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Watch your mouth! - Guest fiction

I know many of you have enjoyed Esskay's sterling work on my blog, and I am honoured that he graces us with his stories. He is a very talented writer and does wonderful scenes of domestic harmony through spanking. The story I'm presenting today is, I think, one of his finest and I am sure that many of you will agree with that.

Not a woman to be argued with, especially with that hairbrush in hand.

      Karen and Jerry were an unlikely couple; when they announced they were getting married many of their mutual friends were shocked. Karen had just turned 40 and was dealing with the realization that her life was not going to be as she had always envisioned it with marriage to a man close to her age and a couple of kids.

Jerry was 16 years her senior -- he had been divorced after an almost 30 year marriage that was good for most of the time but had run out of gas in the last few years.

     They had met at a service club in their small town near Buffalo. Jerry had risen through the ranks and was the Executive VP for a local trucking company, while Karen was the Executive Director of a non-profit social agency that was one of the primary beneficiaries of money raised by the service club. Other members of the club did not even know the two had been dating, and the news they were serious enough to get married came as a complete surprise.

      To the further surprise of most people, the marriage had gone very well in its first six months with only a single point of contention. Karen had a greater than normal distaste for the usage of profanity, and using profanity was a frequent failing of Jerry’s.

      Karen’s maternal grandfather had been a minister, and her mother had grown up in a household where the use of profanity simply never occurred. With that kind of upbringing, Karen’s mother was very strict about profanity with her own children, and there were about a dozen words that would result in an immediate spanking and mouth-soaping for Karen or her two brothers. Karen had herself been spanked only a couple of times for any reason as a child, but she saw her brothers with tear-streaked faces and soapy mouths on many occasions.

      Jerry was not a highly educated man, but he was intelligent with an engaging personality and lots of ambition. After a stint in the Navy, he started a career as a truck driver, and rose through the company to become Exec VP before the age of 40. His use of salty language continued in many of his daily dealings with drivers, and it was an ongoing battle for him to watch his language when representing the company in the community, or dealing with customers.

      Karen and Jerry had discussed his use of profanity as far back as their second date, and he truly was making an honest effort to moderate his language. He did love his new wife, and wanted to make her as happy as he could, and he understood how important the subject was to her. But he failed in his efforts all too often, and it seemed that at least once a week since the wedding, he had apologized to her about it and promised to be better. She had once told him about her upbringing and all the spankings that took place because of profanity, and he had said that it probably was a very good thing he didn’t grow up in her house.

      “Watch out, though,” she said to him. “Cut out the swearing or maybe I’ll end up spanking you.”

      It was meant to be funny, and they both laughed a bit. Jerry forgot the comment quickly, but Karen never did.

       It was “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving. Karen had developed a habit of going out early on Black Friday to get some of the door buster sales stores used to hype the day. Jerry never had done it, but had seen Black Friday shopping on TV newscasts in prior years, and he decided to join his wife to help her secure some of the bargains.

      The couple set an alarm for 3AM, to make sure they would get places near the front of the line at Best Buy. They were each to run to different parts of the store to get various items on sale, and when the door opened at 5AM, the crowd surged forward. A couple of line-jumpers tried to get in also, which caused Jerry to scream at them loudly with several profanities. Karen heard them and was upset, but rushed to the smartphone display to get the model she had targeted, before the limited quantities were gone.

      It was 6:30 by the time they each had secured the desired merchandise and paid for them. Karen had plotted the agenda for the morning, and wanted to go to a Target a few miles away to pick up more on sale things. The parking lot was crowded, and Jerry had not fully recovered from his early wake-up. He backed his car slowly out of its space, only to hear the screech of brakes, and feel a slight tap as another driver hit his bumper.

      He slammed the car into Park and jumped out, swearing a blue streak at the other driver that represented a new level Karen had never heard. She was afraid he might even get into a physical altercation with the other driver, until she saw the other driver was a woman. That relieved her a bit as she knew he would not attack her, but in Karen’s mind the language he had used was even more offensive since it was directed at a woman. Karen was embarrassed, and very disappointed that yet again her husband had lost control of his emotions and language. She was also very angry at him for his actions –t his was a man who she knew had the will power to quit smoking cold turkey several years before, but he would not focus on controlling his language, even though he knew how important it was to his wife. 

      He got back into the car and she said simply, “Take me home.”

      “Don’t you want to go to Target?” he asked.

      “No,” she said sadly, “Just take me home.”

      “I did it again. I’m sorry,” he said. “That woman had to see my taillights. She wasn’t paying attention.”

      Karen’s emotions were shifting from sadness to anger. “I don’t care about her driving,” she said in a sharp tone. “I care about your behavior. I care about you. I care about our marriage, and your commitment to do what you say. How many times have you told me you were really going to try harder to stop the swearing? You’ve already done it twice this morning, and it’s not even 7 o’clock.”

      “I’m sorry, you’re right,” he said as he pulled into traffic. She had heard that too many times, and the answer made her even angrier.

      “You’re going to get a spanking when we get home,” she told him in a voice so firm that it surprised both of them.

       Not only was Jerry surprised by what he had just heard, Karen herself was taken aback by what she had just said. She was angry enough that for a moment she equated herself and Jerry to her mother and a young brother who had just broken one of Mom’s major rules. But she knew as a manager that once you say something, you have to follow through. Anything less leads to a permanent loss of credibility and respect.

      “Karen, that’s ridiculous,” Jerry said.

      “Do not tell me what is ridiculous,” she shot back. “Your behavior is ridiculous. Your lack of control is ridiculous. You’re acting like an out-of-control 10-year old, and that’s the way you’re going to be treated today.”

      “I’m sorry,” he started to say again, but she cut him off immediately.

      “Don’t even bother to try to tell me how sorry you are. I’ve heard all the words out of your mouth that I need to hear today. Just be quiet and drive home.”

      Jerry wasn’t particularly worried about what awaited him at home, but he understood how upset Karen was and he did what he had been told, driving the rest of the way in complete silence. Karen started to think about what she was going to do when they got home. She had never spanked anyone in her life, and hadn’t been spanked herself or seen a spanking in more than 25 years. But she did own a hairbrush that she felt could deliver serious spanks, and she felt capable of controlling Jerry well enough to make it a meaningful punishment.

      They walked into the house and the husband looked to his wife for directions.

      “Wait there,” she said as she headed towards the bedroom where her brush was on her dressing table. She picked it up, looked closely at its wooden side, swung it twice to get a feel for how she would use it, and then took a deep breath, before returning to the dinette area where she had left Jerry.

      She pulled out one of the chairs and sat down. “Come over here and lower your pants,” she said.

      “Karen, this really is silly,” Jerry said. “I’m 56 years old.”

      “Then act your age,” she replied sharply. “In the meantime, get over here.”

      Jerry sighed, and slowly walked to her. He still was not at all scared of what was going to happen, but he did feel that her spanking him was silly. He loosened his belt and unzipped the jeans he was wearing, allowing them to fall almost to his knees.

     “Lower,” she commanded. “And your shorts, too. Down to your ankles.”

      Jerry did so then took a close look at his wife sitting below him. She had worn a skirt that morning, and her legs and lap actually looked quite sexy, but she was holding her hairbrush in her right hand and pointing to her lap with her left hand.

      And she looked VERY determined.

      Jerry bent down over her, touching the floor with both hands while keeping both feet on the floor. It wasn’t at all comfortable, and his immediate reaction was a bit of fear over losing freedom of movement. He felt her push down on the small of his back with her arm and her left hand went around his side. He still was not worried about the pain he was about to feel, but he knew he had lost control of what would happen in the next few minutes.
      And then it started! The brush landed squarely on his right butt cheek and then quickly on his left. The first few spanks were more shocking than painful, but as the brush continued to descend on spots that it had already visited, the pain started to build to levels Jerry never would have imagined. He tried to squirm around on her lap, only to feel her grip tighten. She spanked in silence, and the only sounds were the thwack of the brush landing on him, and his own involuntary exclamations of “Ouch” and “Ow.”

      One spank hurt quite a bit, and he jerked his head to the right, bringing the clock into his line of sight. Despite the pain, he noticed the time and realized it wasn’t even 7:30 in the morning yet!

      He had completely lost track of how many times she had landed the brush, but the pain he was starting to fell made him think it must have been a hundred or more. (In fact, it was less than half that at that point). Finally, he started to beg her to stop.

      “Please, Karen, please, I’m sorry. Please stop,” he managed to say, and he was pleasantly surprised that she did stop--at least for a while.

      He continued to lay over her knees, trying to catch his breath, and she finally spoke.
      “That’s just the beginning of your punishment,” she said in a calm but strong voice. “Get up and get completely undressed, every stitch. Then get your naughty mouth directly into that corner over there until I’m ready for you.”

      Jerry was disappointed that the punishment wasn’t over, but he knew at this moment she was completely in charge, and he knew that resisting her couldn’t lead to anything good. He undressed as she had ordered, and slowly walked to the corner she had directed him to. He assumed she would rest for a few minutes and then call him back to the chair for more spanks.

      He hadn’t realized she had left the room, but after about three minutes in the corner, he heard her call out from the part of the house where their bedroom was. “Come in here now,” she ordered, and he walked naked towards her.

     As he approached the bedroom, he thought about how remarkable the last hour had been. He had always respected the woman who had become his second wife, but he never had realized how (mentally) strong she was. She had taken him back almost a half-century and made him feel like a naughty little boy who needed to be punished. He had almost lost control of himself while over her knee, and he feared that if she was going to put him back there he could break down and embarrass himself.

      Still, he knew he had wrecked her plans for an enjoyable day of shopping. He felt badly about that, and felt she was entitled to whatever method of retribution she felt appropriate.

      Jerry had forgotten one major element of Karen’s mother’s punishments, but she did not. As he turned the corner to enter their bedroom, he saw her with one foot in the master bathroom. “In here,” she commanded, and as he turned towards the bathroom he saw her holding a washrag -- a soapy washrag.

     “Karen, you can’t….,” he started, but she immediately shut him down with a loud retort of “Quiet!”

      “Open your potty mouth--wide,” she continued, and he did as he was told. She inserted the soapy rag into his mouth and it tasted terrible immediately. She used her fingers inside the rag to spread the wet soapy taste throughout his mouth; he almost gagged but managed to keep his mouth open so she could do all she wanted to. Mercifully, she only kept the rag in his mouth for about ten seconds, but when she took it out his mouth felt soapy all over and it tasted terrible.

      Karen then took a bar of wet soap and told him to open up again. He looked at her with sad eyes, but there was no mercy in her eyes so he did open his mouth again. She inserted the bar and told him to bite down on it.

      “Keep that soap in your mouth and get in the corner by the closet,” she said. “You have more spanks coming, and if that soap isn’t in your mouth when I’m ready for you, you’re going to get fifty extra spanks.”

      Jerry sadly walked towards the corner with the soap firmly in his mouth and took his place there. Now he felt truly miserable and more like a naughty little boy. He thought about Karen’s two brothers and how they had been punished this way when they were young -- how amazed would they be if they knew their punishments were being repeated for him right now.

      He realized he had again lost track of where Karen was. All in the room was quiet and he wondered if she had left the room. He wanted to get the soap out of his mouth for a second so he could put it back in in a way that it wouldn’t touch his tongue. He also wanted to rub his aching butt for a minute, so he moved one of his hands back to touch his backside.
      “Get that hand back!“ he heard, and he immediately did so.

      “No one told you that you could rub your naughty backside,” Karen said in a determined voice. “Keep your dirty mouth pointed straight ahead and keep your hands at your side.”

      He would have said, “Yes, Karen,” but if he did so the soap would have fallen out so he simply nodded weakly.

      After what seemed like an eternity but was only really about five minutes, Karen told him to go to the bathroom and leave the soap there. As he turned to do so, he saw her sitting on the bed with the hairbrush. She had told him that he had more spanks coming so he assumed he was going to go there after he deposited the soap.

      She didn’t even have to say it. As he exited the bathroom he made eye contact with her while she sat on the bed, and her eyes told him he was going back over her knees. A very sad “little boy” quietly walked over to her and meekly took his place.

      His mouth still had that horrible taste and smell throughout it and after several minutes in which his butt cheeks had morphed from sharp pain to dull aching, the new spanks seemed to hurt even worse than the first ones had. Jerry felt completely, totally helpless, and spank after spank after spank added to his utter misery. To his horror, he realized he was close to actually breaking down and crying, which he desperately didn’t want to do. But his eyes started to tear up, and with the pungent odor of soap around his face, his eyes also started to hurt. He managed a couple of phrases like “Please, Karen, please stop, please, I’m sorry,” but she was not yet satisfied that he had really learned his lesson. Only when she heard her husband crying aloud did she think the punishment had been successful enough that it might really make a difference, and she stopped shortly after he started to cry.
      Amazingly, it was just 8 o’clock in the morning.

      Although Karen was satisfied that she had done a good job of what she felt needed to be done, she wasn’t sure what she should do next. Her first choice would have been to leave Jerry alone, and perhaps resume Black Friday shopping, but she felt she needed to be home in case he wanted to talk. She knew their marriage was going to change after today -- she had taken a proud man and reduced him to tears, and she knew that at a minimum he would be tremendously embarrassed by what had happened.

      She told him he could stay in the bedroom while she went into the room they used as an office; he lay down on the bed and eventually dozed off for a short time. He woke and left the bedroom around 10AM and conversation between them was strained but cordial. He suggested they resume shopping for the rest of the day, and they started with lunch at a Denny’s near the local shopping center.

      They shopped for most of the afternoon, making a major dent in their combined Christmas shopping lists. She suggested Red Lobster for dinner knowing that was one of his favorites; he joked that the chain’s logo was probably the same color as his butt. It wasn’t a particularly funny remark, but they both faked a small laugh as both wished to break the tension between them.

      By 9PM, both were exhausted, and they decided to turn in. Jerry washed up first and was on the bed while Karen was in the bathroom. He was deep in thought about the day’s events. He was horribly embarrassed by the fact he had broken down and cried while being spanked. But his admiration of his wife had grown exponentially today. The fact that she had taken such complete control, and had actually been able to get him to regress to feeling like a child was absolutely remarkable in his thinking. He respected strong leadership and among all his wife’s other qualities, she certainly had shown strong leadership today.

      He realized he loved her even more than he did when the day began. She was a remarkable woman and he was lucky to be married to her -- he owed it to her to do everything – everything -- he could to make her happy.

      Karen left the bathroom and got on her side of the bed. She was ready to go straight to sleep, but Jerry was not.

      “I embarrassed myself today,” he said quietly.

      “At 6:30 in the morning, yet,” she replied.

      “No, later when you got me home.”

      “Jerry,” she said, “No, as far as I’m concerned it was your behavior at Best Buy that was embarrassing. So you cried when I spanked you. Big deal. Nobody but me will ever know, and I don’t care. You got a hard spanking and you ended up crying. Most people would. If I got spanked like that -- and don’t even think about that -- I’d cry too. That doesn’t matter.”

      “I love you,” he said.

      “I love you too. But you have to watch your language.”

      “I know I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll really try this time.”

      “Well, at least now you know that you’re not too old to be spanked if you do it again.”

      Jerry looked right at her and paused for a few seconds. He had been thinking about something and wanted to make sure before he said it.
      He was sure.

      “If I’m not too old to be spanked, there’s one other thing I’m not too old for,” he said slowly.

      “What’s that?” she asked.

      “I’m not too old to be a father again.”

      Karen was completely taken aback. Jerry was already a grandfather three times over, and she never imagined for a moment that a second family would be a possibility for him. When she agreed to marry him she had mentally conceded that she would never be a mother. The same woman who twelve hours earlier had been in complete control now couldn’t even think of a response to his statement.

      So Jerry spoke. “You’re 41. With medicine today, you
can safely have a child. You’re not too old. I’m not too old.”

      In the morning, Jerry had cried. Now it was Karen who was crying, but for completely different reasons.

       The twins were born the following October. They never heard their father use profanity. It had taken a few more encounters with Karen’s hairbrush, but he finally learned to watch his language.


  1. Once again Esskay has produced a wonderful story, which could very well have happened. I love reading about strong women who are very feminine but who will not hesitate to put their guy OTK and blister his butt when he gets out of line. How can one not have total respect for such a woman? Thanks for a great story!


  2. I'll bet the twins never used profanity either, or if they did, they got what their father got... ;-)


  3. Thank you for the comments Dave and Phil. This was an excellent story of domestic discipline. I'm sure the twins were very respectful around their mother.

  4. Very well done as always, love the line in part..."you are going to get a spanking when we get home." Love it.

    Great story, thank you.

  5. The words just send a shiver up the spine, don't they?