Hungrily eyeing his shaft, she licked her lips and opened her mouth wide and invited it inside. Bill let out a gasp of sheer pleasure as Sonia expertly caressed him with her tongue while her lips slid up and down his shaft. It wasn’t long before she had him whipped into a frenzy he found hard to control. Sonia proceeded to gulp down his member until it entered her throat and could go no further. Bill moaned in ecstasy. Sonia picked up the pace, letting her lips slide up and down Bill’s penis until she felt it explode violently in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed every bit of his liquid and licked her lips and the head of his shaft to take in every drop.

Bill collapsed backwards on the bed and Sonia flopped on top of him. They kissed again, and Sonia sat up, quickly discarding her bustier. “Get naked Bill Phillips…. if I’m going to have a sore bottom tomorrow you’re going to make it worth my while!” she giggled.

Katie twirled around in the huge bathroom admiring her wedding night lingerie in the full-length mirror. It had taken her a long time to choose it, and of course it was very expensive, but she looked simply stunning in it and couldn’t wait for Jack to see it.
It was a simple, white sheer see-through baby doll and tiny bikini panties, not much material for $500 but well worth it in Katie’s mind.

She made a dramatic entrance to the room and Jack’s jaw dropped at the sight of his wife.
On the bed was an expensively wrapped package, which immediately caught Katie’s attention. “What’s that?” she chirped giddily.

“Special delivery to the happy couple from your Mother…it just arrived.” Jack explained.

Forgetting everything else, Katie began ripping away at the package and looked disappointed when she saw its contents.It was a large, antique hairbrush made out of polished walnut.

“There’s a note…aren’t you going to read it?” Jack asked.

Katie read it aloud “ This brush belonged to your Grandmother and it taught me many lessons over the years before she gave it to your Father and I as a gift on our wedding day. Its one of the reasons we are still happily married after 30 years.

I’m sure it will get lots of use. Love Mom”

Jack grinned, and took the brush from Katie. “Your Mom mentioned that I would need some help keeping you in line…. I guess this is the help she was referring to…”

Katie’s jaw dropped and she started backing away. “No Jack…. don’t you dare use that on me…. its our wedding night…. EEEEK!”

Jack took a firm hold of his bride’s wrist and hauled her over to the bed. “Time for a real spanking!” he declared.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Sonia?” Bill asked, as he watched his wife wiggle into her tight white Capri pants.

Sonia glanced over her shoulder at her glowing red bottom. She wore no underwear.
“After that spanking you gave me, my bottom is way too sore to wear anything else ……” she explained.

Bill chuckled when Sonia contorted her face in a grimace as she eased the pants over the curves of her hips.

“Its not funny Bill!” she raged.

“Looks like the happy couple have arrived.” Bill announced, peering out the front window. Sonia joined him, and they both watched carefully as Jack opened the door of the car for Katie. Their daughter stood for a moment to rub the seat of her tight shorts.
“Looks like Jack put some more mileage on my Mom’s hairbrush!” Sonia cackled.

Bill and Sonia greeted the newlyweds warmly. “Did you get my gift?” Sonia asked her daughter. Katie rubbed the seat of her shorts again and wrinkled her nose.

“Oh I got it Mom…boy did I ever get it!” she replied.

Bill gave Jack a wink of approval as everyone laughed.

The other brunch guests soon arrived, and Sonia and Katie stayed busy mingling and serving people as it permitted them to remain standing until all the guests had left. “Leave those dishes for later girls, lets relax and have a swim before we take you guys to the airport.” Bill announced. His tone suggested it was more of a command than a request but the two ladies reluctantly agreed.

Sonia groaned when she looked over her shoulder into the mirror at her curve hugging one-piece swimsuit. The hi-cut design would put her well-spanked bottom on display so she reached for a pair of shorts to pull over them. Bill slapped them away “No way young lady…. I want that bottom of yours in full view!” he scolded.
Sonia’s face flushed as red as her bottom.
“OK Mr. Phillips…. have your fun…. but I’ll get you for this!” she retorted.

In her bedroom, Katie had a similar predicament, and Jack could do nothing but laugh.
Her tiny string bikini did nothing to cover the red marks left by her Grandmother’s hairbrush. “Maybe the red marks will have faded by the time we get to the resort?” Jack consoled.

Katie was not amused. “You’re enjoying this Jack, aren’t you? Don’t worry you’ll get yours!” she said.

A refreshing swim was just what the two couples needed after an exhausting couple of days. Jack and Bill floated in the pool and took in the glorious sight of their wives scrumptious red bottoms as they exited the pool.“There’s no sight better than that …is there Jack?” Bill observed.

Jack concurred.“That ought to teach them to curb their spending, and not be so bossy in future “ he said.

“I wouldn’t count on that Jack….they’re already planning revenge ….I’d watch my ass if I were you….pardon the pun….remember that you can be on the receiving end of that hairbrush and if Katie swings it as well as her Mother she’ll blister your butt once you give her a reason to!”

Jack looked a bit concerned. “Oh I never thought that…” he began.

“All’s fair in love and marriage Jack …” Bill said.


  1. Nice story. Wonder if Jack got what Bill got after spanking his wife... ;-)


  2. Amazing and well written and yes nicely erotic spanking story, thank you

  3. Thank you Ron, it was a lovely story from Ed.

  4. Wonderful story, thanks for posting. Bridal spankings are a big favourite of mine. There isn't nearly enough photos/art featuring them

  5. Thank you for the comment, QBuzz. I agree about the photos and art. I had a very difficult time sourcing a picture of a wedding spanking, although it's not uncommon in literature.

    1. In that case - as much as I love the caption in the final photo - you might appreciate the original story and pics:
      Apologies if you've already seen it.
      I have a few bits of bride spanking art actually, let me know if you're looking for anything in particular.

  6. Thank you very much, QBuzz, I may have to take you up on that offer.

  7. Indeed, marriage is all about give and take..:)

  8. And in a true partnership one gives and the other takes, R.

  9. Oh how familiar that all sounds ! Almost exactly what I went through at my wedding. Nice to see it in print though.