Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thank You Bonnie!

It seems to have become Bonnie appreciation day today, so I'm adding my voice to the chorus. Bonnie for those who do not know is the webmistress and host of My Bottom Smarts. My Bottom Smarts is a blog that inspired many of us, me amongst them. She continues to work tirelessly promoting and encouraging bloggers. So please join me in thanking Bonnie and supporting her endeavours.

I'm going to post a picture from Spanking Sorority Girls, which I think Bonnie would appreciate, in honour of the day.


  1. Happy Bonnie Appreciation Days! :)

  2. Happy Bonnie Appreciation Day! I am linking your post to my comprehensive guestbook so we can all read each others' stories about Bonnie. I interviewed her for my Monday Morning Fika, and so many people said thanks to her that Mr BB and I decided to make it BAD.

  3. Bonnie is wonderful as is your tribute and nice photo!
    Thanks Bonnie and Aunty

  4. Thank you, Aunty! Actually, I was in a sorority and have the paddle. It still works. :)


  5. Thank you for the comments, and welcome to the Spank Shop to all our new guests. I think we'd all love to hear stories about Bonnie's paddle and the uses to which it is put.