Friday, 26 October 2012

A paddled Princess

Well here we are at the end of another month, and I think you all know what means. Yes, it's time for this month's celebrity spankee as voted for by you my readers (Aunty would like more people to vote, please don't be shy, but we can't have everything). This month's choice surprises me. Mainly because I adore the girl and don't know why anyone would want to spank her, then again Penny (from Naughty Little Writer) doesn't know why I want Maria Sharapova spanked so badly, so there you have it. Without further ado I present October's Spanked Celebrity of the month:

Yes HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate!

I'm as shocked as anyone. However young Sophie (in fact she wanted Kate, her sister Pippa and their mother Caroline spanked) voted for it as did Richard. Sophie sited general behaviour as her reason and Richard came up with the recent topless photos scandal.

I'd like to say a few words about those pictures. The only person involved in that incident who, in my opinion, needs their bottom spanked (preferably birched) is the creature that calls herself a photographer. Kate decided, rather naively, to sunbathe in the nude. It was not like she was disrobing on a public beach or taking off her clothes in front of a crowd. She was with her husband, in a private house owned by friends, and the 'photographer' had to use a powerful lens to get the pictures from the roadside nearly a kilometre away! Disgraceful behaviour and I hope the Royal Family sue the lady responsible and the publication she works for.

One of the tabloids that published the licentious photographs and Kate's possible reaction.

I won't say that I haven't thought of reddening Kate's delightful bottom over my knee and seeing how loudly she may shriek when I put my brush to those delightful globes, but I tend to see her as more of a spanker than a spankee, and in fact there have been a few articles in The Glowing Globes Gazette by Debbie Downunder that suggest Kate is indeed on the other side of the brush.

I'm sure pictures like this

fuel people's imaginations. I don't know why, but there is something undeniably sexy about the girl. Of course when I find someone sexy I usually soon start to wonder about spanking them. Possibly that's what's happening with young Kate.

I leave you with a picture of her on the happiest day of her life, and on the day when she became so well known to so many of us outside of the UK.

Aunty XXX

I hope to hear from a few more of you in November and make that month's young lady really representative of you all.


  1. Aunty,

    Amazing, what a great choice, she is one of the classiest, lovely and beautiful ladies in this world right now. Such poise and beauty, natural beauty and one that no doubt has been bottom up over a caring knee many times.

    While I can easily see her with a brush in her hand warming a naughty bottom, she to me is made to be spanked by Aunty. Story coming?

    Great choice of a true beauty and very hot lady!

  2. Aunty, really, you can't go around spanking royalty. That's treason ,so to the tower with you. Off with her head I hear the crowd cry.

  3. Aunty put Princess Kate over your lap for a good hiding with your trusty brush ,make it one of your new stories please? That would be awesome!!!!.Do it for me please Aunty Andrea? .

  4. Aunty,
    I'm sure you'll recall my mentioning the lovely Kate in the context of getting a spanking (related to the topless pics) and you, of course, disagreeing. I concurred with your outrage against the photographer. Also, I concur with you and Ron about her loveliness and classiness. There's something enormously appealing about her. Having said that, I can see her as both spankee and spanker, perhaps, in a few years time, of her own children since I understand she's expecting. Of course, at least according to rumor, William's late mother wasn't particularly shy about swatting William and Harry's behinds when she thought they needed it.

    If she is to get her bottom spanked, I hope she gets the full Spank Shop experience, perhaps with Kimberly and Gabrielle's assistance holding her in place... ;-)

  5. That is a surprising choice! But I have to agree (with humble apologies to my future Queen) that Kate would make a very sexy spankee. And a very sexy spanker, too, of course! I bet a telling-off in that lovely accent would be spine-tingling.

  6. Thank you all for commenting. She is a surprising choice, but absolutely delightful all the same. When I first started this series I did say that one lucky lady would be selected for a visit to the Spank Shop which I would write up. So far young Kate is, to use a horse racing term, leading by the length of the straight.

  7. dearest Andrea,

    I'm afraid I'm on your side with hoping the the photographer gets her comuppance, physically as well as fiscally. It seems to me that Kate has suffered and unduly as well - but perhaps a sound spanking will help her put the entire incident behind her.


  8. John thank you for the comment. There have been some more noises about the magazine and the photographer being acted against, so hopefully this sort of thing will not recurr.

  9. Oh, thank you Aunty for confirming my nomination for spankee of the month. And I do hope that you will write a story about Kate's spanking...and perhaps you might include a spanking for her sister, Pippa,and her mother, Carol, at the same time? PLEASE.

    Sophie c

  10. Sophie, you are quite welcome, darling. We've seen Pippa spanked here, not all that long ago when Debbie wrote an article about a recent conversation with Kate. As for Carol Middleton, I'm rather undecided there. I don't know a lot about the lady, but as a mother I tend to feel she should be the one giving the spankings, not receiving them.

  11. Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeases Aunty

    Carol Middleton has long been a social climber and now she's playing at being the Lady of the Manor. Please put her over your knee and show her that even the mother of a future queen is not too grand to be upended, have her knickers lowered and get her 'uppitty' bottom soundly spanked. Please, Aunty.

    Sophie x

  12. Sophie, whining and begging is not a very attractive trait young lady, and with me is only likely to get you a ticket on the Overlap Express to Red Bottom Station.
    I do know that the Middleton girls and their mother were considered social climbers. I've heard the Wisteria Sisters nickname, too. Kate, however, has been the very model of a gracious and elegant princess ever since she married. Perhaps Kate should take both her mother and her sister over her knee. Maybe you could even write this Sophie, if you'd like to accept the challenge, darling.