Friday, 21 September 2012

Kute Katy

I've got a million and one things to do before I go off on holiday and one of those things is to post September's spankee of the month.

I have to confess to being a little disappointed with the lack of response to my call for suggestions for this 'honour'. I do have some wonderful followers who did mail me and give me options, but many didn't and that makes Aunty a little sad. Hopefully we can do a little better in October. Otherwise Kimberley may have to book a few people in for a visit to my parlour.

The best and most apt suggestion and probably the one that fitted with this blog came from Smuccatelli. He discovered this picture of pop starlet Katy Perry and that got his mind going in the right direction.

Maybe she should have opted for a one piece or a slightly more secure bikini bottom. It's a very nice bottom, although it's the wrong colour as far as I am concerned.

I hadn't previously considered Miss Perry, but once the suggestion was made I knew I was onto a winner.

Katy probably needs to be spanked for a few reasons, of late she's taken to this look

It's sweet and rather retro. It reminds me of one of my favourites in Dita Von Teese. Oh what an image that is, Miss Dita with her young protege Katy over her lap, painting the younger girl's bottom the same shade of red as her lipstick.

She made a mistake with her first marriage to a man who is best known as a professional idiot, maybe if someone had taken her in hand and over the lap that may not have happened.

Crimes to hair are another reason.

I'm not sure why anyone, especially someone who is seen as a role model to many impressionable young women would think this hair colour was a good idea. I know if I'd brought this home when growing up my red bottom would have contrasted with my newly blue hair.

Before adopting a rather sweeter, more demure public image Katy used to appear in shots like this one.

She's a pretty girl, but I do worry about the message this sends out, especially as her target audience tends to be pre teen and early teem girls.

I'll leave you with these images and you can think of your own ways to punish young Katy.

Hugs and kisses,
Aunty Andrea.

Kimberley, Gabrielle and the rest of the gang will be back in early October.


  1. Thanks for using my suggestion, Aunty. Never let it be said that I'm lax in looking for spankable bottoms.

    And Katy over Dita von Teese's lap is a perfectly wonderful fantasy. Unless it's Katy's lovely bottom staring up at me from MY lap. That would be a lot better... (;-p


  2. GReat choice and let's hope more to come, I have a few in mind but was hoping to read others but this lady is hot and well done!

  3. I'm sorry I didn't vote, Aunty :(

    I will next time, I promise.

    Thank you for the lovely post and pictures - I think Katy would make a wonderful spankee! A kicking, squealing, demonstrative little brat of a spankee... not that it takes one to know one or anything.

  4. Thank you for this choice, Aunty. Katy has a lovely, snow white, spankable bottom which a few minutes over your lap, knickers down would undoubtedly sort out.

    I think I did send you at least one suggestion which I hope you'll consider for the October Spankee??!!

    Thanks, Aunty

  5. Hope you had a nice holiday. Welcome back, we missed you. Now get behind that keyboard and fill our minds with lovely images!!!!


  6. Well I'm rather new here so not real sure where to post my nomination for the October spankee of the month. I feel this may not be a very popular or world wide necognized person either. So, my nominee is Kimberley Susan. I even believe that I saw Aunty express in a post some time back the same feeling that have. She is just way overdue.

  7. @Sophie, I do remember your suggestion, darling, it's still there.
    @Mark, young Kimberley was both shocked and flattered by your suggestion. Thank you for nominating her, although she's a little less impressed. She knows that if she wins she gets spanked for real, because I can.

  8. Dear Aunty Ardrea,

    I wasn't aware of the "for real" part, even so I'll stand by my nomination. Sorry Kimberley.