Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A sad spankee

I know that's a very unusual way to title a Spankee of the Month post, but I feel it's very apt, and so may you when you see who I have chosen.

I think we set a new record this month for votes, and by that I mean I received one vote. I managed to select our young lady because she'd been nominated before.

Phil and Rich nominated her and for much the same reason.

Without further ado, The Spank Shop's November Spankee of the Month is Lindsay Lohan.

It really is like shooting a fish in a barrel to select Miss Lohan, because I'm sure this tragic creature, who seems to lurch from disaster to disaster, is high on many people's 'needs a spanking' lists.

I'd be here all day and probably well into tomorrow if I were to attempt to list all of young Lindsay's transgressions, so I picked a recent one and something that personally makes me do a slow burn.

I think I have made my love of Elizabeth Taylor clear here. Imagine my horror when of all the actresses out there they chose Lindsay Lohan to portray the beautiful and elegant Lady Liz.

This shot really illustrates what I am talking about. The woman on the right is beauty personified. The one on the left looks like a child dressing up in her mother's clothes and using her makeup. If she were discovered by her mother she would get exactly what she deserves; a long over the knee spanking in her bare bottom, with her mother's sturdy wooden hairbrush. I think the makers of the film could also use a spanking for this incredible lack of judgement.

It wasn't always like this for Miss Lohan, she started out as an incredibly cute fresh faced young lady, who delighted audiences.

Somehow it came to this.

Those two images just make me very sad. This is a young woman who had beauty and talent and for whatever reason threw it all away. Maybe a few spankings in between pictures 2 and 3 might have turned things around.

I do hope we can have a few more votes next month. Remember it is Christmas and the end of the year, so let's make it special.


  1. I don't vote for people I don't know about or have any respect for. So no votes from here for LL or the rest of her ilk. OK?

    I can watch Liz on DVD and be happy.

  2. Sadly, I think LiLo may be past the "intervention" stage. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be delighted to have the opportunity to try though... ;-)

  3. OBB, I do understand your point of view. However the nominations for the SOTM don't have to be about people you don't respect, although I own that most people do vote for celebs that have done something that they feel requires a spanking. You can vote for a celeb you just think would look rather fetching stretched out over a lap having their bottom smacked.
    Phil, I do think Lindsay is past the intervention stage now, and that saddens me. If only someone had done something earlier.

    1. The latest is that she just got arrested for fighting with another girl (assault) and she's currently on probation for other offenses. She'll soon experience at least one kind of "correctional facility" at least. I have a feeling your kind of correction would be far more effective, not to mention far less expensive for the taxpayers. At the Spank Shop, she'd be paying the price in both senses of the word...


  4. Nice choice, she was just arrested last night in NY for punching another girl in the face at a Club at 4am....go figure...long session is due this misdircted lady!

  5. I sadly think it's too late. If the establishment described in the Glowing Globes article California Corrections were real, it may help. It does genuinely sadden me to see someone do this to themself.

  6. A pretty young woman with demons, spanked and healed. It's a great fantasy. Thanks.

  7. I agree with your sadness,Andrea. However, I think my personal philosophy is that it is 'Never Too Late' for a good spanking to work its magic on a woman's bottom and from there on other parts of her anatomy and on her mental and emotional state!


  8. I have to agree with Aristotle. It's never too late for a good smack-bottom. Thank you for your spankee of the month.

  9. Aunty, I'm so sorry that I didn't vote for the last spankee of the month...it was a genuine oversight! I think Lindsay is a very good choice and I would like to believe that a sound spanking over your knee would cause this wayward young woman to see the error of her ways...

    Sophie x

  10. Thank you all Aristotle, Janice and Sophie. I do believe that it's too late for Lindsay, but it may be worth a try, it certainly couldn't do any more damage than has already happened. I only wish I could get this sort of response when I ask for nominations for the SOTM.