Saturday, 18 August 2012

Three Over the Knee

These are from a photo shoot done by the folk at Sarah Gregory Spanking. The scenario is an angry father confronting three misbehaving young ladies, one of them his daughter. The pictures really do speak for themselves, but I'll probably include some of my own thinking about them as we go.

Well, isn't this a pretty picture? You are in serious trouble, young ladies! I think the blonde is daughter dearest and the other two are her naughty friends, especially the one with the extensive body art.

This may not be how your father handles things, but when my daughter misbehaves she gets her bottom soundly spanked! She's just received a new tattoo, but this one will only be temporary, although I'm sure it hurt every bit as much as the permanent one. Once again she's been allowed to keep her heels on. I never permit this, too much chance of having one hit you when the really vigorous kicking starts.

Miss Polka Dots was the most defiant of the three, it was in her facial expression during the initial confrontation and it's still here as her backside is being thoroughly reddened. The red on her bottom and upper thighs makes a lovely contrast with the black and white of her swim suit.

There's a couple of reasons I see this one as the daughter. This picture is one of them, she's the only one who has her bottom bared (although I am sure they all end up bare in the entire shoot at some point), and she seems to know what she's in for right from the start. She is absolutely gorgeous and it's nice to see Daddy doing such a good job of disciplining his wayward daughter.

Hope that brightens up everyone's weekend.


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  2. Ah Auntie, bathing suit bottoms or panties, still very hot!
    Thank you

  3. pull down those panties and hook those high heels into them, the kicking will settle right down...

  4. Thank you for the comments. I thought you'd enjoy it, Ron. John that's a novel method that I hadn't considered in the past.

  5. They all do get spanked on their bare bottoms. It's from Spanking Sarah Gregory (she's the one in the polka-dot bikini).


  6. Thanks for that, Phil. I am pleased to see that the girls didn't get to keep their bikini bottoms on for the entire shoot.