Monday, 5 November 2012

Update from Kimberley Susan - November

Hello! Happy Melbourne Cup Day to everyone! I did tell you Aunty was going to make this a regular thing, didn't I? Now here I am on Melbourne Cup Day (a holiday) updating the blog instead of joining Debbie at the races and enjoying the corporate hospitality. Maybe I'll be able to get Thursday off and go to the Oaks, which is Ladies Day.

I'm here to let you all know what is happening during November, although things can change on Aunty's whim. We began the month with one of Esskay's stories, and that was wonderful. Thanks very much to Esskay for supporting the blog and letting us publish his work.

It's a new month, so that means a new SOTM (that's the acronym for Spankee of the Month, and so much easier to write). Aunty would like everyone to give this some thought and send us your suggestions. I thought starting with this update to help people out a little I'd post a list of our spankees thus far:

July - Maria Sharapova
August - Zahra Phillips
September - Katy Perry
October - Kate Middleton (the newspapers still call her that. I don't think she has a married name)

Seegee is working away on a new story and hopes to have that up soon.

The rest of the month we'll be posting little snippets here and there as we get them and as we think of them. We're also in the lead up to Christmas, so some themed pieces may appear, although I think that's more likely to happen in December.

I leave you with a couple of pictures in honour of Melbourne Cup Day.

Kimberley Susan XXX

I thought these were so cute, and very obviously not for riding horses. I may have to look at getting one or two for the shop. I think they'd make a fun addition to Aunty's 'war chest'.

Somehow I don't think that lady is going to use the crop on a horse.


  1. Hello Kimberly,

    Yes, the lady does look a bit peevish, doesn't she?

    Perhaps you can join Debbie at her next trip to Warm Waters?


  2. Thank you for the comment. Maybe the lady in the photograph had to work on a public holiday, too. I was thinking of going to Warm Waters until I found out why they really call it Warm Waters. I get spanked quiet enough here, thank you very much!
    Kimberley Susan XXX

  3. Thank you Kimberley and appreciate the words from you and updates. Say wondering when your bottom is going to be over Aunty's lap....thoughts?

    Be well and glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  4. Kimberley,

    I forgot a thought, need a spanking for that, but how about a little poll sometime down the line from the readers rating their top say three favorite postings or stories? I doing some research now for myseld, may be fun?

  5. I passed your message on to Kimberley, Ron, and her response was 'Hopefully never!' Seriously she will be spanked by either Gabrielle or I whenever we feel she needs it.

  6. Aunty Andrea & Kimberley,

    I know that Kimberley has in the past done a review of many spanking instruments including having them tested on herself. I admire her dedication to the readers and the Spank Shop for that. If memory serves me that review did not include a crop. Perhaps Kimberley could once again review and test these "fun, cute riding crops".


  7. I think Kimberley and I both put the crop under the category of 'cane'. I am however planning a new series along those lines and the crop may very well make it's appearance there.