Sunday, 18 November 2012

Six of the best

I'm almost certain the title has given away what I'm looking at today. Yes, the cane. I actually use it is a blanket term that also includes switches, crops and even the birch. None of them are implements I really like. There's connotations of more severe discipline than I like to inflict and you do have to be very careful with them when they are deemed necessary so that you don't overdo it.

Here are some images to illustrate it all.

I actually really like this image from Best Spanking Pics. The girl is obviously a naughty school girl who has been called to the head's office for six of the best from that fearsome looking cane that is being held in front of her. Canes were often used on the hands. This is something I am strongly against! It is very easy to inadvertently break the small bones in someone's hand with a cane. Nature provided us with the perfect place to receive punishment and that is the bottom. Caning a bottom will definitely hurt, but you won't break it.

Spanking Sarah has given us an excellent picture of a woman receiving a 'sixer' on her bared bottom while bent over. The cane is very traditional here. That red patch should alter into distinct lines and look rather attractive later on.

This image from Spanked At Home illustrates what I was talking about. The strokes aren't quite as defined as they could be. The owner of this bottom will be sporting some rather interesting looking black and blue 'tramlines' in a day or two.

I'm not totally sure what the fascination with the riding crop is all about. They're much better suited to urging horses on than they are for spanking bottoms. Most of the impact is localised in that little tongue of leather at the end. Unlike canes they can be used with the victim otk, although like the cane they're more effective with the recipient bending over or laying prone on a bed or bench.

I find drawn images of switchings illustrate them much better than photographs. You often see it depicted as being used outdoors, and because a switch is a thin branch that makes sense. Again they're not something you can use effectively over the knee. Ron Wilson provides the first image and the second you've all seen here not so long ago. I used it again because it's simply the best image of a switching I've ever seen.

These final two pictures are from Muir Academy; an institution that specialises in older naughty boys and girls. I do not like the birch. I don't have one and I felt one once, not an experience I would want to repeat, I won't use one either. These two pictures are fairly mild, but this was used as a punishment in prisons and to discipline criminals in days gone by, it was also used in the schoolroom by some rather vicious teachers I'm sure.

I do apologise for this particular entry not being as much fun as others. I think my prejudice against the implements shows out quite strongly. I can't help it.

Maybe the next entry will be more pleasant.


  1. I think the cane sounds very exciting, but not if it's too severe. Just make it sting a lot and leave some nice well-placed red stripes. I agree totally about caning on the hands. That's too painful and also dangerous. The switch is an excellent traditional spanking implement when that extra sting is needed. Thank you!


  2. Not really a fan of any of these implements, although the switch is a traditional tool in many rural areas because it's convenient and being sent out to "cut me a switch" adds additional humiliation to the punishment.


  3. Thanks for the comments Brett and Phil. As you both know I agree with you entirely on all points.

  4. Just ouch ma'am, not my thing but it does has a school boy ring to it but not for me.

  5. Oh, they're very ouchy, Ron. You can take that from me!