Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Mother's Best Friend

My series of studying implements continues today with an old favourite; the humble wooden hairbrush.

Nothing signals mother's displeasure like the sight of a hairbrush. My mother had 2, one was used for brushing hair and the other for brushing bottoms, either mine or my sisters. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for themselves and confine myself to a brief commentary.

We'll start with Miss Lina applying the back of a long oval brush to the behind of some unidentified male. I do like Lina, she has those classical blonde ice maiden looks, but once she gets someone over her lap and begins the spanking the atmosphere heats up rather quickly.

I have to admit I had a devil of a time finding images like these from Premium Spankings. The hairbrush is largely an implement that is favoured by ladies. For that reason it's not easy to find pictures of a man using one. Paddles, straps, canes, you can find any number if images and drawings of men applying those to naughty young bottoms, but very few hairbrushes. It does seem to be designed to fit a woman's hand more than a man. The expression on the face of this young lady seems to indicate that her spanker is having the desired effect, though.

Courtesy of Real Spankings this is more of a bathbrush, but it fits in the brush category and the longer handle means that it is best used with the recipient bending over rather than draped over a lap. It certainly does the job. That's a very red bottom. The thighs could do with some work, however.

I love this one from Strict Women. I'm not sure who the determined woman applying that brush with gusto is, but it could be Audrey Knight again. The setting suggests poorly done office work or some sloppy homework. If it's homework she could be a young Mum or an annoyed babysitter, maybe even a disappointed tutor.

There we have it, the hairbrush.

Hope you all enjoyed the second installment. I have ideas for part three and hope that it will also prove entertaining.


  1. Lovely post about an extremely effective implement. I must admit I dread the sting of the hair (or clothes, or bath) brush more than any of the other classic implements.

  2. The hairbrush is the classic maternal spanking implement (along with the wooden spoon) as well as more identified with females. I think it's because men are much less likely to use a brush on their hair (at least this type of brush) while women always have at least one type of hairbrush available, for whatever reason. It's always handy in the bedroom for use on a naughty youngster, as the wooden spoon is always handy in the kitchen for the same reason.
    After first acquaintance with the maternal palm, the first use of the hairbrush is the next stage of maternal-type discipline, hence its place in the iconography of spanking.
    It certainly is for me... ;-)


  3. Wonderful post Aunty, besides the old fashion hand, nothing better than a long session with the to hate it.
    Thank you

  4. Nothing defines Domestic Discipline quite the same way - a hairbrush applied OTK to a bare bottom.


  5. Mmmm! :) Thank you for the lovely post, Aunty - just thinking about the hairbrush gets me all squirmy, so looking at all those pictures of misbehaving boys and girls on the receiving end of it... ooh!

    The pained expressions and red bottoms on show remind me most vividly that there really is nothing like the hairbrush to make one regret a moment (or two) of naughtiness. I certainly think twice before raiding the biscuit barrel now!

    And I think the lady in the Strict Women picture is Miss Joanne, Aunty :)

    1. Why, Penny, you do know your ladies at Strict Women, don't you? Heck, even I (ashamed to admit it) wasn't sure who she was, though I did realize it was definitely not Audrey Knight.

  6. I thought this may occasion some comment, and I thank you all for sharing your thoughts about the hairbrush. Thank you for supplying a possible name, Penny.

  7. Wonderful piece on that most iconic of tools. Amazing, the psychological as well as physical power of such a simple common everyday object.

  8. Yes, that is an interesting subject to ponder, Red. The wooden spoon and the slipper have a similar effect.

  9. Being a naughty male I fear the hairbrush. I think the small handle is the main reason women find the brush easy to use. The hairbrush should put fear into a naughty male. Just like the look women have when you see it you know only bad things are going to happen. Thank you Aunty Andrea.

  10. Thank you very much for sharing with us, suffolk and welcome to the Spank Shop, dear.