Thursday, 11 October 2012

A new artist

Just recently one of my followers and contributors alerted me to an artist who goes by the name of Drooaygah. I had not previously been aware of his work, although it is of quite a high quality. Phil is quite a fan and as a bit of a tribute photoshopped one of his pieces and added in some text of his own. I thought it would be a bit of fun on a Friday, and no doubt it stirs up memories in some of you.


  1. Pretty much all of Droo's work is X/f and, while it is excellent, it's a bit frustrating for me. This one seemed ideal for a little "alteration".

    Readers can check out his work on HandPrints. He has four different galleries of his work and many others in the "various artists" galleries.

    Thanks, Aunty.


  2. Very much so Aunty, many memories, amazing. Thank you for the treat and for blasting my brain back to growing up, wow, aunts and neices and neighbors and of course mom, some stirring memories.

  3. I hadn't realised he was on Hand Prints, Phil. I didn't even know Hand Prints was still active. I think you did a wonderful job altering the picture to suit yourself, though.
    I thought this may bring back some memories for you, Ron, especially knowing how you grew up, dear.

  4. Drooaygah is a brilliant storyteller /Artist
    he is by far the highest caliber artist of his genere