Friday, 7 September 2012

A spanking from Mum's friend - a memory

Hello to you all! I do apologise for the lack of posts recently. We've had perfectly horrid weather and it makes me rather tired and lethargic.

I have the 3rd of Alan's trilogy of teenage memories. I do hope you all enjoy it.

Genevieve gives her naughty student some 'English education'.

I was seventeen years old, and my mother’s best friend was also my English teacher. Before my final exam before entering university; Genevieve, suggested to my mother that she should take me for a vacation for ten days at  her home to prepare for my final exam.

"I will work with him and revise his English, he will receive from me good education and preparation for his exams," she said, and with a smile specified that she would not hesitate to use the best ‘English education’ to make me work!

I boarded with Genevieve vacation two weeks. On the first day Genevieve gave me several English texts to prepare versions of, all went well. After lunch, she gave me a long list of irregular verbs to learn, and told me that later in the afternoon, she would question me on them. For two hours, I read through the work, but did not really apply myself.

Late in the afternoon, she asked me about the verbs. We were in her office, and she asked me about the verbs sometimes in French, sometimes in English, and I had to write the answers in English on a sheet that I returned to her. My results were dismal ... Genevieve explained to me that I had to organize my work, specially concerning irregular verbs, and she gave me twenty minutes to review the verbs again before she asked me again. Twenty minutes later, the results were better, but still not enough to satisfy Genevieve.

"I told your parents that I would give you a good English education to prepare you for your final exam in a few months, but as you do not work hard enough, I'll have to also use ‘English education’ to make you work. Come to me!"

Gevevieve rose, locked the window of her office, drew the curtains, took her chair and put it in the middle of the room, and sat down. Genevieve pushed her skirt over her thighs, and said.

"Do you know what I mean by English education?"

"No ma'am," I replied.
"It is education that is used to punish bad students,  whatever their age!" Genevieve told me.

My mouth dropped open.

"And do you know how I will punish you?" she asked.

I could not answer.

"I'll give you a good spanking like a child. Pull  down your pants, your underwear, and down over my knees, then I'll spank you!"

"But Madame, I am seventeen years old. and I'm too old to be spanked," I protested.

"I do not think so! Hurry up and undress, child! And stay in position, you will not leave this room until I have given you a good spanking and stinging hot bottom!"

I did not obey quickly enough, and Genevieve pulled me by the waistband of my pants, she unbuttoned my pants, and then taking me by the arm, and made me look down on her knees. So I wouldn’t lose balance, I stood with both hands to the chair legs, after all it was only the third spanking that I would receive. T least this time there were no witnesses, and luckily  my honor was saved  I just had to prepare my backside, shiver and wait, but nothing happened, no slap fell.

"I said trousers and underpants down!” Genevieve scolded. “Raise up off my thighs as I drop your pants! Hurry up! Do not waste time!"

Genevieve was therefore determined to give me a spanking on my bare bottom, as Miss Josette and Mrs. B. few years earlier had done, so I had to obey. I lifted my belly, and to my dismay and also to my great shame, Genevieve lowered my trousers just below my bottom, and I lay down again on her thighs, but it was not finished because once I was lying face down, Genevieve pulled my underpants to my knees, wasting no time, Genevieve began to spank me, slaps fell and bounced on my bare bottom, left buttock, right buttock, and I uttered cries of surprise and pain. Over recent years, I had forgotten how spanking could be painful and humiliating. After a long series of slaps, Genevieve stopped and commented on the usefulness of working, revising and seriously bet that even in a few years I would thank her for  spanking me. As my behind began to heat up, I took advantage of these breaks to try and massage my aching rear, but Genevieve took my wrists and my hands and held them in the small of my back, and continued to spank me, left buttock, right buttock, left buttock, left buttock, right buttock, left buttock ... as if it would never stop ... my butt under the slaps, my buttocks were burning ...  the spanking hurt me very badly, and when Genevieve finally stopped, it was a good time, because I was going to cry.

"You can lift up now! Tomorrow before starting the revisions, I'll give you another spanking so you do not lose the good habits!"

I got up, protecting my privacy with both hands, forgetting to massage my red, hot rear, to the amusement of Genevieve.

The next morning when I came down for breakfast, Genevieve reminded me that she had to give me a good spanking to start my work day. I knew she was also determined and inflexible, so I lowered my pajama pants, laid over her knees and her hard hand spanked me, a good long spanking, snapping, stinging, hurting and burning. Her slaps fell on my bare buttocks, the right one, the left one, without stopping, bouncing on each other bare buttocks, and the entire time that Genevieve spanked me, I could think about the need to work seriously as her hard hand would never be tired because she spanked me with the same energy as the day before, and my bottom could not take this treatment for two weeks.

There were no more spankings with Genevieve, and I passed my final exam with a good average.


  1. Just an excellant read on a stormy Saturday, well done and nice pics, very lucky man to have a lady to assist him with a nice otk spanking for his education.
    Thanks Aunty

  2. I agree Ron, Alan was a very lucky young man.

  3. I was looking forward to this, and it didn't disapoint!

  4. I'm glad that what you were looking forward to QBuzz did not disappoint. We aim to please here at the Spank Shop.

  5. At 17, I did have a very nice maths teacher whom gave me extra tuition. If only...

  6. Did the extra tuition include a paddling, though Malcolm?