Friday, 28 December 2012

The Dropseats

Yes, it is me! Firstly I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and safe 2013. Why am I doing this and it's not an update? Aunty is busy and she's had a few questions about my Christmas present, so I thought I'd answer some of those. Yes, I did want a pair of dropseats and yes I did get them! They're a very pretty pink. In fact Aunty got not only me a pair, but she also got some for my little sister Chelsea, plus the twins. Mummy is delighted, she finds dropseats very practical as when she wants to spank all she has to is pull the flap down and you're ready to get a glowing tail.

One of our wonderful followers sent this photo set from Girl Spank Girl that illustrates my Christmas present perfectly. So please enjoy, and I think our next post may be an unexpected treat from Seegee.

Kimberley Susan XXX


  1. Seems to me that this time of year, these pajamas would be a bit impractical Down Under. Isn't it summer?
    I'll bet you and your sister and the twins look adorable in the corner "afterwards"... ;-)


  2. It is summer here, Phil. However we do still get some cool evenings and the dropseats are excellent for those.

    1. I thought Aunty was "busy"? I guess you're back now. Hope you had a nice holiday. BTW, what did YOU get for Christmas? ;-)