Friday, 9 November 2012

Classical spanking

Some of you may remember that I did a series some time ago focussing on various spanking implements from my perspective. Not all that long ago Kimberley reposted a Bared Affair article that road tested implements and included her own views of the implement.

I like these looks at different types of spanking, and I thought I'd do another series. There won't be many words, mostly pictures, and because I tend to neglect all you men out there, there will be pictures of both men and women being spanked.

Without further I present to you hand spanking, the classical type of spanking. When many of us hear the word spanking what we immediately think of is an old fashioned, bare bottom, over the lap hand spanking.

This one is from Clare Spanks Men. It's not Miss Fonda herself, but judging from the state of that bottom she's doing a darn good job. I like how the colour of her fingernails is a good guide to what colour she wants the bottom over her lap. You can see a paddle and a bath brush on the bureau behind her too. This young man is in for a very hot time.

Femme Fatale Films provided this one. It looks a lot more posed than the image from Clare Spanks Men and while the blonde lady doing the spanking is absolutely gorgeous she's in no way as intense as the above image. Maybe the shot was taken early in the spanking. I wouldn't use a chair with wheels either.

These two are from the same shoot on Spanking Sorority Girls. We've got a during and an after. Sorority girls tend to be more identified with the paddle, but these two 'big sisters' certainly knew how to deal with their 'littles' over the lap and under the hand. I particularly like the teary expression on the blonde's face during her chastisement, she obviously drew the short straw and got the harder spanking sister. Her bottom is also redder than her naughty friends.

Strict Women take us back to the guys. I love the expression on her face and she's really lighting a good fire over her lap. This is about as classic as it gets. I adore this image.

It wouldn't be a recent post from me without at least one image of Amelia Jane Rutherford. This is also extremely classic, as is her yell. As well as being one of prettiest spanking models working at present Miss Rutherford is also one of the most expressive. Judging by the state of the bottom over that policewoman's lap they've only just got started. You may need to save those tears up Amelia, I think you're going to need them before long.

I could go on forever posting hand spanking images, but I'll bring let Miss Amelia Jane bring it to a close.

I have plans to do all the standard implements, plus some less standard. If you have any suggestions for implements or images please don't be shy. If you do suggest an image it would be appreciated if you could tell me where I may be able to find it, that way I can not only source it, but I can also give a credit.


  1. I do prefer the OTK "classic spanking" with hand, hairbrush or perhaps wood or leather paddle.
    Not a criticism, but I'd like to know the names of some of the lovely spankers as well as the equally lovely spankees (at least the female ones). For instance, the lovely Amelia Jane is being soundly spanked by the lovely Pandora Blake who is equally awesome as a bottom as well as a top...


  2. The woman in the maroon polka-dotted dress looks like Audrey Knight, a switch (but IIRC she's generally 'toppish') who has sadly retired from active spanking activity, at least as far as blogging about it is concerned.

    Hopefully she'll someday change her mind... --C.K.

  3. I'll give names where I can if I find them, Phil. Other implements will be featured. Audrey Knight seems to be one of a wave of retiring spanking models, but there is a new generation to replace them. Thanks for the comment CK, welcome to the Spank Shop.

  4. That is Audrey in the first one; she will be missed. Leaving us with the sexy AJR, nice way to finish one of my new favorite postings; classic and pure otk spanking.....nothing better in this world. Love it Aunty, thank you.

  5. Sometimes the simple classics are the best, Ron.