Friday, 21 December 2012

Red is the colour of Christmas

I'm doing the spankee of the month a little early this time. There is method in Aunty's madness. Firstly I don't think I'm going to get any more nominations. Secondly keeping in mind the time of year I wanted to make the winner related to Christmas, so I'm announcing it just before the jolly fellow in the red and white suit comes down the chimney.

The lucky winner is Mariah Carey. The moment I thought of Christmas my mind went to this songstress. She seems to be linked to Christmas, probably because she releases a Christmas CD every year at this time. It was Ron who voted for her and he had a very good reason. She apparently attended a large Christmas event and was dressed in an outfit that while appropriate in colour and theme, was inappropriate for the intended audience because her impressive breasts were in danger of spilling out of it every time she breathed. Miss Carey is justifiably proud of her chest, but she doesn't really need to show it to her audience at every possibly opportunity.

A big round of applause for The Spank Shop blog's December Spankee of the Month: Mariah Carey!

This is quite beautiful really. For once Mariah is dressed both demurely and rather cutely.

She is a stunningly attractive woman, if she'd only realise that and stop thrusting her breasts at us all the time. I think Aunty could soon have those eyes awash with tears if I got hold of her.

I don't think this was the dress that Ron was talking about, but it certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination and it's also a wonderful guide as to what colour her bottom needs to be.

And because it's Christmas I'm closing with a shot of Mariah and Santa. Let's hope the old fellow did the honours after this shot was taken by putting young Miss Carey over his knee, lifting up her too short dress (I actually think this was the one that sparked Ron's nomination) and turning her gorgeous derriere the colour of Christmas.

I have a little addendum to put with this. Ron very kindly found a picture of young Mariah in the dress that sparked his nomination. This is it:

In front of a live audience and a TV one of millions, many of them children, they don't really need Mariah's chest spilling out at them. Ron suggests that she needs a good session with the hairbrush and I heartily agree with him


  1. Mariah has a body that would make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window and she likes to show it off. Unfortunately, not quite all of it though. I have yet to find any "full monty" pics of her, almost, but not quite. She is quite callipygian however, and I'd love to see Santa (or anyone else) turn that exceptional behind the color of two side-by-side Japanese flags... ;-)


  2. Thank you Phil. Mariah has a wonderful body that is true, I wish it were mine, but she has to learn that there is a time and a place to put it on display and at a family event is neither the time or the place.

  3. Aunty,

    I will find a the picture for you, my bad!

    Would make a nice story of Aunty, or any Aunty, waiting for her in the hotel when she returned from the show, brush in hand.

    She is a lovely lady no doubt but a trip on your lap is most needed!


    Merry Christmas to all, take time, a lot of time, to hug your loved ones this season and always


  4. Mariah is a wonderful candidate, Aunty. I guarantee that a session over your knee with her knickers down would wipe the smile off her face and give her lovely bum a glorious christmassy glow!