Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Spank Shop: Kimberley & Andrea

Seegee has been at it again! Once again my humble establishment has provided fodder for that very active pen. There's not a lot more I can say about this one, hopefully it will give you all food for thought.
Much love,
Aunty Andrea

From Firmhand Spanking. Andrea contemplates her fate.

From Perfect Spanking, now whose glowing globes are these?

From Spanked Call Girls. It always hurts to sit after a good spanking.

Kimberley Kennedy slipped inside the door of the Spank Shop and let it close behind her. She shivered, it was a cool morning and she needed to warm up. She immediately set to laying a fire in the reception area’s fireplace, and had soon kindled a cheery little blaze. Coffee was her next thought, she needed a nice hot cup of coffee before she checked the morning schedule and settled into her working day.

The blonde eighteen year old was just about to go through to the shop’s kitchen, when she thought about her employer; Andrea Mahony. Ordinarily the chestnut haired beauty would have poked her head out of her parlour, asked Kimberley how she was and for a copy of the morning schedule, so she knew what to expect for the next few hours. However this chilly morning there had been neither hide nor hair of the Spank Shop’s elegant proprietress. Kimberley decided to check the parlour, and see if Miss Andrea wanted coffee.

“Enter,” a tired voice came from behind the door at Kimberley’s gentle knock.

Andrea was slumped in her armchair by the fire, she was still in her nightgown, and looked decidedly worse for wear. She was pale and there were dark circles under her eyes. Her normally vibrant wavy hair was limp and unwashed. Kimberley was, to be frank, shocked. It was unlike the sophisticated woman to be unwashed and undressed, even at this time of the morning, on a working day.

“Are you all right ma’am?” the teenager asked, the concern in her voice mirrored in her cornflower blue eyes.

Andrea nodded weakly “Yes, dear. I just had a rather heavy night.”

Kimberley frowned, and then she remembered that her employer had a night out with friends planned for the previous evening. “Too much to eat?” she inquired impishly.

Andrea sighed, and her green eyes flashed quickly “Drink, darling.”

“You’re hungover?” Kimberley asked.

Andrea nodded gently.

“Maybe Mum and I should handle things today,” the girl suggested.

“Do you mind?”

Kimberley shrugged “Mum will probably make a comment or two, and I’ll have to do some creative booking, but I think we can manage, Miss.”

“You’re an angel, Kim,” Andrea said gratefully, then asked. “Is my car in the driveway?”
“Yes,” Kimberley replied with another frown.

“Oh thank goodness!” Andrea exclaimed. “I thought I may have left it at the bar.”

“You drove home?” Kimberley asked, her eyebrows climbing into her hair.

Andrea nodded again, and closed her eyes briefly.

“And you were drunk?”

“I had enjoyed a few drinks with friends, young lady,” Andrea replied in a tone that held more than a hint of reprimand.

Kimberley’s lips compressed into a tight line, but she held her initial response back, instead suggesting “Why don’t you go upstairs and get into bed. I’ll bring you up some tea and toast.”

“Oh Kimberley!” Andrea exclaimed, rising slowly. “Heaven must be missing an angel, darling. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, sweetness.”

“Neither do I,” the girl muttered darkly, as she left the room, and headed for the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast for Andrea’s upset stomach.

After Andrea had drunk the tea and nibbled on the toast, she lay down and fell into quite a sound sleep. The noises of bottoms being smacked, and the recipients reactions from downstairs did occasionally disturb her rest, but other than that Andrea was unaware of anything beyond her bed.

The late afternoon sun was streaming in through the window when Andrea did awaken fully. She blinked at the light, but had to admit she felt much better than she had that morning. Her stomach no longer felt as if it was going to leap up through her throat, and the pounding headache she had been suffering from in the morning was also gone.

Andrea threw a dressing gown on over the negligee she had gone to bed in, donned a pair of warm, fluffy slippers and padded downstairs.

Kimberley Kennedy sat in Andrea’s armchair by the fire. The girl was reading, and a steaming cup of tea was on the table next to the chair.

The blonde teenager looked up as Andrea entered, and lay her book cover up down on the table next by the chair. Andrea narrowed her eyes to look at it, and was a little disappointed to note it was that Fifty Shades thing that everyone seemed to be speaking about. “Good afternoon, Miss Andrea,” said Kimberley brightly.

“Kimberley,” Andrea returned the greeting. “What time is it, dear?”

The girl’s eyes flicked to the clock on the mantel, and she replied “It’s just gone five.”

“Busy day?” Andrea asked.

Kimberley sipped her tea, and inclined her head “Not too bad. Mum and I had to take turns in reception, she groused about that,” the girl laughed lightly. “We got through it okay, though. The Hirst girl has a really tough backside. She didn’t start crying until I put the tawse to her. We had the Harper triplets too, the mischief those three get up to,” Kimberley smiled at the memory.

“I’m terribly sorry to have put you to all that trouble, darling,” Andrea apologized.

“It wasn’t really trouble,” Kimberley beamed. “I kind of enjoyed it.”

“Is that tea still hot?” Andrea asked. “I’d love a cup.”

“Oh yes, I just made it fresh.”

Andrea settled onto the couch with her tea, and inhaled the steam blissfully before sipping.

Kimberley regarded her employer, and said firmly “I did want to discuss last night with you, ma’am.”

“Oh?” Andrea asked, setting her tea aside, and raising an eyebrow.

“You said this morning that you drove to and from the restaurant last night,” Kimberley said.

“I did,” Andrea confirmed, wondering what Kimberley was getting at.

“You had too much to drink, right? That’s why you were hungover this morning.”

“That’s generally why one gets a hangover, Kimmy.”

“So you got in your car and drove it home even though you were drunk?” Kimberley pressed.

Andrea sighed “Kim, the restaurant isn’t far. I could drive it blindfolded, and I was hardly going to walk home. It was a chilly night.”

“None of that is the point, ma’am,” Kimberley said, keeping her tone and words respectful, although she was clearly annoyed. “You could have taken a cab.”

“And what was I supposed to do with the car?” Andrea shot back, becoming irritated at the girl’s persistent questioning and scolding.

Kimberley shrugged “Leave it there, and pick it up in the morning. I know Evan’s done that if he’s been drinking. You could have had an accident, or been picked up by the police, after all driving when over the limit is illegal, ma’am.”

Andrea loved Kimberley, but she was not about to be lectured to by a girl who was young enough to be her daughter, regarding right and wrong. “Kimberley Susan,” she said firmly, using the girl’s two first names to cow her a little. “I am aware of the road rules, young lady. I did not have an accident, nor was I stopped by the police.”

“I know that Miss Andrea,” Kimberley replied, sipping her tea, and refusing to let the use of her full name, or her employer’s tone distract her from her point. “If you had been picked up then it would have been very embarrassing for you and the shop, imagine if it had been Constable Wheeler who did it and what sort of a situation that would have put her in,” Andrea opened her mouth to speak but Kimberley was on a roll and she was not about to be interrupted. “An accident would have been even worse. You would have been at fault, you know. Damage would be very bad, but what if you had hurt yourself or someone else?”

“Kimberley,” Andrea said steadily. “As none of that happened I think you’re engaging in some unnecessary histrionics here, miss. The way I felt today has taught me a lesson about drinking too much, and I promise not to drive and drink again, okay?”

“Actually no it’s not, ma’am,” Kimberley said stubbornly, her sky blue eyes blazing.

“Oh for God’s sake, Kimberley!” Andrea exploded, setting her teacup down with a click, and matching the receptionist’s glare with one of her own.

Kimberley frowned and decided to try a different tack, an angry Andrea always made her bottom tingle with remembrance of her most recent trip over her stern employer’s lap, but Andrea was in the wrong this time and the girl refused to simply let it ride. “Aunty,” she started. “What if it was me who did this? Wouldn’t you punish me for it?”

“Well, Kimberley if your mother didn’t tan your hide for it I certainly would.,” Andrea admitted.

“So what’s different when it’s you?” Kimberley asked.

Andrea blushed and squirmed “Sweetheart, you’re eighteen years old, and I am a responsible member of the community with many more years behind me than you.”

“So, just because you’re older than me you can break laws?” Kimberley continued.

“Of course not!” Andrea retorted.
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m having problems understanding this. You and Mum have always taught me that there’s no such thing as a double standard, or at least there shouldn’t be. If you do the wrong thing you get punished. I know we’ve spanked people for doing just what you did last night. You do know Mum went under the strap for consistently speeding?”

Andrea nodded ‘Yes, I did hear about what you and Tania did to Gabrielle, and I heartily agree with it. If the two of you hadn’t, I would have been sorely tempted to do the same thing to your mother. I certainly hope you’re not suggesting that I be spanked for last night’s little indiscretion.”

“Why not?” Kimberley shrugged, sipping her tea.

Andrea put her cup down, and fixed her young receptionist with clear green eyes “Kimberley Susan Kennedy,” she began, knowing that the use of the girl’s full name often put her in her place. “I am your employer, I am your elder, and I do not like the direction this conversation is taking, young lady.”

“I understand that, ma’am,” Kimberley amended her tone to sound more reasonable. “If I can be spanked for doing it and Mum can be, why can’t you?”

Andrea was at a loss for words “Because…I…uhhhh…” she floundered.

Kimberley watched the normally composed and elegant woman struggle to come up with a valid reason to avoid a painful and unpleasant experience, and couldn’t stop a small smile from playing across her pink lips.

Andrea’s shoulders slumped, she knew Kimberley was right, and she knew that if positions were reversed Kimberley would be in the corner right now, sobbing and displaying a very hot red posterior. “You win,” she sighed. “Who’s going to do it? Is Gabrielle waiting outside the door, hairbrush in hand?”

“Mum’s gone home, Miss Andrea. It’s just you and me,” Kimberley said, running a hand through her meticulously cared for honey blonde locks.

“That means you’re going to do the honours,” Andrea assumed, her eyes narrowing.

Kimberley didn’t say anything, but the satisfied expression on her pretty face spoke volumes.

“Can’t we do something else?” Andrea begged. “It’s so embarrassing.”

“It would have been worse if you’d had an accident,” Kimberley reminded her employer. “You don’t want Mum spanking you, seriously, and do you want anyone else knowing about this?”

“Of course I don’t, Kimberley,” Andrea replied, fussing with her hair. “We could call someone,” she suggested.
“Who?” Kimberley asked.

“Joelle,” Andrea named her friend, who had spanked her in the past.

“She’s overseas, ma’am.”

“Priya,” Andrea had a relationship with the beautiful anglo Indian school teacher.

Kimberley wrinkled her nose ‘I don’t see where Priya is much better than me, and I don’t think she can spank properly, she’d be about as useful as Tiffany.”

Despite the situation Andrea had to laugh at the reference to young nurse Tiffany, who would have to be the least effective spanker Andrea had ever encountered.


Kimberley paused at the mention of the local high school’s headmistress. She was older than Andrea, and she did know how to spank, then she remembered something her younger sister Chelsea had told her.

“She’s at a conference.”


Kimberley nodded.

“Oh blast!” Andrea exclaimed. “Maybe we could wait.”

“Do you really want to, ma’am? I know I feel awful if I have to wait. It’s horrible to know it’s coming, but not exactly when.”

Remembering her own chastisements as a child growing up Andrea had to agree with the girl.

“It’s to got be you, then hasn’t it?” she asked, a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Kimberley smiled, looking like the cat that just got the cream. “Maybe you should go to the bathroom, ma’am,” she suggested. “Come out here when you’re feeling a little fresher, and you’ve relieved yourself, and we’ll get down to business.”

Andrea nodded, and she did need to at least wash her face and put her hair up, a thought struck her “You’ve already got an apron in there, haven’t you, Kim?”

Again the girl smiled and admitted “Yes, and Andie, I think until we’re done it’s best that you call me Miss Kimberley.”

Spots of colour flew to Andrea’s cheeks at the girl using the familiar name for her, and her insistence that she be called Miss for the duration of the punishment, but she knew that she would, and had done the same to Kimberley in the past, and she’d also spanked women older than her and ordered them to call her Miss and ma’am, so Kimberley was only doing what she had been taught by Andrea herself.

While Andrea was preparing for her chastisement in the bathroom, Kimberley put the tea things away, and collected the implements she thought that she would require to teach her employer a lesson about drinking and driving. She looked into the open cupboard; Andrea’s ‘war chest’, and worried her lower lip with her upper teeth as she tried to decide. Her hand would do the warm up of course, that was a given. Nearly every Spank Shop punishment began that way, but what to use after that? Kimberley’s eye fell on a hairbrush, and she remembered that her own cherry wood hairbrush was in her bag by the armchair, so that would roast Andrea’s sit upon for her, but drinking and driving needed more than a warm up with the hand and a taste of the hairbrush. Kimberley knew that if positions were reversed she’d spend the rest of the week sitting on a cushion, the hand and the brush wouldn’t do that to Andrea, that was when she saw the lexan paddles. Andrea had a selection of the dense new clear plastic paddles that stung like fury, but were less likely to bruise than the traditional wooden ones. Kimberley’s hand closed around the handle of a small one that was actually called a pocket paddle due to its convenient size. Applied to an already spanked and brushed bottom that would really ensure that Aunty Andrea did not drink and drive again.

Even Kimberley had to admit Andrea looked better when she emerged from the bathroom. She had washed her face and put her lustrous chestnut locks up so that they wouldn’t get in her face during what would be a long and searching chastisement. Kimberley couldn’t suppress the smile when she the apron. It was a pretty pink one, with the shop’s name embroidered in red thread on the breast. Kimberley had done the embroidery herself, and it had been hard work, she was pleased to see it look so good on someone.

“You look adorable,” she told Andrea.

The older woman blushed a deep red, and thought of how often she had embarrassed people by saying much the same thing when they put on one of the humiliating spanking aprons.

“Turn around so Miss Kimberley can see all of you,” the girl ordered.

Andrea grit her teeth, but obeyed. Kimberley was only doing what Andrea had taught her. A fair percentage of any good spanking was getting the recipient in the right headspace, it was even more important with adult clients, or reluctant ones like Andrea.

“Very nice,” Kimberley said, observing Andrea’s full, womanly buttocks. “They’re the wrong colour, though. However I’m sure Aunty Kimberley and her trusty hairbrush can fix that.”

Andrea’s eyebrows rose at the mention of the brush, it was probably going to be that horrid cherry wood one that Kimberley liked. She’d never felt it, but others who had spoke about how much it stung in the girl’s hand. She should have known Kim wasn’t going to let her off with a hand spanking, she and Gabrielle had taught the girl too well for that. Andrea turned back to face Kimberley and saw a small, clear plastic paddle laying on the coffee table. Her legs felt weak. The lexan paddle as well! This child was pure evil.

“Come to me please, sweetheart,” Kimberley said, pointing to a spot near her knees.

Taking a deep breath, Andrea walked the few steps, acutely aware of how much like a disobedient child she looked at this moment. She felt like one, too, and that familiar tingle was rising up her bottom, just the way it had when her mother was preparing to teach her an over the knee lesson.

Kimberley’s blue eyes stared into Andrea’s jade ones and it was the older woman who broke the gaze first. Andrea looked down at Kimberley’s demurely skirted lap and pictured herself draped across it, bare bottom pointing at the ceiling, awaiting chastisement.

“Do you need help, or can you get over my lap by yourself, young lady?”

Andrea bit back the sarcastic reply that almost sprang to her lips, and instead said between tightly clenched teeth “I can do it, ma’am.”

“A little less of the ‘tude, miss,” Kimberley reprimanded Andrea, as the brunette lay her long willowy form over the waiting lap.

Andrea wriggled in Kimberley’s lap, trying to get comfortable until the girl slapped her bottom smartly, scolding “Stop that!”

Andrea huffed out a sigh, but did as she was told, and allowed Kimberley to arrange her in the lap to her satisfaction. She was aware of long fingered hands gently fondling and teasing her buttocks.

Kimberley looked down at the marble white flesh nestled in her lap, and sighed happily. She had dreamt of this moment almost from the time she first met Andrea. She had never dared to believe that it might become a reality. This wasn’t the first time she had seen her employer’s naked bottom, nor was it the first time she had seen Andrea in an apron. That had been at Andrea’s birthday party, she’d put the disciplinarian into an apron for her birthday spanking, but she hadn’t really spanked the woman that day, everyone got to give a couple of slaps. Everyone except for local high school principal Sharon Johnson, she had administered the full birthday spanking, bizarrely enough while Kimberley led all the other guests in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. She’d also glimpsed a spanking Joelle Clemenceau had given to Andrea on the first occasion she had met the fiery Frenchwoman, but that had really been something she’d seen only fleetingly through a keyhole.

For her part Andrea wished Kimberley would get playtime over and done with and just start spanking her. She had nerved herself up to take what she had coming, but the longer the teenager contented herself squeezing and caressing the globes in her lap, the more vigorous the flapping of the butterflies in her stomach became. Because of that reason Andrea was totally unprepared when a loud SMACK sounded in the parlour, immediately followed by an all too familiar sting in one cheek.

‘Little minx!’ Andrea thought to herself, actually admiring the way Kimberley had made her relax her posterior and then delivered the opening slap, she winced as a second blow landed on the other side.

Once both hemispheres had bright pink handprints stamped on them Kimberley settled into a steady rhythm. She moved up and down the buttocks, landing firm, stinging spanks over the silken surfaces. Andrea’s bottom was glowing, and she was enduring it stoically, oohing and ouching, the occasional squirm, but her eyes were dry and her lungs had not really opened up, that was until Kimberley turned her attention to the upper thighs and sit spots.

“Owwwww! Eeeeekkk! Kimberley what are you doing?” Andrea yelped.

“Spanking a naughty little girl who does not know what is best for her, and unless you want to go out and cut a switch, young lady I’d start remembering what you should be calling me.”

Andrea let out another howl as Kimberley concentrated a volley right where she sat, and apologized “Sorry, Miss Kimberley.”

She knew that Kimberley knew how to cut and prepare a switch, and if she’d learned from her mother how to administer one then Andrea wouldn’t sit comfortably for a few days.

Andrea sighed as Kimberley seemed to bring the hand spanking to a crescendo, and her hand stopped rising and falling like a metronome. She could feel the throbbing heat, and knew that both buttocks would be glowing rosily. She’d managed to avoid tears, but only barely. Kimberley would remedy that situation in short order. She knew that.

Andrea lay over the girl’s lap, enjoying the respite. Kimberley was looking at the full womanly globes nestled into her lap and examining them with a critical eye. Andrea hadn’t cried, so she was judging by heat and colour. It was always harder to tell with adults. They had more pain tolerance. She didn’t want to overdo it with the hand. She wanted Andrea ripe for the brush and the paddle. So she had to be careful. She pursed her lips, and then ran her hand over the ruby red cheeks in front of her. Ohhhh, they were simmering. Andrea might have been able to hold back the tears, but she had certainly been well warmed by Kimberley’s hard little palm.

Satisfied that Andrea was well on the way to a scorched bottom Kimberley reached across her employer’s pulsating posterior, and curled her hand around the handle of her cherry wood hairbrush on the coffee table. Andrea hissed as Kimberley laid the brush, bristle side down, on her backside. She desperately tried not to squirm and cry out as Kimberley dragged the bristles across her rear end…teasingly.

“Please Kimberley,” she begged.

“Please who?” Kimberley asked, her tone rising dangerously.

“Please Miss Kimberley,” Andrea gasped.

“Please what?” the girl probed.

Andrea closed her eyes, and hating herself for it, said “Please stop teasing me, ma’am and spank me.”

“You want me to spank you?” Kimberley pressed.

“Yes, please, Miss.”

“I can hardly refuse such a polite request, can I?” Kimberley asked rhetorically. “Hold on tight little girl, because I mean to make you bawl.”

With those ominous words Kimberley unleashed the brush. Andrea howled as it scalded her already simmering rump. The teenager had been taught well, she really knew how to administer a roasting. Andrea had never felt that particular brush before, but it hurt…a lot. The girl really knew what she was doing with it. Andrea almost felt a little sorry for the younger clients who found themselves over her receptionist’s lap. She put the brush to every single inch of Andrea’s desperately rolling buttocks, making sure that the entire surface of those hemispheres felt like it had been placed in a well heated frying pan.

Kimberley’s mouth firmed and she concentrated on her technique. You didn’t want to choke the handle of the brush, you needed a loose enough grip so that it had some give, but firm enough that it landed with a solid impact, and she had to work harder with Andrea. She had a considerably larger and harder rear end than the pre teens or early teens that were the regular occupants of Kimberley’s lap in the line of duty as a trainee disciplinarian at the Spank Shop.

Good Lord! Andrea thought the child was so good at this. The constant onslaught of the hairbrush had set her cheeks aflame, but she had managed to get a sense of Kimberley’s rhythm, her bottom was beginning to numb, and the raging fires had settled into a not entirely uncomfortable warmth, that was when Kimberley attacked Andrea’s upper thighs and the crease where buttocks and thighs joined. It was an area at the Spank Shop that was commonly referred to as the ‘spank spot’ or the ‘sit spot’, because it generally took one’s weight when they sat down, and spanking it made sitting an unpleasant proposition for some time after the chastisement.

Andrea roared and kicked her legs wildly as the fire ants bit fiercely into the tender flesh of her upper thighs and sit spot. The tears that had been threatening for some time now came. They spilled out from between her tightly closed eyelids and began to trickle down her flushed cheeks, gathering in a pool at her chin, before dripping onto the sofa, creating a small damp patch on the fabric of the lounge.

Kimberley heard the change in Andrea’s breathing that signaled the advent of the tears, but she firmed her mouth and her resolve, and tightened her grip on the older woman’s waist, as her gyrations were threatening to let her squirm right out of the teenager’s lap.

So focused on the inferno burning merrily through her hindquarters Andrea was not even aware when Kimberley stopped the hairbrushing. The girl set the cherry wood brush down, and held Andrea while she blubbered and tried to dampen the blazing fires in her rump. “We’re sorry now, aren’t we, little girl?” Kimberley asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Andrea sobbed.

“Tell Miss Kimberley why you’re sorry,” the girl ordered.

Andrea took a deep shuddering breath, and stammered “I drove my car while drunk, Miss.”

“Yes, you did,” Kimberley confirmed. “Are you going to do it again?”

“No Miss, no, never,” Andrea promised fervently, hoping that maybe the girl would not use the clear plastic paddle that was laying on the coffee table. Maybe that had been there earlier for use on a client and she simply hadn’t noticed initially.

“So you’re never going to out with friends and drink?” Kimberley pressed, fluffing up her golden mane of hair with a free hand.

Despite the situation Andrea frowned. She was not a drunk by any means, but she did like a drink, especially when she was unwinding with friends, if little Miss Kimberley thought she was going to forgo a social drink just because she had made an error of judgment then she had another thing coming.

“No, ma’am,” Andrea replied, trying to keep her voice steady and ignore the pain in her battered rear end. “I won’t drive when under the influence of alcohol.”

“I’m very pleased to hear that, young lady,” Kimberley said warming to the scolding, smiling. “What are you going to do next time you’re out and you’ve had too much to drink?”

“I will leave my car where it is and get a friend to drive me home or call a cab.”

“Much, much better,” Kimberley said in approving tones, reaching across Andrea to pick up the lexan paddle on the coffee table.

Andrea whimpered as she felt the paddle’s smooth surface rested on her scorched hindquarters. “I think my little girl knows what this is,” Kimberley gloated, unable to keep the smugness out of her voice.

The willowy brunette did not answer, but nodded her head slowly.

“I think it’s time to teach you why it’s not a good idea to drink too much and then drive,” the blonde teenager announced.

Andrea felt the paddle’s light weight lift off her backside, and then a moment later threw her head back and screamed as it seared her buttocks. Kimberley’s mouth firmed, she tightened her grip around Andrea’s waist and pulled her in closer to hold her in position.

Tears streamed down Andrea’s smooth cheeks, and she could taste that her nose was running, as that innocuous looking piece of plastic visited fire into every inch of her rear end. “Legs apart,” Kimberley commanded.

Andrea knew why the girl was telling her to do that, it had a dual effect, with her legs apart she would have trouble kicking or clenching in a desperate effort to quench the fires blazing through her nether regions, and it would open up the normally protected area in between the cheeks for the paddle’s fiery kisses. “Do you have to Miss Kimberley?” she blubbered.

“I actually think you do, young lady,” the girl said in a surprisingly reasonable tone. “Unless of course you’d like to go out and cut a switch when I’m done with Miss Lexan Paddle here.”

“No, ma’am!” Andrea replied quickly and fearfully, immediately spreading her legs wide.

Andrea opened her lungs right up as Kimberley scalded the inside of her buttocks, and the girl had to pause in between swats to let Andrea wave her legs around in pain and settle again, before administering the next stroke. Andrea was in a world of pain, and didn’t count the spanks of the paddle, but she generally gave twelve, so she assumed Kimberley would have done the same.

“You can put them together again,” the blonde girl said, and Andrea gratefully pressed her legs against each other, that was when Kimberley concentrated on the upper thighs and sit spots. That elicited another dramatic and noisy response from the older woman. She madly crossed and uncrossed her legs and her buttocks pumped frantically as she tried to get through the ordeal somehow. The lexan paddle had advantages for both spanker and recipient. It was light and extremely painful, so it made spanking easy and effective. However while it imparted an agonizing sting and burn and made the bottom a blushing scarlet, both pain and colour faded in less time than it would take if a wooden paddle gave the spanking. Of course on top of a sound hairbrush spanking it was a very unpleasant feeling that would have long lasting effects. Andrea knew that she would be sitting on a pillow the next day.

“Well, I think they’ve been well roasted,” Kimberley pronounced, setting the paddle aside, and wiping her brow. Spanking an athletic fully grown woman like Andrea had been quite a workout.

“Are we done, Miss?” Andrea gasped and sobbed.

“Yes, sweetheart,” Kimberley said warmly. “You’re all spanked now, and I’m confident that you won’t make the same mistake again. If you do, I may have to get Miss Gabrielle and her strap and switch involved.”

Andrea shuddered, the thought of Kimberley’s mother with her propensity for telling tales out of school, not to mention her expertise with strap and switch, knowing about an incident like this and assisting with the punishment, was a frightening one.

“Why don’t you go the corner to cool down, little one?” Kimberley suggested after Andrea had lay and cried for a few moments over her lap.

Andrea nodded, removed herself from the teenager’s thighs and limped to the corner, where she folded her hands atop her head and tried not to think about the dull throbbing ache in her scorched crimson rotundities.

After a few minutes Kimberley put her arms around Andrea, led her to the couch, and settled her with a soft cushion and a steaming cup of tea. Andrea looked up at the girl, through the fragrant steam rising from her tea and smiled. She sipped the hot beverage, sighed in contentment, and murmured “I needed that, darling. Thank you, dear.”

Kimberley’s pink lips curved upwards in a generous smile and she said “My pleasure, Aunty.”


  1. What an awesome story, I loved it. I do hope that young Kimberley remembers that she has been nominated for spankee of the month...

  2. Yes, it would seem young Kimberly enjoyed that entirely too much. I doubt Aunty will see any reason for mercy when it's Kimberly's turn to be staring at the floor whilst bottoms up over her lap.

    Meanwhile, not driving after drinking is, to quote Martha Stewart, a GOOD thing. Perhaps Aunty will remember that...


  3. @ Mark, thank you for the comment. I don't think Kimberley's nomination will be far from her mind until I've chose this month's spankee.
    @ Phil, the amount of times I'm had Kimberley over my knee and under my palm I'm not at all surprised that she enjoyed the tables being turned. If she needs correction from me then she will receive it, and as always it will be as firm as I think it needs to be.

  4. Paybacks seem to always hurt harder, when administered by someone that truly cares.

    I do know that if I was caught drinking and driving sitting would not be an option for quite awhile!! I think Miss Kimberly did the right thing, and did it with extreme love for the woman that has taught her so much.

    I for one am surprised that you drank, and drove your car Ma'am, I do hope you learned your lesson.


  5. "My pleasure Aunty" I love it and wow what a spanking the lovely Kimberley delivered to your naughty bottom,wow. Just hot and one that will be read many times.
    Nice posting ma'am.

  6. @ Mark, I am ashamed to admit that I actually did once drink and drive, but it was a long time ago and I have learned my lesson and never done it since. Seegee just used that story as the basis for this one.

    @ Ron, thank you dear. Kimberley certainly knows how to make a naughty bottom hot.

  7. As we have shared, I love the shop spankings that you deliver on a daily basis ma'am, but the hottest and totally mind altering scenes are Kimberley with you over her knee, amazing.
    Thank you

  8. Well well, Aunty Andrea, how the tables get turned. An absolutely delightful tale, All credit to Seegee, Oh how this naughty boy would have loved to be there to hear and or see that spanking, there is a part of me that says I would take one for the team in order to see that, but the reality is I would be the next victim, I mean spankee and with the lovely Kimberley in full flight or an irate Aunty Andrea my ass would be toast so I will leave my fantasy as it is. Lovely story Aunty, thank you so much for sharing

  9. hi Aunty Andrea this story tells you that no lady is too old for a good hiding,isnt it?

  10. Mario, I rather think if you had been allowed to witness this it would have been on condition that young Kimberley have you give a command performance over her knee immediately after.
    Heniel, thank you very much for the comment, and yes you are right the message of the story does indeed say that. Welcome to the Spank Shop, dear.

  11. Aunty Andrea thank you very much .I think The Spank Shop is one awesome blog ,its really one big treat for a big spanking fan like myself .Keep up the good work

  12. Henniel, you are quite welcome, darling. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I and my team intend to keep up the good work.