Wednesday, 7 November 2012

'Paying the Price'

Young Kim said that Seegee was hard at work for something new to post here and she was true to her word, because here is the most recent effort.
This one is a sequel to Sister Act, as many people felt that one spanking was not enough to cure Cindy of her spendthrift ways.

A pair of shoes similar to the ones that caused all the fuss.

From Spanking Dollars. Cindy presents her freshly spanked bottom for some more stringent discipline.

The cane is flexed ominously.

Cindy Reynolds looked up in shock from her undignified position sprawled across her younger sister’s lap, as Lydia Dalton determinedly spanked fire into every inch of her pert, gym toned rear. The door had opened, and Lydia’s husband; Richard, called out “I’m home!”

“Lydia!” Cindy wailed.

“What?” the younger woman asked, irritation in her tone.

“Richard’s here.”

“Yes, I did hear him,” Lydia replied calmly, and landed a hearty slap to one of Cindy’s tender upper thighs.

“Lydia!” Cindy howled.

“Oh for Gods sake, Cindy, what now?”

“He’ll see me,” a distressed Cindy pointed out to her sister.

“He probably will,” Lydia agreed, her lack of concern worrying the older girl.

Cindy’s fears were soon realized as Richard strolled into the room, and got an eyeful of Cindy stretched out over his wife’s lap, her bottom glowing and tears streaming down her attractive face.

“Oh, I’ve interrupted!” Richard exclaimed.

Lydia let out a chuckle, and commented “I thought you were going to be out for the afternoon at Michael’s game.”

“I was,” Richard agreed. “One of the other Dads offered to drive Michael home. They’re going to take the kids to McDonalds after the game. I didn’t see the point in hanging around, especially as Heather will need someone to pick her up from netball later.”

Lydia nodded, and almost as an afterthought applied another sizzling volley to Cindy’s upturned hindquarters. “Cinders was a little worried about you seeing her like this. You have every right as far as I’m concerned. You earned the money that we gave her to help her out of debt.”

Cindy hung her head, hoping her blonde locks would hide her fiercely blushing cheeks.

“So she really did buy shoes just after you roasted her backside last time?” Richard asked.

Lydia sighed “Yes. I got the truth out of her. I’ve confiscated the credit card. She’ll be staying with us for a couple of weeks so I can ensure she knows how to stick to a budget. I’m just going to reinforce the lesson I tried to teach her not so long ago.”

“Well, carry on,” Richard told his wife, and headed out of the room.

“Richard,” Lydia called, halting her husband in mid stride.

“Yes?” he asked, turning back.

“As it was your money that bailed Cinders out, and you were the one who drew up the financial plan that she so blithely ignored, I was thinking maybe you should be part of her chastisement.”

Richard’s eyebrows rose, and he queried “What do you mean?”

Lydia’s lips curled up into a slightly malicious smile as she asked “You remember that cane one of the girls gave me for our anniversary last year?”

“Of course,” Richard replied with a chuckle. “It was tied with a pink bow and meant to keep me in line.”

“It’s still in my wardrobe,” Lydia said.

Understanding dawned on Richard Dalton’s handsome face “It’s just a toy, though isn’t it?”

“It was given as a joke certainly, but I think it would impart quite a sting, and may teach Cinders the error of her ways.”

Had Cindy not been concentrating on her abject humiliation and the fire in her backside that her sister stoked with the occasional well placed stinging slap, she may have become alarmed at the suggestion Lydia had given her husband.

“Why are you doing this?” Cindy sniffled, as Lydia picked up her Koa wood hairbrush, and applied it vigorously to her older sister’s flaming rear end and thighs.

“Oh Cinders!” the younger woman said without missing a beat. “I thought we covered that last time I spanked you young lady. Seeing as we haven’t I will repeat myself.”

Lydia Dalton proceeded to lecture her sister with the past misdeeds, punctuating the one sided conversation with solid blows from the sturdy and attractive hairbrush. The smacks and splats of the brushes back on Cindy’s blazing bare bottom acted as exclamation points on Lydia’s list.

“Firstly,” SMACK. “You defaulted on payment of a car and Richard and I helped you out there. Then,” CRACK. “You ran up a credit card bill that would have equaled the GDP of a developing nation. We managed to sort something out that let you keep the card and pay off the accumulated debt gradually. “You,” SPLAT. “continued to spend like there was no tomorrow. You were so busy spending money that you did not have,” SPANK. “that you didn’t file a tax return. This got you a whacking,” SLAP. “great tax bill that Richard and I yet again,” SMACK. “paid for you. No sooner had I spanked you,” SPANK CRACK SPLAT. ‘for not sticking to your budget than you went out and bought a pair of designer shoes that you could not afford!” Lydia finished off her lecture with a scorching and concentrated set of spanks from the brush that had Cindy roaring and trying to levitate off her very determined sister’s lap.

“They were Jimmy Choos!” Cindy bawled. “They were half price!”

“Cindy you have more shoes than you need, I know for a fact you’ve got shoes in your closet that you haven’t even worn. I know how much those Choos you just had to have cost and at half price that’s still twice as much as they should be.”

Lydia was bringing the hairbrushing to its blistering conclusion, and Cindy lay blubbering over her lap, when Richard reappeared brandishing the cane. It still had the bow tied around the middle.

“You found it easily enough?” Lydia asked, continuing to spank her sister.

“Oh yes,” Richard assured his wife. “One would think you’d placed it so that it stood out.”

Lydia hid a smile by examining her sister’s well spanked posterior, and said “Would you mind taking the bow off, darling, while I have a little chat to Cinders?”

“Delighted,” Richard replied, and began to undo the ribbon of red silk that was tied around the crook handled cane.

Cindy stood sobbing in front of her sister, hands vigorously trying to extinguish the fires that Lydia’s hand and hairbrush had lit on her bottom.

“Now Cindy,” Lydia said seriously, “You’ve been spanked twice for spending needlessly. They’ve both been painful and humiliating experiences. Do you understand that if you need a pair of shoes you can get them, but not have to pay exorbitant amounts. I don’t have any designer shoes, honey, but they’re all good enough.”

“Yeah, if you want shitty shoes,” Cindy mumbled.

“What was that?” Lydia asked sharply, her eyes flashing.

“You have pretty shoes, sis,” Cindy answered, improvising quickly. Although her attempt wasn’t helped by a derisive snort of “Bulldust!” from her brother-in-law.

Lydia’s lips pursed “I was thinking of not doing this last part when you got off my lap, Cinders, but that little show of defiance has made up my mind. It’s obvious you still haven’t learned much. You’re going to get six strokes from the cane, not the four…”

“The cane!” Cindy shouted, her hands clutching her sore red buttocks a little tighter.

The crying blonde woman whimpered as Richard cut the long thin length of wood through the air.

“Are we going to have difficulty, little girl?” Lydia asked.

Cindy’s shoulders slumped, and she mumbled “No, Lydia.”

“Good,” Lydia said. “If there’s a repeat of what just happened I will add a mouth soaping for swearing and fibbing to the caning.”

Cindy’s dropped open in an O of surprise and indignation, but she wisely held her tongue, because Lydia was all too capable of following through on her threat.

“Touch your toes, Cinders!” Lydia commanded.

Cindy swallowed hard, bent from the waist and put her fingertips to her toes. “You know,” Lydia commented. “Those gym workouts must be doing something, Cindy. I doubt I could do that so easily.”

Cindy let a breath out through her nose, but did not say anything. She felt Lydia’s arms go around her waist. “I’m just going to hold you gently to support you, darling,” Lydia told her sister. “I’ll count the strokes and help ensure you don’t try to stand up.”
Cindy nodded gently.
“Good girl,” Lydia murmured softly in her ear. “Legs nice and straight, bottom up high so Richard has a good prominent target.”

“It’s target coloured,” Richard said, as he walked around behind his sister-in-law, and lined her bottom up with the cane.

Cindy tensed a little as she heard the thin length of wood whistle through the air, then it struck her bottom with a dull thud. It took a moment for the impact to register, then a line of fire seared its way across Cindy’s upturned buttocks, she threw her head back and howled.

“Oh nice one, Richard!” Lydia complimented her husband.

Cindy’s first yell was still dying on the air, when a second stroke landed right where she sat “Oh my God!” Cindy roared, and Lydia had to tighten her grip a little and lift Cindy as her legs bent.

Richard gave the woman time to compose herself, before delivering a third stroke higher up on the bottom. Cindy wailed as the fires that Lydia’s hand and hairbrush had ignited flared up, kindled back into full flame with the application of the cane.  Richard paused for a moment to examine Cindy’s rear end, and saw that three slightly raised ridges had appeared on the woman’s backside where the cane had struck.

Richard applied strokes four and five in between one and two and one and three. Cindy’s bottom was a pulsating crimson and both Lydia and Richard could feel the heat emanating from her throbbing derriere. Cindy had gone a little numb. The cane strokes forced fresh tears from her eyes, but didn’t get the animated reactions or the volume the first three had.

“How many is that?” Richard asked as he stepped back to take a breath. This had been harder work than he’d expected. The physical effort wasn’t really much, but it required concentration to both get the strokes to land where he wanted them, and not hurt Cindy too much at the same time. He was fortunate that Lydia liked the slap side of bedroom slap and tickle more than she enjoyed the tickle component, so he was not a complete novice. He had never envisaged caning his attractive sister-in-law, but then not everyone was married to a determined woman like Lydia or had a sister-in-law who was as scatterbrained as Cindy.

He and Lydia had agreed on six of the best, Cindy had taken them better than he had expected, so there wouldn’t be any extras, this one was the final and therefore had to count. Richard took a deep breath, lined up Cindy’s scarlet rump, drew the cane back and let fly.

The cane bisected the five previous strokes and created what was referred to as a five bar gate across Cindy’s glowing posterior. Due to the colour Lydia’s admirably sound spanking had brought up on Cindy’s well toned rear end, the cane strokes didn’t show up as much as on a pristine white bottom, but close examination did show that Cindy was sporting an impressive five bar gate on top of the sizzling red that Lydia had painted her older sister. When the red from the hand and hairbrush spanking faded, Cindy would have some very well placed black and blue ‘tram lines’ on her backside.

“Well done, darling,” Lydia whispered into her blubbering sister’s ear. She led the bawling woman to the couch, and sat down with her sister arranged sobbing over her lap. “Richard could you bring me a bowl of water, some cotton balls and the lotion from the bathroom, a couple of towels would be nice too.”

Cindy cried, apologized and then luxuriated as Lydia used the water, cotton balls, lotion and towels to soothe her battered buttocks. Once Cindy was purring, Lydia helped her up, led her upstairs and put her to bed for a nap.

Richard was sitting with a smile on his face, and the recent scenes in the living room replaying through his head. It had certainly livened up a sedate Saturday afternoon. Lydia saw the grin on her husband’s face as she entered the room, and knew exactly what he was thinking. “How long do we have before you have to pick up Heather?” Lydia asked, a playful smile on her lips.

“Long enough,” Richard answered, rising from his seat to take his wife by the arm and hustle her upstairs to their bedroom.


  1. Wonderful story! I wonder if Lydia will fancy a taste of the cane too, just for fun of course! It seems a shame to leave it languishing at the bottom of the closet...

  2. "Cinders" seems to be an apt nickname for Cindy, given the condition of her freshly burned bottom. Or perhaps "Embers" might be better...

    Let's see what happens when her bottom heals and she sees a "Sale!" sign in a shop window.


  3. Well done, great story and nicely erotic while punishing the ending as they head to the bedroom!!


  4. Another well done story by Seegee. Very enjoyable. Perhaps the Spank Shop should concider the addition of a male spanker as its next trainee.


  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. I think the cane will see some more action QBuzz, but maybe not on Cindy's bottom. It is to be hoped for 'Cinders' sake, Phil that the caning has cured her shopping addiction. I thought the ending was very cute, Ron. Thank you Mark, I think you may be a new comer, so welcome. The Spank Shop is, has been, and always will be a bastion of feminine disciplinarians.

    1. Hmmmm. I wonder what would happen if a gentleman with certain, ah, inclinations were to open an establishment in competition with the Spank Shop. Say one that specializes in the discipline of adult women that feel the need for the "male touch". ;-)


  6. We do have a little competition, Phil, from Edb's RDSC (spankers to the British Royal Family by appointment), but that's also an all girl affair, in fact they don't even accept male clients.

    1. Well, that's a real shame. I would think young princes and dukelings and viscounts and such would need a good dose of no-nonsense female discipline now and again...