Friday, 12 October 2012

A naughty sister-in-law - memories

This weekend, Alan tells us the story of his bratty sister-in-law; Odile, and how he handled her.

Sylvie introduced me to her 27 year old sister Odile, and I quickly discovered that Odile was a real "little brat". One day Sylvie told me

"All she deserves is to have a friend who gives her a good spanking skirt up and pants down! Fortunately it does not happen with you, because when I think of the spankings you have given me since we have been together... Luckily my ass is not made out of Limoges porcelain!! "(Sylvie was a native of Limoges!)

"Are you encouraging me to spank your big sister?"

 "If this happened, I do not reproach you two things."

"Would you be jealous? Would you take her defense?"

"Certainly not! Thou art a man to know that there is no solidarity between women when there is risk of spanking, it makes us all laugh, except that which is threatened and finally received. I do not reproach you for not spanking Odile strong enough and long enough!"

"What a program!"

"Above all she has good buttocks!"

"If the opportunity arises, I will remember."

At Christmas that year, Sylvie asked me to fetch Odile, while she remained in Limoges, and helped her parents preparing the meal, knew that I would defend myself if Odile was insolent.

I had to wait an hour for Odile to arrive. I asked her to hurry so that we would be able to join everyone else for dinner with the winter nights coming so early. Odile displayed her lack of manners and made me wait in the lounge, while she locked herself in her room to prepare her travel bag for two days of absence. The first time, while I waited patiently she threw a fashion magazine at me, saying "Try to read this because it will be long!”

Then she came out to ask me for a light for a cigarette, knowing that I did not smoke, so that I possessed neither lighter or matches that did not stop me from telling her "It is not because we do not smoke should not have to fire her maybe future sister!”

She found a lighter in the kitchen and lit her cigarette in the living room, she then gave me from the lighter, saying "Keep it the for next time I need fire!”

I was impatient when Odile finally came out of her room, having changed attire, wearing a dress with a belt formed a chain topped with bells tinkling to the rhythm of her steps, she asked me rudely "My cigarette ... what did you do? I'm sure you've thrown ... I had not even finished ... it's clear that you do not smok,e and you do not buy!”

"Calm down Odile, try for once to be nice to everyone else's Christmas party will be ruined!”

 "If you wanted calmer weekends, you should have chosen another girl without a big sister!”
I stood up, I approached her very closely and said "You're really a brat and I think that Sylvie is right when she says that a good spanking from time to time would do you good!”

She smiled, stood with her arms crossed, staring at me from the stairs, Odile proclaimed "I've got a good pair of buttocks, firm and muscular with jogging and swimming, and you do not scare me! You might even have sore hands before you hurt my butt!”

Too late and bad for her ... proud and arrogant as she was, I was sure that this ‘shrew’ would not brag about what was going to happen to her. I walked up to her,  grabbed her waist, leaned forward and loaded  her like a bag over my shoulder. Odile showed her displeasure by kicking her legs, hitting me on the shoulder. I picked up a chair, I pulled it into the middle of the room, took Odile off my shoulder, without giving her time to put her feet on the ground and escape. With the girl bent under my arm, I sat down and laid my dear future sister’s flat stomach across my lap, where she found the head on the left, legs on the right, and I pinned the thighs with my other arm. 

"For you my dear, I will not content myself with a small spanking.  I will show you that it is not too late to get a good bare ass spanking! '

 A young lady is never too old for a good bare buttocks spanking!

Odile squirmed in all directions, guessing what awaited, kicked her legs, trying to protect her bottom by putting both hands to the back of her dress, jingling bells I took advantage of her wrists in this position, and pushed her hands up the small of her back. I pulled her dress up over her hips, and discovered with surprise that Odile was much more naughty than Sylvie because she was wearing black stockings, a garter belt and black panties. She struggled and screamed blue murder. I pulled the panties which hid so little of her buttocks down, but the elastic belt caught in the suspenders which meant that they did not even fall to mid thigh.

"It is true that you have a good pair of buttocks!”

Are you regretting  having been blessed with such generous buttocks?

"If you do this, you'll pay for it. I'll scratch your eye out, no one ever has ever done this to me and undressed me like this!”

Buttocks generously offered up, I took my time to admire them, and test their firmness. Odile clenched her buttocks, abandoned all resistance, and her legs strained to keep her heels planted on the floor. My hand rose up and slapped the right buttock, then smacked the left buttock, getting two "ouches" from Odile. Encouraged by this, and knowing what was to come, I spanked for several minutes delivering hard spanks, burning first one buttock then the other, deaf to the cries of the owner, her ouches and the slaps making noise in the room, the bells on her dress ringing and the decorations on her belt rattled.

Odile squirmed in all directions under the slaps bouncing off her firm scarlet bottom. She sobbed, my palm slowed, and I considered that she been spanked enough. I pushed Odile off my knees, and she knelt on the carpet, dress above her waist, crying tears, her makeup ruined. I advised her to dry her tears, to restore order in her outfit because we had to drive to join the family.

Odile rushed to her room. I waited a bit, but not too long this time. She reappeared with red eyes, wearing a coat and a small travel bag in her hand. Odile sat in the car, and let out a small cry of pain as she sat.

I told her sternly "I hope that this spanking will be a good lesson for you, because next time I will spank you with your skirt up and panties down in front your mother, sister and your cousins ​​all gathered."
Odile never bothered me or Sylvie again. She is now married ... she is still rude to others, but not Sylvie or I. I do not think her husband has ever taken control of her with the flat of his hand!


  1. Lovely ma'am, nice story and nice way to start the weekend with a nice spanking story. Thank you.

  2. My, my, these French girls get up to all kinds of mischief...


  3. Thank you Ron,
    Phil, I'm not sure if it's French girls in general or just the one Alan knows.

    1. Either way, Alan's a lucky man... ;-)