Monday, 26 November 2012

'The Spank Shop - Kitty'

Seegee has been at it again and has a new Spank Shop adventure. Young Kitty Toscanno learns why getting a tattoo without parental permission may not be such a clever idea.

An image not unlike the one that adorned Kitty's shoulder.

It looks rather harmless, but not in the hands of an experienced and creative disciplinarian.

Paddles similar to those in the shop.

From Spanking Dollars. Kitty's scorched buttocks before the paddling.

Andrea sipped her tea, crossed her legs and examined the two young ladies seated on the couch across from her. Both girls were tall, with well-developed bodies and long dark brown hair. They were separated by two years in age, and even if Andrea had not possessed the knowledge that they were sisters, the resemblance was striking enough that she would have known they were closely related. However they were completely unalike in every other way.

Andrea knew the older of the two. Alexandra ‘Lexie’ Toscanno worked at the Clarkstown travel agency. She intended to study travel as a career, but was working at the local agency as a way of gaining experience in the industry prior to taking a course. Andrea had dealt with the girl on a few occasions, and always found to her to be a delight to deal with. She was not acquainted with the girl’s younger sister: Kitty, though.

The differences between the two girls were highlighted by the way they conducted themselves. Lexie was sitting up straight on the couch, listening intently to Andrea and occasionally sipping delicately from the cup of tea in her hand. Kitty on the other hand slouched, had not been supplied with a drink as she had requested ‘Coke or nothing’, and she was clearly not listening to anything their hostess said, instead being engaged with checking her Facebook page on her iPhone.

Andrea didn’t say anything about Kitty’s rudeness, although she was about to. It was Lexie who took action. “Oh for God’s sake Kitty, if you don’t put that phone away and listen to people I’m going to put a message on your Facebook page telling people exactly where we are and why. Aunty Andrea is talking to you!”

Kitty looked a little shocked at her older sister’s threat, but recovered well, blowing and popping a bubble in the older girl’s face, and answering “Aunty? She’s not my aunt, Lex.” She did however put the phone in the pocket of her tight jeans.

Kitty regarded Andrea through clear brown eyes, and asked “What were you saying to me?”

Andrea sipped her tea and regarded the girl over the rim of her cup, her green eyes were actually amused. This one was going to be a challenge. Andrea didn’t get too many challenges, and they were always more enjoyable to break down.

“I was actually asking why Lexie and you were here? Oh, you may not be aware of this, sweetheart, but I do insist on a certain level of politeness. That means you pay attention to me when I’m speaking. You do not speak unless spoken to. When you address me it is as ma’am or Miss, I also permit Aunty, although I am highly aware I am not your real aunt. Oh and Kitty, if you don’t either remove that gum or swallow it I can promise you that you will live to definitely regret it.”

There was a retort on Kitty’s lips, but it died when her eyes met Andrea’s. The tall, willowy woman had a look about her that just screamed that she was not someone to be trifled with. With an effort she swallowed the wad of gum she had been working on, and said “Happy now?”

Andrea raised an eyebrow and held the girl’s eyes until she added a soft “ma’am.”

Lexie sipped her tea and looked on approvingly. She hoped that her rebellious younger sister had met her match in the formidable form of the Spank Shop proprietress Aunty Andrea.

“Kimberley wasn’t able to get a reason exactly why you brought Kitty to me, Lexie,” Andrea said to the responsible nineteen year-old. “Do you think you could shed some light on the matter?”

Despite herself Andrea was quite curious as to why the girls had come to her shop. According to the shop’s bubbly blonde receptionist: Kimberley Kennedy, Lexie had been quite insistent that the appointment be made as soon as possible, and she hadn’t been able to grill the girl as to what the exact purpose was. As the day had been a slow one Kimberley had been able to take the rush appointment, but Andrea knew she’d been a little bit peeved about it. Kimberley saw the reception area of the shop and the making of appointments as her own private fiefdom and she did not appreciate anything disturbing it.

Lexie set her teacup down, frowned at her younger sister, pursed her lips at the other girl’s openly insolent manner and began her explanation. “Our parents are away, ma’am,” she started respectfully. “I was left in charge of Kitty. She took advantage of their absence to go and get herself a tattoo!”

Andrea had to hide a smile at the older girl’s indignant tone. Getting a tattoo without parental permission was serious in Andrea’s book, but the fact that Lexie, who wasn’t that much older than Kitty, was so incensed about it amused her. “May I ask what it is?” she put to the sisters.

Lexie’s expression was a little disappointed, but Kitty grinned. “You were so proud of it, Kitty,” Lexie told the younger girl. “Why don’t you show Aunty Andrea what it is?”

“Okay!” Kitty agreed eagerly. She twisted on the couch, and pulled her white t-shirt down over her left shoulder. To one side of the girl’s shoulder blade was a picture of a seated cat in silhouette. Andrea elegantly rose from her chair and crossed to the couch to inspect the body art.

“It’s quite nice,” she said. “Good work, and considering your name, Kitty, rather apt.”

“It’s cool, isn’t it?” Kitty said enthusiastically.

“It is,” Andrea said. “However cute it may be, you did do the wrong thing in getting it without your parents permission.”

Kitty’s face fell, and Lexie followed Andrea’s comment up with “She knew Mum and Dad would say no if they were here, but if she gets it while they’re away I get blamed for letting her get it, and she’s had it for so long by the time they get back that no one can do anything about it and everyone is used to it.”

“Lexie,” Kitty drawled at her sister. “You have a cow about everything! It’s one tattoo and hardly anyone can even see it.”

“It’s not the tattoo,” Lexie told Kitty. “It’s how you went about it. You know I’m the one that gets blamed, not you.”

Kitty pouted and opened her mouth, a retort on her lips. Seeing a fight brewing between the siblings, and knowing from personal experience how vicious sisters could be with each other, Andrea stepped in to defuse the situation. “I’m assuming you want me to give Kitty another type of tattoo, Lexie.”

The metaphor amused and calmed Lexie, she laughed and said “Yes,” the gratitude was evident in her tone.

Andrea nodded, looked the defiant Kitty Toscanno up and down and thought just how much she would enjoy reddening the girl’s buttocks, then said regretfully “Much as I agree with you, Lexie that Kitty needs a good spanking for her deception, I will require her to agree to this before I can do anything.”

Lexie’s face fell, and Kitty’s lit up with delight “What?” she said happily. “You mean I have to agree to get spanked?”

Andrea sighed, and nodded her luxuriant chestnut head of hair.

“Looks like you wasted a trip downtown Lexie,” the younger girl crowed.

“Aunty Andrea,” a clearly disappointed Lexie asked. “Why does Kitty have to agree to be spanked? Mum and Dad put me in charge, and she’s the younger sister, so isn’t me saying she needs a spanking, and you agreeing with it, enough?”

“In most cases it would be sweetheart,” Andrea told the clearly crestfallen girl. “However as Kitty is eighteen she has to sign a form of consent.”

“Come on sis, let’s go!” Kitty was urging her sister.

“Kitty’s not eighteen,” Lexie told Andrea.

“Nearly!” Kitty insisted, halting halfway to the door.

“You’re still a month away,” Lexie informed her.

A clearly confused Andrea said “You have to be eighteen to legally obtain a tattoo without parental consent and as Kitty didn’t have that, and I can’t imagine Mr Moffatt, as Clarkstown’s only tattooist, risking his licence by tattooing a minor.”

All the colour drained from Kitty Toscanno’s face as she heard Andrea’s words, and her sister’s smug reply.

“I know Mr Moffatt wouldn’t do that, Miss Andrea. Kitty’s tattoo was done by his son Dylan, Kitty’s boyfriend.”

“Dylan works at his father’s shop, doesn’t he, Lexie?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Andrea sat back in her chair, crossed her legs and steepled her fingers. Her eyes narrowed as she examined Kitty. Kitty swallowed hard and felt her legs go weak as she felt Andrea’s keen eyes bore into her. She’d heard people say the woman was terrifying, but never believed it until now. Even though she’d never been spanked before, she could picture herself laying over Andrea’s lap and hearing that hard palm impact firmly on her tender young buttocks. “This does put a different complexion on things, an entirely different complexion. Please take a seat, Kitty.”

Kitty looked around wildly.

“Sit next to Lexie, Kitty,” the girl seemed reluctant to move, and Andrea added “If I were you I would sit as much as I could now while you are still able to do so comfortably.”

Kitty sank onto the sofa next to her sister, who was sipping her tea triumphantly, and watched Andrea with frightened eyes.

Andrea picked up the phone on the table by her chair and quickly dialed into reception “Yes ma’am,” trilled the Spank Shop’s beautiful blonde receptionist eighteen year old Kimberley Kennedy.

“Kimmy, could you get the changing room ready for a client, please dear?”

“Which one of the Toscanno girls is it, Miss Andrea?” the blonde asked.

“Does it matter?” Andrea asked the girl. Inquisitiveness was one of Kimberley’s failings, and she and Andrea had had a few conversations about it. The conversations usually took place over the chestnut haired disciplinarian’s lap, and were very one sided. Andrea’s ebony hairbrush often had a lot to say to Kimberley’s bare bottom.

“If I knew which of them it is, it makes it easier to select an apron, ma’am,” Kimberley explained.

Andrea didn’t say so, but Kimberley’s attention to detail often amazed her. The humiliating spanking aprons, which covered the spankee’s chest and upper legs, but left the back and most importantly the buttocks bare for easy access, had been Andrea’s idea, and they had initially been introduced to preserve modesty on the occasion when two adolescent clients of different genders were being disciplined in the same room during a single session. Andrea had found the embarrassing garments quite effective when she had someone like Kitty Toscanno, who clearly needed reminding of her age, and that she was not as grown up as she liked to think. Kimberley had taken them to an entirely new level, though. She had specific aprons for certain clients and in situations like todays selected them to match the about to be spanked young lady or man.
“It’s Kitty, Kim,” Andrea informed the receptionist.

‘I thought it would be,” Kimberley commented. “I’ve got an absolutely ideal apron.”

Andrea allowed herself a smile, she didn’t know what Kimberley had in mind, but she could guarantee that Kitty wouldn’t like it. “Kimmy, once you’ve made the room ready for our Kitty Cat, could you also please get Mr Moffatt on the phone for me.”

“The tattooist? Why, Aunty?”

“I’ll explain later, darling. Just do as I ask, and put him through to me.”

Kimberley agreed to do as she had been asked, but was obviously not entirely happy about it without knowing the details of why she was calling the town’s tattooist.

Andrea turned her attention to Kitty, who was looking likely to flee if she could, and it was probably only Lexie’s tight grip on her sister’s wrist that was keeping her in place. “Kitty, please go into the changing room, dear. You are to take your clothes off and put on the apron that Miss Kimberley will have laid out for you. There’s also a bathroom in there and I’d appreciate you taking the time to visit it. Young ladies who have never been spanked before,” Andrea broke off briefly to inquire “You haven’t ever been spanked, have you sweetheart?” Kitty shook her head wildly. “I thought so,” Andrea drawled. “Your first spanking, in fact even your hundred and first spanking, can be quite a scary prospect and that tends to make bladders a little weak. If you were to wet my lap during the spanking when you had the chance to empty it earlier I’m afraid Aunty would be very cross with you, and trust me sweetness you do not want that.”

While Kitty was visiting the bathroom and changing Andrea spoke with Lexie about the forthcoming punishment. “What do you think Kitty will react most too, Lexie?”

“I honestly couldn’t say, ma’am.”

Andrea considered the girl in the changing room and pursed her lips in thought, her hand resting on the handle of the cupboard that contained an impressive selection of spanking implements. A thought came to her, and she opened the door. Lexie let out a gasp as the wardrobe’s contents were revealed to her. Never in her life had she been so glad to not be her sister as at that moment. There were hairbrushes, slippers, straps, paddles, canes and crops and a number of other things that Lexie would never have thought to use to correct an errant bottom. Andrea stood in front of the cupboard and scanned it’s interior thoughtfully. She finally withdrew a thick black leather paddle, which was drilled with holes throughout its length.

“That’s going to hurt,” Lexie murmured, her gaze transfixed by the gleaming black leather object.

“That is the intention, dear,” Andrea told her, laying the paddle on the coffee table.

The ringing of the phone startled Lexie, and she jumped. Andrea chuckled richly at the teenager’s nervousness. “Yes, Kim.”
“I’ve got Mr Moffatt on the line, ma’am,” the receptionist informed her employer.

“Lovely, put him through, dear. Can you also bring the baby oil in here too, Kimmy?”

“You’re really going to roast Kitty,” Kimberley commented, before putting the local tattooist through to Andrea.

“You wanted to speak to me?” a rather gruff voice inquired.

“Mr Moffatt?” Andrea asked politely.

“Yeah, call me Mick,” the man replied. “What’s this about?”

“I have a young lady here with me today who obtained a tattoo from your establishment.”

“How young?” the man inquired cagily.

“She’s seventeen,” Andrea answered.

“She’s what?” Mick Moffatt exploded. “I don’t know what she told you, but I don’t put art on anyone I think is underage unless I’ve got written permission from the parents, even then I won’t put a tattoo on anyone under sixteen.”

“The young lady in question is Kitty Toscanno,” Andrea supplied.

There was a brief pause on the other end of the phone, and then the muttered “I’m going to wring Dylan’s neck.”

“Well, I don’t think we need to go quite that far, Mick,” Andrea began. “Having met Miss Toscanno I can imagine she can be rather persuasive with a young man. Dylan does need to learn a lesson though and be taught to use the skills you have taught him responsibly.”

“What was it?” the tattooist asked curiously.

“A silhouette of a cat,” Andrea replied.

“Any good?” there was professional curiosity in the man’s voice.

“I’m not a qualified judge, but I thought it was rather well done.”

“You spank people at that shop of yours, don’t you?” Mick Moffatt asked.

“I do indeed, Mick.”

“If you want to put me back to Kim Kennedy I’ll book Dylan in as soon as you can fit him in. I want him well and truly walloped, Andrea.”

“It’s Andie, and I think can promise you that he will definitely get what is coming to him,” Andrea then transferred the call back to Kimberley, who made an appointment for the unfortunate Dylan Moffatt.

Lexie was looking at the paddle laying on the coffee table, and asked in a thoughtful tone “Aunty Andrea?”

“Yes, sweetheart,” Andrea answered.

“I know Kitty was really silly, and she deserves a hot bottom, but you won’t be too hard on her, will you?”

Andrea smiled at the pretty girl sitting across from her “Oh no, Lexie. I think if you ask any one who has been here you’ll find that they’ll say I am firm, but fair. I won’t lie to you, that paddle hurts…a lot and the baby oil will increase the sting, but it will sound harder than it actually is. Kitty will yell and throw her legs around, she’ll cry and her nose will probably run, but the drama is all part of a good sound spanking.”

Lexie’s dark eyes were wide “Wow!” she breathed. “Kitty’s never been spanked before. Neither of us have. I never needed it, just being told off and knowing I’d disappointed Mum and Dad was enough for me, but with Kitty that was water off a duck’s back. I love her, and I hurt for her, but I don’t see that I had any other option, ma’am.”

“I do understand, darling,” Andrea reassured the teenager. “That’s part of discipline, Lexie. It’s not a one size fits all thing. All children are different. Some don’t ever need spanking and some may only need one, others need it more often. Just because you didn’t need to be spanked doesn’t mean that Kitty didn’t need to be. After this is done and when your parents are back it might be an idea for me to have a little chat with them. For what it’s worth, dear, they should be very proud of you. Not every big sister could do what you’ve done today.”

The conversation was brought to an end by the appearance of Kitty out of the changing room. As soon as Andrea saw the apron Kimberley had picked out for her she understood the meaning behind the girl’s words earlier and why she had wanted to know which sister was being spanked.

The apron that Kitty was wearing was covered with images of cute gamboling kittens. Lexie laughed out loud and Andrea clapped her hands in delight, and said “That is adorable, and so fitting!”

Kitty sighed, closed her eyes and her face turned a deeper shade of red. It was at this moment Kimberley entered the room with a squeeze bottle of baby oil in her hands. “Oh it looks so cute!” she exclaimed, seeing the apron on the girl. Kimberley placed the oil on the table and Kitty stood helplessly, blushing profusely.

“Kimmy,” Andrea asked her assistant. “It looks like Kitty couldn’t tie the apron in back, would you mind?”

“Of course not,” the receptionist replied, going to the red faced teenager and saying “Just turn around, sweetie, so Aunty Kimberley can tie you up in back.”

Kitty obediently did as she was told, but her eyes hardened at the Aunty Kimberley comment and she made a silent vow that that they could spank her bottom to a crisp, but there was no way know that she would ever call Kimberley Kennedy Aunty. The girl had only been a year ahead of her in school, and they’d been rivals for the position of cheer captain.

Kimberley tied the apron with a neat and tight bow, treated herself to a good eyeful of Kitty Toscanno’s cotton ball white cheeks and made the comment “Aunty Andrea will give those a good tattooing. Hope you like the colour red,” before turning and sweeping out the room, with a broad wink at Lexie and Andrea.
Kitty stood facing Andrea. Andrea returned the gaze and said not unkindly ‘Let’s get that pretty little bottom over Aunty’s lap.”

Kitty tried a last ditch attempt to get out of the impending punishment. “Lexie,” she started. “Mum and Dad said you weren’t allowed to spank me.”

Andrea turned her jade eyes on the older sister “Is that true, Lexie? Your parents specifically stated you weren’t to spank Kitty?”

A delicate flush rose up the girl’s long, slender neck and crept into her cheeks “I knew Kitty would take advantage of them not being there, so yes I asked if I could spank her.”

“And they said no?”

Lexie nodded slowly.

Andrea turned her attention back to Kitty, who was beginning to breathe easier now “Unfortunately,” Andrea said, and Kitty’s face fell. “I’m a rather pedantic type of person where discipline is concerned. Your parents said that Lexie was not to spank you. Lexie is not going to spank you, I am.”

Kitty’s eyes widened and she started to cry.

Andrea’s manner became sterner “If I were you, miss, I’d keep those tears for later, because you are most assuredly going to need them. Get over my lap.”

“Ma’am please…” Kitty begged, hopping nervously from foot to foot.

The pleading had no effect on Andrea. If anything it made her more determined. “I do not like repeating myself, young lady. Are you going to cooperate, or do I have to bring Miss Kimberley or Aunty Gabrielle in here to help?”

Kitty was going to continue her defiance as long as possible, but the mention of Gabrielle Kennedy’s name stopped her in her tracks. She thought she could probably take Kimberley. Kim was pretty tough, but there wasn’t much of her, and Kitty thought she had the eighteen year old covered, but her mother she was a different proposition. Kitty had never been spanked by Gabrielle Kennedy, but she knew plenty of people who had, and it was an experience none of them wanted to repeat, although some had. To be totally honest Mrs Kennedy scared Kitty. One look from those piercing blue eyes would be all it took and Kitty would be begging to be spanked by Andrea rather than Gabrielle.

“No, ma’am,” she whimpered in a defeated voice.

Andrea did not say anything, but pointed at her soberly skirted lap. Kitty went to Andrea and bent over the waiting knees. Andrea put an arm around her and lifted her into position so that her soft round bottom was situated in the middle of her lap and pointing at the ceiling.

Lexie watched the procedure wide-eyed. She saw a friend’s sister get spanked once when she was at a sleep over at the friend’s house. That had been an interesting experience, but the girl was twelve years old, not a tall, womanly seventeen year old.

Andrea rested her hand on Kitty’s trembling cheeks, and began to gently stroke and caress them, murmuring softly to the frightened teen. “It’s going to hurt, sweetheart, that’s what spankings do, but you were very naughty to get a tattoo without Mummy and Daddy’s knowledge. You also put Lexie in a very difficult position. Now Aunty Andrea has to give you another tattoo. I think this one may hurt more than the first one, but it won’t last forever.”

While she spoke to Kitty, Andrea stopped her fondling briefly to take a red ribbon and tie the girl’s long, lustrous dark hair back from her face in a loose ponytail. Lexie gave her a questioning look, and Andrea explained “It’s unpleasant enough being spanked, Lexie. You don’t want to endure it with your hair all messy with sweat, tears, saliva and snot.”

Kitty relaxed under the massage and the gentle voice, although she was being made aware of exactly how badly she had behaved. She was actually feeling a bit sorry for Lexie. Andrea was totally correct. She had planned the whole thing, knowing her parents would be away and that Lexie was going to be the one they yelled at, not her. Due to her relaxed state Kitty didn’t not even notice that Andrea’s hand was no longer fondling her buttocks, so the first slap came as a shock to her.

The hard palm landed firmly on Kitty’s globe, and the impact sounded like a gunshot in the room. Lexie even jumped at the report. The blow took a moment to register on Kitty, but once it did she let out a loud shriek and jerked involuntarily. A pink handprint bloomed on the spanked side and was soon joined by a twin on the opposite hemisphere.

Kitty had no time to process the sting from one spank before Andrea landed another somewhere else. The girl’s limited experience with spanking had led her to believe that it was only the bottom that got smacked. Someone had clearly neglected to inform Andrea Mahony of this fact, because she did not confine her slaps to just Kitty’s buttocks. She also used that very hard hand to ignite small fires on the tops of Kitty Toscanno’s tender creamy white thighs and the crease where legs met bottom, right where she sat.

Kitty had determined when she was changing under the watchful eyes of Kimberley Kennedy that she would not give Andrea the satisfaction of letting her know that she had caused her considerable distress. It was bad enough that she was practically naked wearing this stupid apron and stretched out humiliatingly over the woman’s thighs with her older sister watching the whole thing, but to add babyish tears and yelling to it would be unbearable. Despite Kitty’s determination once Andrea settled into a steady rhythm she could not help herself. How did she hit so hard and how did she know exactly where to smack to cause maximum discomfort? Kitty yelled, squealed, threw her long legs around, wriggled vigorously and then started to cry. She could feel the tears sliding down her cheeks, and hated herself for it, but she couldn’t hold them back. Throughout it all Andrea just kept stoking the fires, seemingly unconcerned.

As Andrea administered a world-class bottom warming to Kitty she was starting to think that the girl was quite hard work. She had a firm, muscular bottom that while it soaked up the spanks and turned a fetching shade of red, was still not one of the easiest bottoms Andrea had ever spanked. Too much of this and she’d need to ice her hand afterwards. It was almost a relief to smack the thighs, as they were not as firmly muscled as the backside. Andrea welcomed Kitty’s struggles because they opened up freshly unspanked areas to her palm.

Lexie watched the punishment with a mixture of curiosity and wonder. In some ways she was happy that her parents had forbidden her to spank Kitty, no matter how much she deserved it. Firstly she doubted she could have done a particularly effective job with the way Kitty was kicking and squirming. Then there was the fact that Kitty was her little sister. Despite their often fiery relationship, Lexie did love Kitty and felt rather protective of her. Kitty just knew how to push her buttons and seemed to delight in doing so. Had the job of spanking Kitty been hers, she did not think she could do what Andrea was doing to her now. Andrea was a professional, she did this for a living. She had been quite affectionate towards the sisters, but there was no relationship between them. Andrea could view Kitty as just another naughty teenage bottom that needed to be placed over her lap and spanked until the owner of it was a crying blubbering mess with a hot crimson sit upon.

Kitty cried out through her tears that she was sorry and would Andrea please stop spanking her. Andrea said firmly, and loud enough to be heard over her slapping palm and the girl’s histrionics, that she was not the one who needed the apology it was Lexie. Kitty immediately wailed “I’m sorreeee Lexieeeee! Please stop Aunty Andrea spanking meeeee!”

Andrea stopped with her hand poised above Kitty’s steaming bottom, and asked “Lexie?”

The older girl nodded, and said “I think she’s had enough for now, Aunty.”

Andrea smiled down at her handiwork, and agreed “Yes, it’s been a good warm up. Let’s get you up, Kitten.”

All Kitty heard was that her sister had asked for the punishment to be stopped and that Andrea was letting her off the lap. The girl didn’t know it, but this was just the start. Andrea always warmed up a naughty bottom by hand before moving onto the main course. In this case the leather paddle with the holes, and if ever a girl needed a full spanking with hand and something else it was Kitty Toscanno.

With Andrea’s help Kitty stood up unsteadily. Once she was on her feet her hands flew to her roasting rear and she began to rub her hot cheeks vigorously.

Andrea watched for a moment, then address Kitty sternly “You’re a first time visitor to the shop, Kitty, so you weren’t to know, but ordinarily a naughty little girl or boy is not allowed to rub their bottom until I give permission.”

Kitty listened to the brief scolding, tears still streaming down her cheeks, but made no move to take her hands away from her scorched situpon.

Andrea sighed “That means you are to remove your hands from your bottom, young lady.”

“But it hurts, Aunty!” the girl sobbed.

‘It’s a spanking you silly child, a richly deserved and long overdue one, I might add, they are meant to hurt!”

“Kitten,” Lexie prompted her sister gently. “Do as Aunty says please.”

Kitty let out a put upon sigh, but took her hands away reluctantly.

“On the head,” Andrea ordered.

Pouting Kitty placed her hands on top of her dark hair.

“Go to the corner and face the wall, please Kitty. Lexie and I need to talk.”

Kitty frowned at the composed, chestnut haired woman looking at her, but didn’t say anything. She did however stomp her way to the corner.

“Spirited, isn’t she?” Andrea said to Lexie with a smile. “More tea?”

‘Yes, please Aunty,” Lexie accepted.

Andrea rang through to Kimberley for a fresh pot of tea. The girl was soon in the room, pouring tea for Lexie and Andrea. Kimberley took advantage of her presence in the room to admire Kitty’s glowing rump. “It’s very pretty, ma’am,” she complimented Andrea.

“Thank you, darling.”

“May, I feel them, ma’am?” Kimberley asked eagerly.

Green eyes sparkling Andrea gave her permission, and Kimberley scampered over to lay her hands on Kitty’s scalded buttocks “Oh they’re sizzling, ma’am!” she exclaimed. “I could have just about boiled the kettle on them.”

Lexie hid a smile in her steaming cup, and when Kimberley had gone back into reception asked shyly “May I also have a feel, Aunty?”

“Of course, Lexie, she’s your sister after all.”

Kitty stood in the corner and fumed as first Kimberley and then Lexie fondled her backside and marveled at how hot her cheeks felt to the touch. She felt like turning around and bursting out “Of course they’re hot! She spanked them! You should see how it feels for you if you like it so much!” The girl held her tongue, though. She hadn’t known Andrea long, but she had the feeling that an outburst like that would probably be seen in rather a dim light and would end with a bottom even sorer than hers currently was.

Lexie and Andrea talked over tea. Kitty stood in the corner and wished they’d let her out. At least being exposed like this did let some of the heat out of her freshly spanked buttocks. She was not looking forward to getting her tight jeans back on. She couldn’t really hear what her sister and Andrea were saying, but she did idly wonder what they had to talk about. They didn’t really have a lot in common. She tuned in briefly to hear “So you do agree with me, Lexie?”

“Yes, Miss Andrea. I think it has to be done.”

“Good girl,” Andrea said. “Kitty please turn around, dear.”

‘Finally!’ Kitty thought, but did not say it, knowing that it would, at the very least, get her more time in the corner. She turned around, keeping her hands on her head.

“You can remove your hands and rub your bottom if you wish, Kitten,” Andrea smiled at her.

“Thank you ma’am,” Kitty said politely as she gratefully took her hands off her head and rubbed her still hot and sore seat with them. The two ladies grinned at her, and she wondered why she was still here. “Am I allowed to get dressed now, Miss?” Kitty asked hopefully.

Andrea let out a rich laugh, and said “Whatever for?”

“Well,” Kitty began, a worried tone creeping into her voice. “You spanked me, my bottom is very sore. I know what I did was wrong and I apologized to Lexie and you, ma’am.”

Andrea crossed her legs and those green eyes bored into Kitty. “You were spanked quite soundly and I am in no doubt that you have a very sore bottom, you did apologize to Lexie and I, but I am far from convinced that you really believe what you did was wrong or that you have learned not to do it again.”

“Oh, I have, ma’am,” Kitty fervently promised.

“Come here, please Kitty,” Andrea commanded, picking up a towel from a table next to her chair, and arranging it over her lap.

“Oh no, Miss Andrea, please,” Kitty began to beg, realizing that her ordeal was far from over.

Andrea reached out and her hand encircled Kitty’s wrist, tugging her gently closer to her towel covered thighs.

With a whimper Kitty felt herself being turned expertly back over Andrea’s lap, once again she was shifted into a position that the experienced and formidable disciplinarian was comfortable with. “Can you hand me the oil please, Lexie?” Andrea asked.

Oil? Kitty thought.

Then the girl felt some blessedly cool liquid being drizzled onto her still simmering bottom cheeks. Maybe this trip over the lap was to have her bottom soothed. Andrea’s long fingered hands gently smoothed the oil over the warm buttocks, ensuring that she got a good all over coverage. By the time she was done Kitty’s rear end glistened with a thin film of the slick substance, and looked like she’d been given a coat of varnish.

Lexie felt her cheeks heating and tried to cover her embarrassment by pouring herself another cup of tea.

Kitty was purring over Andrea’s lap. The application of the oil had felt rather pleasurable. Andrea leaned over the girl’s backside, and grinned as the heat from her spanked bottom radiated up onto her breasts not at all unpleasantly. She picked up the thick black leather paddle with the holes drilled through its length. Lexie eyed the paddle off and winced. That thing would hurt even without the oil, and Andrea had informed her that the baby oil made it sting even more. Kitty wouldn’t be getting any more tattoos after this afternoon, she wouldn’t be able to sit on the one Andrea was giving her now.

Andrea raised the paddle and brought it down swiftly on Kitty’s upturned rear end. There was a loud crack, droplets of oil flew, and Kitty let out an ear splitting scream as the paddle sizzled across her posterior. Andrea firmed her grip around the girl’s waist and delivered the second stroke. This time Kitty howled “Oh fffuck that hurts!”

Lexie gasped at her sister’s profanity, and the room went dead quiet. Andrea took a deep breath, and her lips pursed. Kitty was suddenly aware of what she had said and felt an icy feeling in her stomach as she began to desperately apologise for her outburst “I’m sorry ma’am. I didn’t mean it. It hurt so much…”

“Lexie,” Andrea spoke in a controlled tone. “Please go into the bathroom for me, dear. Bring me out a bar of soap, a bowl of water and a washcloth.”

Lexie nodded mutely, and then hurried to do as she had been bidden.

Kitty lay limply over Andrea’s lap and wanted to wet herself. “Get up, please, Kitty,” Andrea ordered in an icy cold voice.

Kitty slowly got to her feet, and stood in front of Andrea on trembling legs. Her face was drained of colour. She could not remember being so afraid of anyone in her life as much as she was of the elegant, sophisticated chestnut haired lady with the bewitching green eyes, who was staring at her right now.

“Kitty,” Andrea said in a firm voice. “I do understand that the paddle caused you considerable distress, that was my intention, that however is no excuse for the sort of language you just subjected us to.”

“What are yyou ggoing tto do, ma’am?” Kitty stammered.

By way of an answer Andrea replied coolly “Here comes Lexie with what I asked for from the bathroom.”

Lexie put the bowl and the other two things down on the table, and stood by uncomfortably. She had a fair idea of what Andrea had planned, and she wasn’t totally sure how she felt about it. On the one hand she’d told Kitty about her language on numerous occasions, but on the other what Andrea was going to do to her baby sister had to be really unpleasant, especially on top of a spanking, and she doubted that Andrea was going to just let Kitty off with the two paddle strokes she had before she let fly with the ‘f’ word.

Andrea rose gracefully to her feet and fastened the towel from her lap around the girl’s neck. Kitty looked at it quizzically, and continued to watch Andrea as she wet both the washcloth and the bar of soap in the bowl of water that Lexie had brought from the bathroom. Andrea lathered up the washcloth, and then said to the older of the Toscanno sisters “Lexie, could you please hold Kitty’s neck. She will probably struggle.”

Lexie swallowed hard and placed her hand gently at Kitty’s neck. Kitty’s eyes widened and she tried to move away from the lathered washcloth that Andrea was bringing to her face. Kitty had never had her mouth washed out. Her mother had threatened both her and Lexie, but never followed through, and neither girl had taken the threat seriously. She did have friends who had suffered the fate when they were little, it didn’t sound like fun.

Andrea brought the dripping, soapy cloth to Kitty’s mouth, and the girl clamped her mouth shut. “Come on, Kitty Cat,” Andrea coaxed. “Open up.”

Kitty shook her head firmly.

Andrea rolled her eyes and sighed. Some days she really wasn’t paid enough to do this job. “Lexie,” she addressed the older girl. “Pick up the paddle please.”

Lexie Toscanno frowned, but kept her grip on Kitty’s neck, while reaching out for the leather paddle. She curled her hand around the handle and was surprised by how naturally it seemed to fit. “Now spank your sister’s bottom with it,” Andrea ordered.

“What? Ma’am?” a startled Lexie asked, her brown eyes wide in surprise.

“Go on,” Andrea urged. “One good solid swat.”

Lexie let out a long breath through her nose, inhaled, drew the paddle back and smacked her sister’s still rosily glowing behind.

Kitty jumped with the impact. She was genuinely shocked. Even as she had heard Andrea telling Lexie what to do she had not thought Lexie would do it, and even if she did she wouldn’t hit very hard. Unfortunately for the teenager her sister had both hit her and used the paddle very solidly. Kitty couldn’t help it the feel of that heavy, leather paddle connecting with her already tender rear end forced her to open her mouth in a loud yell. Andrea grinned and pushed the washcloth into the girl’s open mouth. Lexie dropped the paddle, and held her sister firmly as Andrea washed her mouth out thoroughly, ensuring that the tongue, gums and teeth all got a proper soaping.

Kitty started to gag on the cloth, and Andrea knew that she’d had enough. “Lexie, can you please go to the kitchen and bring a pitcher of water and a glass so your sister can rinse, darling?”

Lexie gratefully removed her hand from the back of Kitty’s neck and scurried to the kitchen to do as she had been asked. Andrea was drying her hands off when Lexie returned. Kitty stood in place, looking miserable with tears of shame trickling down her face. Lexie poured a glass of cool, clear water and handed it to Kitty, who accepted it eagerly, filled her mouth with water, then spat it into the bowl. Andrea and Lexie waited, watching while the girl got through nearly the entire jug, before she had managed to get most of the taste of the soap out of her mouth.

Lexie cleared things away and put them back while Andrea took Kitty back over her lap, and started to re oil her bottom. The girl did not protest, but lay in place and sobbed, knowing what was coming. Lexie returned, resumed her seat and freshened her tea cup, she really needed some of the hot beverage to calm her nerves a little.

Lexie wasn’t really able to relax much, as after her first sip of hot tea, Kitty’s anguished howl hit the air, while Andrea paddled her soundly. Lexie winced in sympathy with each blow. That paddle had to really hurt, and with the oil intensifying the sting. Ouch!

The phone rang, Andrea landed another searing swat with the thick, length of leather, and gave the communicational instrument a glare. She applied the paddle again and Kitty wailed, the phone continued to ring. “Damn!” Andrea hissed, she lay the paddle gently on Kitty’s scorched mounds, and snatched the phone from its cradle. “Can’t this wait, Kimberley?” she demanded. “I’m in the middle of Kitty’s hiding.”

“I’m really sorry, ma’am,” Kimberley apologized, looking at the bottoms glowing from the corners in reception, and hoping she wouldn’t be joining them after this phone call.

“You will be if this isn’t important, young lady,” Andrea vowed ominously.

“Mr Moffat called, he wanted to schedule Dylan’s spanking for this afternoon.”

“When?” Andrea asked.

“Once you’re done with Kitty.”

Andrea shrugged “Go ahead and book it in.”

“You’ll have to put off Greg Lane if I do that, ma’am.”

Andrea’s brows drew together in a frown “What is he due for, Kimmy?”

The blonde girl checked her computer screen, and replied “His Mum thought a good long dose of the hairbrush and some with the tawse would sort him out, Aunty.”

“Will you be busy in reception then?”

“I shouldn’t be. Dylan and Greg are our last two appointments of the day.”

“Lovely,” Andrea replied with one her seraphic smiles. “I’ll deal with our rogue tattooist and you can handle young Mister Lane. Does that suit, sweetheart?”

“Oh yes, Miss Andrea!” Kimberley replied enthusiastically. The girl truly loved to spank, and gleefully accepted any opportunity she was given to put a client through their paces.

“Book that in, Kimberley Susan,” Andrea told her. “Now I need to get back to cooking Miss Toscanno’s cakes for her.”

Kitty did not accept the rest of her paddling at all gracefully. She kicked and squealed, howled and wriggled. Andrea had to work to hold her over the lap, even the young college athlete; Sammy, who she saw on a regular basis, didn’t put up this much resistance. “Open your legs,” Andrea ordered Kitty, she wanted to sear the inside thighs.

Kitty’s legs remained stubbornly clamped together.

“Kitten,” Andrea began reasonably. “I do not like to repeat myself. Are you going to open those legs, or not?”

“I can’t, ma’am,” Kitty whimpered.

“Why not?” Andrea demanded, her green eyes flashing.

“You’re going to spank me there, miss, and it will hurt,” Kitty sobbed.

“Well of course I am, you silly little girl!” Andrea informed her scornfully.

Kitty blubbered.

“You’re not going to open them, are you?”

Kitty shook her head miserably.

“Lexie, can you please hold your sister’s legs apart?”

“No, Lexie! Don’t!” Kitty shouted.

“I have to Kitty Cat,” Lexie said sadly. “You’ve needed this for years, and you should be thanking Aunty Andrea for giving it to you.”

Kitty bawled as Lexie parted her legs with a hand on each ankle. “Thank you, dear,” Andrea said and unleashed the paddle again to a deafening chorus from Kitty.

Once Andrea had well and truly scalded the girl’s inner thighs she put the paddle down and Lexie retired back to her seat and her tea.

Andrea let Kitty cry for a few minutes and come to the realization that the ordeal was over. She helped Kitty to her feet and gently wiped the tears, mucus, saliva and sweat from her face. Kitty gulped in air and kept sobbing steadily. Andrea enfolded the distraught girl in her arms, and hugged her tightly, rubbing her blazing buttocks. She led her to Lexie and let her go. Kitty clung to her sister, crying onto her shoulder and apologizing for her behaviour. Andrea watched the touching scene of sisterly love with a smile, then installed Kitty in a corner, before taking a fresh cup of tea back to her chair to sip and relax while she admired her handiwork on the girl’s cherry red rump.

“She’ll still be like a stove when you get her home,” Andrea informed Lexie.

“What should I do?” the adolescent asked the disciplinarian.

“Get her out of her clothes, and give her bottom a good soothing rub with lotion or cold cream. Let her have a long hot bath, then give her something light for supper. I prefer a nice hot bowl of tomato soup with some toast. Then you can put her to bed. I find kids sleep like tops after a good hard spanking. I know it sounds odd, Lexie, but it is very relaxing.”

Andrea finished her tea, and told Kitty that she was allowed to leave the corner and get dressed. The girl hurried to comply in case the stern proprietress of the Spank Shop changed her mind.

With a smile on her face Andrea advised Lexie to stay quiet and they’d hear Kitty trying to squeeze her freshly spanked bottom into her tight jeans.

“The bottom gets a little swollen when you undergo a spanking like the one I just administered to Kitty. She’ll regret wearing such a tight pair of jeans in a moment or two.”

Broad grins broke out on the faces of both ladies as a series of loud ouches emanated from the changing room.

“I’d like you to discuss what happened here today with your parents, Lexie,” Andrea said. “I think Kitty may need a few sessions over my lap before she really learns a lesson. You can’t make up for nearly eighteen years in one afternoon, although Kitty probably thought it was the longest afternoon of her life.”

“Oh, I am sure she did, Miss Andrea,” Lexie assured the disciplinarian.

“Kitty isn’t the only one who could benefit from the occasional visit,” Andrea continued, and Lexie’s eyebrows tried to climb into her fringe. “You may not think so, dear, but you are only nineteen years old and the best way to keep behaving as well as you do is if there is a tangible reminder of what awaits misbehavior.”

Lexie may not have agreed with what Andrea said, but she did not feel minded to argue with the woman in her own parlour, and besides what she had said did make some sort of sense.

Andrea watched Lexie and Kitty, walk, or rather limp in the younger woman’s case, out of her parlour hand in hand like the two loving sisters they were, and a smile played across her generous lips.

Kitty stood by uncomfortably as Lexie dealt with Kimberley, and wished that they were home so she could get out of her jeans. The snug fitting denims were squeezing her sore, swollen cheeks and they held the heat in, she felt like she was going to catch fire back there.

As the girls exited the shop, they were passed by an angry heavily tattooed Mick Moffatt, dragging his protesting son Dylan in by an ear.

“You can go right in, Mr Moffatt,” Kimberley invited the tattooist. “Aunty Andrea is expecting you and Dylan.”

The man nodded his thanks and kept on going. Kimberley watched the door to Andrea’s parlour close and sighed happily. She then turned her attention to the nervous young man seated gingerly on a chair in reception. She rose languidly, took her cherry wood hairbrush and a short two tailed tawse from the desk drawer, slipped out from behind the large desk, fixed the teenager on the chair with a predatory gaze, and holding out her free hand said “Come on Gregory, Aunty Kimberley has something special planned for you in her parlour, darling.”


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