Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The perils of gambling

In this sexy little tale Alan tells us about the results of making a sucker bet.

In the early 1990s, reading a medical article on HIV, Sylvie felt she had been lucky to have known the happy time of sexual freedom when we did not to have to use condoms to protect ourselves. She greeted me with a mischievous smile and a pout, then told me she would to try a condom at least once, to know the effects.

"I bet you would not dare go into a drugstore to buy a box of condoms."

“And what are you willing to bet?” I asked her.

“That you will not do it, and you take me out to dinner!”

 “If I buy a  box of condoms in a pharmacy, what is your pledge?”

“I see you coming!” Sylvie squealed. “I'll buy you ... not dinner ... I make less money than you …it's not like my buttocks or I'd be richer than you say ... if you win , you give me the spanking when we were newlyweds ... a good little spanking skirt up and panties down like when we were younger!”

“After all it’s your buttocks at stake. Why not? How do I have?”

“A week.  You are not to buy more in my presence, and I will fulfill my pledge the following week.”

my buttocks are better padded than my wallet

Some days later, I bought a box of condoms. Another week went by.

The following week, one evening after diner, I recalled the challenge to Sylvie and the agreement made ​​between us. She had lost and her buttocks had to pay the price! Without waiting, she led me into our bedroom, and while I seated myself on the edge of the bed, Sylvie lowered her skirt, then took off her shoes. Then she came to me wearing only her blouse and pantyhose covering her panties. With a nod of my head, I showed her to lie across my knees. Sylvie lowered her panties just below her buttocks before taking position comfortably, her chest pressed against the bed, her hips on one of my thighs, her naked buttocks raised up.

Buttocks contracted, she was waiting …

I lifted her hips a little. Foreseeing the result, Sylvie contracted her buttocks. The spanking was about to begin. I twirled my hand on her rump, making her jump. The globes bounced, igniting under a dozen stinging slaps. With the fast pace of my slaps, no interval between them, that spanking was certainly the fastest that Sylvie had received and equally as effective. Soon bright color lit up her pretty rump.

My wife got up and kneaded her buttocks with both hands, making the comment:

"I see you have not lost your touch and know that you will punish me if I deserve it. It is still fun, exciting and bitter to receive a bare bottom spanking. I also see that it still excites you as much spanking a naughty big girl”

She opened the condom package, and read the instructions out loud stating that condoms could be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

“Now that I've paid my debt game, we could try that."


  1. Lovely story and nice retro pictures that really fit the time when you couldn't just hide a packet of condoms under the lettuce in your grocery basket.

  2. Nice story, but the ending is pretty predictable (no pun intended). I like the part where she wants to try out the condom (and the implication at least)that she might want it in the ass...


  3. Lovely story and just a hot bottom and a hot ending, well done.
    Thank you,

  4. It's a cute little story, and I think Alan found some excellent pictures to accompany it.

    1. I especially like the one with the lovely (but apparently retired) Jennifer Brooks. Always liked her as a spankee, but she was an excellent spanker too.