Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sunburn or spanking for Sylvie? - a memory

Alan has provided me with another memory of a very hot summer afternoon spent with his bratty little bride Sylvie. Please enjoy.

What happened to Sylvie : spanking or sunburn for her bum?

The next summer, Sylvie (my partner) was in aparticularly capricious temper during a car ride to her parents, she even pinched my shoulder while we were at a red light.  At the door of her parents apartment she kicked my calf. We entered the apartment with Sylvie’s keys and shut the door behind us. I put the luggage on the floor, closed the door to the hallway and asked “Is anyone there?”

 "Why do you ask if there is someone here? You know that my parents and my sister Odile are working and will be back in two hours … there are you and I … that’s all.”

"As we are both alone, you and I, we'll have a little explanation, I think your pretty butt will have a long talk with the palm of my hand!"

"My darling, your spanking does not impress me at all! just gritting teeth, tightening buttocks, kicking legs and waiting until the storm has passed," Sylvie teased.

"Oh so they do not impress you, I'm going to change the rules now!"

“What do you mean?  I'm worried ... I do not like your smile ... "

 “You are right to be worried … Look at what you did to me!”

"I'm sorry, I was angry, I do not do it again, I'll be good, I promise."
 "I ​​too am angr,y and I do not regret what I am going to do on your buttocks. I have bruises, you are going to get a red bottom!"
I took a chair from the dining room, I put it in the middle of the room and sat down.

“Approach, lift your dress up and lay over my knees.”

 “You just have to do it yourself!” Sylvie said defiantly.

I stood up, took a few steps, caught Sylvie by the wrist, sat down, pulled Sylvie by arms on one side and by the hips of the other, she fell forward, flat on my thighs , Sylvie put her  hands flat on the carpet to balance herself, and once properly installed grabbed the legs of the chair with both hands. I rolled up her summer dress, under which Sylvie wore a thin sticky summer special "fake tan". I grabbed the sticky belt, pulled it down and discovered with a big surprise that Sylvie was wearing a sticky-panties, without cotton or nylon panties underneath.

“What are you doing? You never did this  before!” Sylvie squealed.

“I think that your pantyhose and panties don't offer any protection, so I can  just pull them down!”

and her bare buttocks appeared !!!

“Oh no, you can hurt me …”

“Bare ass as a naughty big brat! I promised you. You'll regret having such a saucy derriere, my dear.”

Sylvie knew that I was not joking, she shook her buttocks so hard her chubby slit was so reduced to the point that I could not even slip a finger inside. I raised my right hand and smacked it down with force and momentum on one buttock and then the other. Sylvie screamed "you're hurting me" and instinctively withdrew her calves to her thighs, I stopped for a few seconds, looked at the bare buttocks of my dear and loving bride, on each buttock appeared the five fingers of my hand …  I lifted my right hand again, and slapped it down on one buttock and then the other, the mark of my hand grew redder on her backside.


Marks on spanked bare buttocks

Sylvie screamed again, folded her legs to her  thighs, but loosened her buttocks. I raised my right hand and cracked it down across each buttock twenty times. Sylvie did not cry any more, but sobbed, kicking her legs under the slaps. Every slap slammed in the dining room, during the July heat, while the shutters were closed, but the window opened, on the first floor of a building overlooking the main street. I stopped the spanking after twenty slaps on each buttock and I saw that the bare cheeks blushed scarlet and hot.  Sylvie remained laying over my lap for long minutes, buttocks in the air in the heat of the dining room before standing up, leaving the room, red cheeks, red buttocks and red eyes shining with tears.
She went to her bedroom, and I went into the bathroom to fetch the ointment for bruising. Sylvia entered the bathroom a few minutes later and poured cold water in the bidet. When the bidet was filled, Sylvie tucked up her dress, rolled her pantyhose down to her knees and sat bare buttocks in the bidet filled with cold water.

"Your hands are so hard. This is the worst spanking I  have ever received, I should ask for damages."

"You have witnesses?"

"My hot sore buttocks are my witnesses."

I left the bathroom and after several minutes, Sylvie joined me in the dining room, took off her pantyhose and put on cotton pants, wincing and groaning.

"I ​​cannot stay like this until tonight, I cannot sit because it hurts my bottom, you must care for me."

We went into the bed room where Sylvie laid down on the bed, dress up, panties down and  buttocks bare, she handed me a jar of skin cream and asked me to apply it generously on her rump. While I took care Sylvie, she was biting the pillow and groaning in pain.

Summer holidays were just beginning and Sylvie already had a nicely sunburned bum!


spanking or sunburn for her bum ???


  1. Wow, nice story, hot and terrific spanking, well done.
    Thank you Aunty

  2. Yes, it wasn't just the weather that was hot.