Friday, 23 November 2012

And the rest

Aunty has been busy this week. So busy in fact that I forgot to wish all of my followers based in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving. I do hope the day was good to you all and that you enjoyed the holiday with family and friends.

This time in my series of implement posts I have decided to cover those items that you don't often hear about or see, but that will definitely stir memories of hot stinging posteriors in all of you I am certain.

This could have been covered under straps, but I think it's unusual enough to rate a mention here. I actually have a martinet in the shop. Long time readers of the blog may remember that Joelle sent me one as a present. I don't often use it. Kimberley would like to throw it in the fire. This is an excellent image of one in use and I think the young lady bent over the table would gleefully join my receptionist in consigning the little whip to a fiery end.

Slipper in spanking terms can refer to anything from a bedroom or carpet slipper as in the cartoon above to a rubber soled plimsoll or a sandal. They're not often used in spanking photo shoots which is why I used a cartoon. They're also very old fashioned these days, while they're a little hard to hold they are good for a really traditional over the lap maternal spanking.

Despite the fact that the humble wooden spoon is a very traditional and effective item of correction again it's not something those who make spanking material consider very often. They look ineffectual, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some substitute spatulas in their place. The drawing above is an excellent depiction of something that I'm sure many have experienced. I know I did growing up.

That concludes this series. I've had a lot of fun putting it together and I hope you have all enjoyed reading it.


  1. I have never been to France, but I have the idea that at some period martinets were very common. They look highly effective.

    No experience with slippers, but a wooden sole sandel would seem to work.

    I don't recall a wooden spoon in my Mom's kitchen. But, I know they were commonly used in other households.

  2. Hi, I am new to this blog.
    I am wondering that if your team can provide a spanking session to my mentee who lives in Hong Kong.

    I believe a sore bottom is a good answer to her disrespectful behaviors.

  3. Hi

    Spoon stings and let's your lap get at those small places on your sit spot, slippers are just delightful but have a lovely sting, especially over the knee.
    Great series, thank you

  4. The slipper and the wooden spoon are more traditional maternal implements here and in the UK, but I would say the slipper is more like the hairbrush, with some weight behind it, while the spoon is more like a stingy, ouchy, lightweight instrument of torture.
    The martinet is much more French. I don't think you'll find many of them outside France, except in the collections of spankos dedicated to different kinds of experiences. I'll bet is stings quite severely too...


  5. Thank you all for the comments. Martinets do seem to be very specialised implements and they aren't commonly found outside their country of origin.