Sunday, 9 December 2012

A tribute to JPC

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that a new link appeared on my links of interest just recently. It's no secret that I am a fan of Belgian artist JPC. I thought he was no longer active as my only link to his work was discontinued some years ago, then one of my wonderful followers (take a bow Pierre!) sent me the link I put up. This is an up to date site for JPC and the pictures are now in colour! They are every bit as elegant and special as they always were. I could spend hours just browsing them.

As I said JPC is Belgian and speaks French. Languages were never Aunty's strong suit, so I don't speak French, but I can use my imagination to dream up scenarios to go with the pictures. I'm going to post a few here and give you my take on them.

 This is classic JPC. One of his typically elegant older women calmly doling out bottom scorchings to a number of deserving young ladies. Both sets of cheeks are blushing here.

This one is a little more modern. I can imagine many women working a little harder on the stairmaster if this was their motivation. Good fun.

I like this one very much. A strict businesswoman has had her two naughty assistants over her lap and is just testing the temperature of their recently sizzled cheeks.

Now while the young lady writing lines at the front of the class is yet to be spanked I still like this one and I included it for a couple of reasons. The girl turning around and smirking at her friend's predicament is so JPC. That expression brings back fond memories of the comic strip JPC used to draw for Bared Affair; Naughty Angel. The paper plane is also a clever touch.

Perfect preparation. Why I included this is because if you look closely at the floor, there's a martinet laying there, it will be used on the young lady's posterior at some stage. You don't often see martinets depicted, but being of French heritage JPC does often have them in his art.

And a lovely image to close. A governess of yesteryear has taken her young charge out into the garden and found it necessary to chastise the girl. She's doing her cornertime facing a tree and affording the prim and proper governess the most marvelous view of her glowing derriere.

These images are all quite recent and if you want to see them they can be found on the first few pages of JPC's site.


  1. I think all your "takes" on the pics are very apt. In the one with the martinet, I wonder if the other girl is also to be chastised or if she's just "helping" the woman who will be applying the martinet. It seems rather ambiguous...


  2. Thank you, great referral and lovely drawings, thank you.

  3. I'm pleased to see everyone appreciates JPC as much as I do. Phil, a number of his pictures are ambiguous, I quite like that quality in them, sometimes it's fun to imagine.

  4. What a great site, spent some time and amazing work....I love the week at her Aunt's house, wow, lots of wonderful spankings, otk, panty, bare, hand and brush. Nice work.

  5. Hello Aunty Andrea,

    i discover now this very pleasant tribute!
    I'm glad that you like my work, realy!

    I you wish a great year 2013 and also for yours gentles readers! :)


  6. JPC, I am honoured! You are one of the most talented and creative spanking artists I have ever encountered. I hope to enjoy 2013 being entertained by more of your work and posting the occasional example here for others to enjoy and discover you.