Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Spank Shop Interlude - Guest Fiction

I realise it's been some time since the Spank Shop made an appearance on it's very own blog, as I'm going away soon I thought people may be wondering what's happening there. So did Andrew from Someones Gonna Get It and he provided me with his vision of recent events.

Andrea just hadn’t been on her game lately. She hadn’t let her business, or attention to it, slide however.
‘Maybe I’m working too hard?’ she thought. ‘Because something just isn’t right. Biorhythms? Horoscope?’ Something nagged at her. She hdsn’t had a vacation in almost a year in a half. But she knew that wasn’t it.

It’s almost like the psychiatrist, who treats patients and sees their improvements, while the doctor gets more depressed. Because no one treats the doctor. ‘Oh my God!’ Andrea realized, ‘I need a spanking!’
No. That was just too preposterous to imagine.
Or was it? AfteralI do preach the benefits a good spanking from time to time has on the general health and well being of others. Has the clock just struck Aunty time?

Aunty welcomes a client to her parlour.

Questions filled her mind. When was the last time I was spanked? My birthday, no that was for fun , it doesn’t count. Joelle? Could I let myself go? Hmm, and who would I trust to deliver the spanking?
A soft knock on the parlour door pulled her out of these thoughts.

“Come in” Andrea managed, she was a bit flustered.

Kimberley escorted a nervous Ms. Susan Haller into the inner sanctum. Susan was wearing a pink apron with The Spank Shop sewn on the breast. She is an attractive woman, in her early 40’s. She gave up on motherhood to concentrate on a career in law. She is one of the town’s finest attorneys. A trail lawyer.  Strong, bossy, self assured...most of the time. She isn’t looking so confident now.

Andrea's friend and client Susan Haller.

“Hello Susan.”

“Good afternoon, ma’am.”

“Please sit,” Andrea offered.

Susan accepted, and arranged herself in the chair across from Andrea.

Susan Haller had known Andrea since grade school. Susan was two years ahead of Aunty.  Susan was generally nice to Andrea back then, but once in high school, Susan did ridicule her in front of others once, when she thought Andrea liked the same boy she did.  “Like a skinny, no boobs, sophomore is going to attract Bobby Simon” she sang to the delight of her friends. Andrea winced at the memory.

“Is there anything else you need, Aunty?” Kimberley asked..wais that a grin on her face, or was Andrea projecting? Andrea looked at Kimberley. The girl had been doing well under her guidance. I’m sure that this young lady would love to exact a measure of revenge on my bare bum...she almost said aloud.

“Excuse me?” Kimberley smiled at Andrea as if she had read her mind.

“No sweetie, nothing else at this time.”

Kimberley exited. Andrea snapped out of it, and concentrated on Susan.

Andrea had Susan’s file in front of her. The woman booked her own appointments regularly.

“How have you been since our last visit....four months ago?” Andrea inquired.

This is a “routine” check up. A ‘maintenance spanking’ as she put it. Many of Andrea’s clients book themselves for regular exams.

“Busy. You may have seen my name in the papers,”  Susan said, pride in her voice.

Indeed Andrea has. Susan was prosecuting two high profile cases. The fate of human lives were in her hands. Andrea reached in her drawer and pulled out the ebony hairbrush she loves so much. She placed it on the desk. Susan’s eyes immediately went to it.

“Do you enjoy your work?”

“Probably not as much as you do, ma’am.” Susan tried a bit of levity. “I do. But it is stressful.”

“Is that why you come to see me? Stress relief?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m in control of so many things. The boss. Everyone looking to me for leadership and guidance, it puts a lot of pressure on me. Seeing you lets me give up that control. You are the pressure release valve in a strange way.”

Susan had been seeing Andrea regularly for almost two years now Coincidentally, that was also how long Susan’s star had been rising in the DA’s office.

“I see. Well, I’m glad I get to lend a helping hand, in doling out justice. pun intended.”

Susan let out a nervous laugh, “Plus, I feel these “meetings” help me keep my head in the game. They free me of any guilt, misdeeds, and mistakes I’ve made in the last four months.”

“What mistakes have you made?”

Red faced Susan admitted, “I did mess up a brief. Something so routine. I just didn’t give it my best effort. And that’s not me. I was late with a filing. And I openly admonished a colleague in front of others for something that wasn’t really important or their fault.”

Bingo, Andrea thought, just like high school.

“Do you think a regular session will be enough then?”

“I do, ma’am.”

“Well, I don’t,” Andrea disagreed. “I think you need a little booster shot. Say four strokes of the cane after your spanking?”

Susan had never been caned. She’d heard horrible things about it. The white hot searing pain it caused...she started to sputter a bit...”The don’t think...”

“No, you don’t have to think here,” Andrea cut her off. “That’s why you come, right?” She took the hairbrush from her desk. “I think four strokes, one for each of your four misdeeds should suffice.”

“Excuse me ma’am four misdeeds? I only counted three.”

“You’re missing one from high school.” Andrea told her.

Susan looked puzzled, then blushed. “When I yelled at you in front of everyone in the cafeteria?”

“Yes. Your blind anger still rages. I want the cane to be an instrument to make you think before you fly off the handle.”

Susan started to object, then just bowed her head. Andrea smiled and said,
“Let’s get started, shall we?”

Andrea pulled a straight backed chair in front of her desk. Sat. Got comfortable and motioned for Susan to go over her lap. Susan knew full well what wass coming, Afterall she made the appointment, but she was still apprehensive. 
“Let’s just grin...” Andrea gently took her wrist, and helped guide Susan over her knee, “and bare it.”

Andrea parted the gown so that Susan’s bottom was completely exposed. Andrea patted her bottom, then picked the brush up.

“This is for your own good.”

“I know that ma’am. “

With that the spanking began. It wasn’t long before Susan was moving to the cadence that the brush laid down. Andrea was an experienced disciplinarian. She varied the speed, the intensity, and the placement of every stroke.

The spanking was properly applied, with maybe a little more vigor than usual. Andrea was starting to feel like herself again.  She wondered how many clients she has that she had known for years. And how she stays “in touch” with them. Who would have thought she’d be spanking her childhood friends, their kids, and sometimes their parents?

She finished Susan up with four or five hard swats.

That should keep the area warm enough for the cane. “Trust me,” she told Susan. “You’ll be glad you had the spanking first. The cane on bare skin with no warm up....well...let’s hope you never have to experience that phenomenon.”

Susan was in tears. She has been more than warmed up. In fact, she felt she’d had enough.

“You may stand dear.” Andrea said, it sounded like an invitation, but it was an order.

Susan stood, hands on head, as Andrea went to her large implement cupboard, and produced a cane. Susan gasped.

Andrea cuts the air with the cane a few times. Susan’s knees almost buckled.

“Please bend over the chair. Keep your legs on the outsides of the chair legs,” Andrea instructed.

Susan did as she was told. Her bottom was already quite warm, and a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Please ma’am, “she implored. “I’ve had more than I paid for already.”

Andrea chuckled “Either I need to raise my rates, or give you something back then,” she said as she pressed on the small of Susan’s back. “Bring this down, it’ll raise your bottom more....perfect.”

As Andrea stood to the side, she wondered again if she would do as well in Susan’s position?

She let the cane fly, and it landed in the center of both cheeks. An angry red weal quickly appeared. Susan bolted upright, her hands flying to her bottom, she danced in place.

“I’ll let you have this moment because that’s your first stroke with a cane. For the last three you will take them without all the dramatics....or we will go on until you can take three in a row in position. Understood?” Andrea said sternly, her green eyes flashing.

“’am...please. It burns.” Susan whimpered.

“Back over the chair,” Andrea barked. “Now. One....two....”

Definitely not wanting to Susan somehow managed to go back over. She heaved in place as Andrea measured the next stroke.

It landed in a criss-cross pattern to the first one. Overlapping almost at the bottom crack.
Susan sucked in air and bent both knees as if she were running in place. But she did stay over the chair.

“Steady. Good. Now for your anger issues. Every time you lash out at someone, you will be lashed back. Remember this feeling, and this position because this will be how we deal with it. Understand?”

Through a tear streaked face Susan nodded.

“I’ll take that as a yes ma’am under the circumstances,” Andrea said, while letting the cane cut through the air again and land so the tip hit the upper thigh. It almost broke the skin.

Susan howled.

“Ah, sorry, that must be tender?”

Susan was gasping for breath, rocking, and crying over the chair.

“I want to get right here,” Andrea lifted Susan’s bum enough to expose where the cheeks and thighs meet. “Please grab your bottom and lift it up enough that I can squeeze this last one in there.”

Susan held her bottom. This was mental cruelty and humiliating. Like having to cut your own switch.

“This is going to hurt quite a bit,” Andrea taped the area with the cane a couple of times, then expertly drew it back and with a wrist snap cracked it right across the virgin area.

Susan can’t stay in place. Her hands flew to her face, then back to her bottom. She screamed loudly.

“I’m sure the people in the waiting room just reassessed their misdeeds,” Andrea mused. “Since that was the last stroke, I will let you have your dramatics,” Aunty smiled. She pushed a key by her desk and Kimberley entered.

“Please take Susan back to the changing room and tend to her wounds. Then have her come back and join me for some tea.”

Over tea, Susan was still not sitting comfortably, she admitted that her anger has gotten the best of her many times. She is thankful that Andrea finally addressed the issue, and says she should be able to keep it in check now.

Andrea complimented Susan on her honesty and bravery.

“While not enjoying the spanking itself, the act cleanses me. My soul and makes me happier and more confident in life. I’ll see you in four months?” Susan asks.

“Absolutely dear.”

Susan stood up and hugged Andrea. She felt lighter and happier with the burdens she had been carrying lifted by a painful spanking.

After Kimberley helped with her next appointment and saw her out of the office her intercom sounded. Kimberley hit the button “Yes Aunty?”

Andrea asked the girl to come into the parlour. Kimberley did so.

Was this real or just Kimberley's fantasy?

“Did you think I was too harsh with Susan?” Andrea asked.

“No ma’am. She was quite contrite,” Kimberley gave her assessment. “Is that all you want, ma’am?”

Knowing no other way to broach the topic, Aunty blurted out “I think I might benefit from a spanking.”

Kimberley’s face went through many looks while processing that information, shock, giddiness, affirmation, interest...before she settled on calm.

“Yes, ma’am I believe you would,” Kimberley said thoughtfully. “Shall I book my Mum?”

“Actually, I was thinking of you...” Andrea started shyly.

Again, a thousand thoughts and emotions surged through Kimberley before she said,
“As much as I think you would benefit from a spanking, and as much as I’d like to spank you, I don’t know if I could. I mean, I work for you. I’m sure in the future I’ll end up over your lap again, and I don’t want you to hold this against me or take it out on me
any harder than you already spank me now.”

“Do you really think I’d do that, darling?” Andrea sounded hurt.

“If not consciously then sub-consciously. And it may change our relationship,” Kimberley said.

“I thought you’d jump at the opportunity,” Andrea replied.

Kimberley laughed “I thought I would too, Aunty. Can I get back to you at the end of the day?”

A scene that took place later that afternoon?


  1. My, my... Kimberly must have thought she was dreaming. I can see her point though; the relationship she has with Aunty is not unlike the relationship she has with her mother and I'm sure she would never agree to spank her Mum, no matter what.

    Still, a rather delicious fantasy. I wonder if, other than her father, Andrea has ever been spanked by a man?


  2. I have been spanked by men other than my father, but it's not a regular occurrence and it is not a preferred option. It was a pleasant fantasy of Andrew's, though.

  3. Oh my, my dream come true, Aunty over the sexy and warming lap of Kimberley. Wow, amazing and let's hope it comes true!
    Love it

  4. Why does everyone want to spank poor little me?

    1. Perhaps you should blame Seegee. His discriptions of you in the Spank Shop stories are rather compelling, not to say erotic as well... ;-)


    2. Descriptions. Sorry. Hate spelling errors... :-(


    3. Jst from following your blog, reading about you being over Kimberley's lap is well amazing.

  5. Thanks for posting. Really I love reading about you dishing it out mostly....but hey, to hear your description of getting a spanking would be wonderful.That's why I thought you should pen it.