Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Paddles aren't just for boats

One of the most common implements these days for spanking is the paddle. Similar to the brush the word paddle can cover a number of 'evils'. There are so many different types. One that most readily springs to mind is the Board of Education.

Probably quite often wielded by a woman like the one in the picture above.

There's also the Spencer Paddle, which has holes drilled in it to increase it's effectiveness.

Paddles, unlike hairbrushes, seem to be wielded by both sexes, although I think more men tend to use them than women, although I had no difficulty finding images of both men and women being paddled and by either men or women.

This selection from Hard Spanking Vixens gives us a good idea of a female paddling men scenarios.

The first two seem to be some sort of legal punitive action. Those are definitely hard paddling ladies and the two sets of buttocks have been wonderfully reddened.

Now this one is interesting. It's a small Spencer Paddle being used in the otk position, which is a little odd for that particular paddle. After she's done with Mrs Spencer, I think she'll go to work with the round leather model on the sofa next to her. That's going to be one very sore behind when she's finished.

I liked this very traditional scene from Spanking Films UK. The type of paddle used is different, though. It's a small round leather paddle, but it's two paddles connected. It wouldn't hurt anymore than a single, but the double slapping sound no doubt adds to the experience and may make the recipient think they're getting more than they really are.

This is from Spanking Sarah. It's a very rural scene, administered in a barn with a paddle that resembles a slat of wood. I wouldn't recommend using one of these, there's a good chance that it may splinter and do more damage than it really should.

I leave you with the flame haired Alison Miller from Firm Hand Spanking, bent over a pool table, having her backside paddled to the same colour as her fiery locks.


  1. I confess a fascination, a fetish, for wood paddles. No other spanking instrument has the same attraction to me.

  2. I, too, have a fascination for the paddle, although it's more of a "bend over the desk" or "touch your toes" kind of an implement and not usually used in OTK fashion. The smaller wooden "novelty" paddles, ping-pong paddles, or small leather or leather-covered paddles are more to my taste and more conducive to over-the-knee use.


  3. Wooden paddles scare the willies out of me, I must admit. But I do find them compelling - or, more accurately, the women who use them.

  4. I am on Red's side, brushes well are brushes but paddles are just ouch! Hurt like heck but then again that is why you use them I assume Aunty. Another great post, thank you.

  5. I think we all have our favourites, OBB. For me it's a wooden hairbrush, and always has been.
    One of the great things about paddles, Phil, is that as you say there are so many of them in all sorts of sizes and made out of various materials, so they can be used in a number of situations. The new lexan ones can also be obtained in a number of sizes and pack a real sting, they give you a red hot bottom, but don't generally bruise as wooden or even leather paddles can.
    Red and Ron, yes they hurt, and as Ron said that's why I use them. A spanking isn't fun if there isn't some element of pain pleasure at work.

    1. Aunty,

      In TTWD, pain and pleasure go together.

      Come to think of it, I think I wrote a story with that title... ;-)


    2. Would the story be suitable for the blog, Phil? I'd be interested in seeing it, dear.

  6. Aunty,
    Pain pleasure, well that defines getting a sound otk spanking and paddling,