Friday, 14 September 2012

A first spanking - a memory

After receiving a few spankings at the hands of women, young Alan found himself on the other side of the lap. For a novice spanker he handled the experience with aplomb. I wonder what you all think.

Nathalie wonders if locking Alan in the room was the best course of action.

 Oh God! How hard is his hand? My bottom is on fire!

Oh please just get it over and done with! I am dying here!

After being spanked as a teenager by some severe ladies, it was my turn in 1980 to spank the buttocks of young ladies. My first experience was with a fellow female student called Nathalie.

I had known Nathalie since we’d been twelve, and she was half angel, half demon. One afternoon we were both working in the language laboratory when Nathalie went out and locked me inside. I knocked on the door and asked her to release me, but too late. I heard running down stairs and laughing. I was locked in the lab, it only remained for me to work and wait for someone to release me in the hope that it would not be too long.

Two hours later I heard the key turn in the lock, the door opened and Nathalie appeared, she confessed going to do some shopping in town, but overcame with remorse, she decided to rescue me, she noticed that I was pretty angry. She was both serious and insolent, and expected to be forgiven for this last joke, she offered to go together outside and have meal in a pancake restaurant. She promised to pay the bill and was surprised that I was not more furious. I told her that if I could, I would give her some good slaps on the buttocks to correct her and luckily for her, I did not dare to do it!

"You wanted to spank me and you did not do so, yet it could be fun for me to be spanked at 22 years old, why not!"

The evening was pleasant and although Nathalie was as always wearing a blouse, jeans and boots, she looked very elegant with a white blouse, black skirt, high heels and clear pantyhose. The evening ended, and we went back home. Our student rooms were almost neighbors in the same street, and I escorted Nathalie to her room. When we arrived, I wanted to say good night to her, but Nathalie; half angel, half demon,  announced that the evening was not over because she had not completely paid her debt.

"What debt?" I asked.

"You told me that I deserve a spanking. I didn’t get my spanking. Now we are back and  I’m ready. It will be more intimate in my studio, follow me!" she demanded.

We went up the stairs side by side esver since my mishap with Miss Josette, I had avoided climbing the stairs behind a lady wearing a skirt) and entered Nathalie's studio. She locked the gateway and closed the corridor door, after she closed shutters and curtains in the common room, asked me to sit on a chair, walked to my right and laid down on my thighs, crossing her legs and screeching her pantyhose nylon.

I put my right hand on her skirt and I felt her muscled and firm buttocks contract under the touch of my hand. With the other hand, I held by Nathalie by the hips.

At that time I had never spanked anyone, but I had received some, much less a young lady of my age, however I thought that what my buttocks had undergone, the buttocks of girls could also experience.

“What are you waiting for? You have to spank me!” Nathalie ordered.

I raised my right hand and slapped her firm buttocks over the skirt.

“I think you know that very big bad girls are always spanked skirt up and sometimes panties down.” Nathalie suggested.

I could not believe it, and did not want to waste time in case Nathalie changed her mind. I pulled her black skirt up and discovered that Natalie was not wearing pantyhose, but nylon stockings held up by a lovely garter belt.

"What are you again waiting for?” Nathalie asked. “I'll get cold!”

“I’m looking at your beautiful buttocks,” I told her.

“I know they are nice, neither large nor skinny, and my panties do not hide them much,” Nathalie boasted.

“Are you ready for a good spanking?” I asked her.

“Yes I’m … do not waste time, do not argue, act!”

The first two slaps took her by surprise one the right cheek and then the left, and I tested the firmness of these beautiful, generous buttocks.

smack - “Ouch!” – Smack - “Ouch!”

 I set firmly Nathalie on my lap. I knew she was ready and waiting what for what she wanted. The two first slaps had already given her firm full buttocks a gentle blush, her pretty panties not hiding much. I put my hand on her panties and said “A few minutes ago you told me that very big bad girls are always  spanked skirt up and sometimes panties down.”

Nathalie said “Quickly do what you want, I’m waiting too much!”

I took the elastic of her panties and pulled them down to mid-thigh. I began to spank Nathalie on her bare buttocks, slaps sounding loud in the room, slaps bouncing happily on the naked rump, and Nathalie crying after every slap.

Smack “Ouch!” Smack  “It…” Slap Smack  “Ouch!” Smack  “It hurts!”  Smack  “Ouch !”
Smack ”My poor buttocks!” Smack ”Ouch!” Smack “I can no longer sit!” Smack   “Ouch!” Smack   ”it hurts!” Smack  “Ouch!” Smack   “it's getting hot!” Smack   “Ouch!” Smack
“It’s burning too much!” Smack “Your hand is terrible!” Smack “Oh my god!” Smack “My buttocks are warming!” Smack “Ouch!” Smack “My buttocks are boiling!” Smack  “Please stop … my buttocks are burning!”

I stopped, judging that Nathalie’s buttocks were red and hot enough. I let Nathalie massage them with both hands, and I noticed that spanking did not last long but had to be intense because Nathalie's buttocks were as red as ripe tomatoes.  Nathalie rose up and put her panties up under her skirt. Nathalie sat in my lap and put her arms around my neck.

"Your hands are very hard. I was afraid that wouldn’t stop and my rump was catching fire! I'm sure gave me a good spanking just to entertain and excite you."

Nathalie slipped her hand between my legs and noticed the stiffness in the middle of my pants.

“Nathalie, we are good friends and no more, if you continue it will degenerate," I warned her.

Nathalie whispered in my ear "Sucking it is not fucking. I give you only my mouth. but no more!"

Without waiting, she knelt between my legs, and quickly opened my fly and I swallowed greedily. I had a few girlfriends, I had kissed them, I also had some caressing of breasts and buttocks, but never a girl giving me fellatio. Nathalie knew what she was doing and did it well, delaying my pleasure when she felt it coming, she slowed down, waited a bit and recommenced. Nathalie took a long time before I exploded in her mouth. She kept still long minutes after having swallowed what I had given her. Nathalie got up, sat still on my thighs, her arms around my neck, kissed me on each cheek before kissing me passionately on the lips, and told me "You gave me a good spanking on my bare bottom …  I'm sure you had a good look on my buttocks while you were spanking me …  you were not looking up … you are avenged. I'm sure that now you can forgive me for being a holy brat …  I'll sleep on my stomach ... I heat up my ass too!  Bye and see you tomorrow.“

Nathalie accompanied me to the door, kissed me one last time on the cheek, and I went home happy.


  1. "Nathalie accompanied me to the door, kissed me one last time on the cheek, and I went home happy."

    I'll bet... ;-)


  2. So well done, thanks and I agree with Phil, I bet he was happy!! Ah and he spent some time on her panty!
    Terrific, thanks

  3. Yes, the last line may have been a little superfluous, but I thought it was a nice touch.