Friday, 7 December 2012

'The Twelve Spankings of Christmas'

No sooner had young Kimberley said that Seegee was working on a Christmas themed story in her December Update I received said finished piece.

To say much more would spoil it, so I shall present Seegee's Christmas story for us all:

This Christmas dinner looks so yummy that my mouth waters.

Phi Gamma Beta 7

The Twelve Spankings of Christmas

Amy Mathieson stared at her empty computer screen and sighed heavily. She frowned down at the keyboard and willed inspiration to come to her.

The pretty and popular Phi Gamma Beta first year sister had promised to provide a poem for the sorority’s pre Christmas gathering, and so far she had nothing.

Maybe the high marks she had received in her creative writing class had caused her to get a swollen head, and she should never have made the rash promise. She was unlikely to be punished if she failed to come up with something. Their housemother Stevie had a fearsome reputation, however Amy was of the opinion that the tall, black lady was firm, but fair. Her bottom was safe, but she would have disappointed the rest of her sisters and feel like she’d let herself down. She would more than likely request a good bedtime spanking from her big sis Naomi to make restitution.

Amy had her iPod playing Christmas carols to help put her in the right frame of mind for the task at hand, so far it had not worked. Then a familiar tune started, and the redhead’s frown was replaced by a grin as inspiration struck. The previously idle fingers began to fly across the keyboard as the girl typed furiously.

It took Amy some time to write it all up, and the song that had so inspired her was long finished when she printed her work out, ensuring that everyone would have a copy to follow when she recited it following dinner, and before the girls received their Christmas Break paddling from Stevie and the four big sisters: Naomi, Shauna, Denise and Veronica.

“I wish Amy would hurry up,” Jessica Sterling said to her fellow first year Sally Fairweather.

“Oh chill Betty,” Sally advised her friend, using the strange patois that seemed unique to the blonde girl, and was generally referred to by the sorority members as ‘Sallyspeak’.

“I don’t know,” Emma Casey commented, running a hand through her curly strawberry blonde tresses. “I think Jessie has a point, I’m starving.”

“I’m here! I’m here!” Amy cried, running down the stairs into the house’s living room, where the majority of the girls were sitting in their pajamas, waiting for Amy to arrive so that they could have dinner, knowing that the entertainment was assured. Amy was waving a sheaf of papers above her head.

“So you really wrote a poem, honey?” Naomi asked her little sis, taking one of the printed sheets from her.

“Uh huh,” Amy replied, handing out copies to the other girls who crowded around her. “It’s Christmassy, and it mentions you and everything.”

Her curiousity piqued, Naomi looked at the printed page in her hand. Her eyes widened, her lips quirked upwards into a smile, then she burst out into delighted laughter. She reached out and hugged Amy tightly, kissing her on the cheek, and saying “You are priceless, little sis!”

Before anything more could happen, the house’s resident food expert; a red headed sophomore by the name of Heather, appeared in the dining room doorway, wiping her hands on her apron and calling everyone into dinner. She took a copy of Amy’s poem as the first year shuffled past her and pressed one into her hand.

Everyone agreed that Heather had outdone herself with the table she set. It was a full traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. The redhead had cooked everything to perfection and the girls felt very spoiled. They had Christmas crackers complete with the useless ‘gifts’, paper hats and awful jokes. The girls all entered into the spirit of it, though, playing with their noisemakers or whatever had come in the cracker, wearing the hats and even laughing or groaning at the old jokes contained in the cracker. The girls toasted each other with sparkling non-alcoholic cider, it was all Stevie would allow, although a number of the girls were old enough to legally drink alcohol.

When the last girl had finished her final mouthful: dessert had been plum pudding with custard, Stevie clapped her hands for attention, and announced “Amy has provided us with a song for our entertainment, and having read it I am simply dying to see it presented.”

Amy was pulled to her feet by Naomi and led to a place by the mantel where she could face her sisters, who were settling into the couches and comfortable chairs in the house’s relaxed living room. “Got your singing voice with you, little sis?” Naomi asked the petite redhead.

“Singing voice?” a confused Amy asked.

“It’s a song,” Naomi told her.

“Well, it’s adapted, but I didn’t think I’d have to actually sing it,” Amy said, starting to question the wisdom of volunteering for this. She thought she would be able to recite what she’d written, but singing it could be potentially embarrassing.

Naomi took pity on her little sorority sister, and encouraged her “Once you start I’m sure everyone will help out. We all know the tune, it’s just the words that are new.”

“I got the music!” Shauna announced, inserting an iPod into a player that was set up in the loungeroom.

Naomi pushed Amy gently into position, and said to the bubbly blonde cheerleader “Hit it Shauna!”

There was applause and laughter and shouts of encouragement from the gathered girls to a red faced Amy as the opening strains of the familiar carol hit the air.

Amy looked down at the sheet of paper in her hand, then at the grinning audience, took a deep breath and began in an uncertain, but high and clear voice.

“On the first day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a bare bottom spanking over her knee.”

Laughter and cat calling greeted the first stanza.

Amy continued “On the second day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a slippering from Denise.”

The curly haired senior’s eyes went wide as she was mentioned, and she gave everyone a mock stern look and mimed swinging a slipper.

“On the third day of Christmas my big sis gave me three spoonings from Heather in the kitchen.”

The sophomore’s face turned as red as her hair. The other girls teased and hooted.

“On the fourth day of Christmas my big sis gave me to me four Phi Sigs to play with.”

There were delighted chuckles and smiles from the girls as they all remembered the four first year brothers from their brother fraternity Phi Sigma Tau who had spent an eventful week in the sorority house earlier in the year.

“On the fifth day of Christmas my big sis gave to me five Friday night paddlings.”

That one got giggles and groans in equal measure from the assembled sisters and a broad grin from Stevie.

“On the sixth day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a hairbrushing from Naomi.”

Naomi smiled and mouthed ‘Moi?’ at the rest of the crowd, then winked at Amy.

“On the seventh day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a paddling over Shauna’s knee.”

With a wicked smile the blonde cheerleader planted a firm swat on the pajamed backside of her ‘little sis’ Jessica, which elicited a surprised squeal from the tall brunette.

“On the eighth day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a strapping from Howard.”

Mouths dropped open and some girls winced at the thought of being strapped by the Phi Sigma Tau’s stern housemaster. No one saw it, but Stevie blushed as she remembered her interaction with her opposite number at the fraternity during a mixer earlier that year.

“On the ninth day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a tawsing from Veronica.”

Sally gave her big sis a rueful look and rubbed her pert rear end. She had been on the receiving end of a tawse from the broad shouldered senior, and she didn’t want it to happen again.

“On the tenth day of Christmas my big sis washed my mouth out with soap.”

That line got a few laughs and a few twisted mouths. Not every sister had had their mouths washed out, but those that had experienced it had found it to be an unpleasant and humiliating experience.

“On the eleventh day of Christmas my big sis gave to me a paddling from Stevie with Miss Sting.”

Squeals and moans came from the assembled sisters and a big grin from Stevie. Most of the girls had received a paddling from the housemother with the wicked little rubber paddle that she had playfully named Miss Sting.

Amy took a breath and launched into the last line “On the twelfth day of Christmas my big sis lined our red bottoms up in the living room!”

Laughter and applause broke out, and then everyone lustily sang the whole thing through again.

Amy was engulfed by her three fellow first years and the four big sisters and thoroughly hugged. Even Stevie had words of praise for the girl’s efforts in giving the old classic a decidedly PGB twist.

Once everyone had composed themselves again the girls bared their bottoms and lined up to receive their Christmas paddling as Stevie and the four seniors armed themselves with their personalized sorority paddles.

A Spanking Merry Christmas to you all from the girls at Phi Gamma Beta!

JPC and Sarah Gregory Spanking provide a couple of pictures that may resemble what happened after Amy read out her Christmas carol.


  1. Charming. And very Christmas-y. ;-) After all, the first color one associates with Christmas is red...

  2. Cute! Thank you, Seegee :) I feel more festive now. And more frisky!

  3. I am certain there is a reason Santa's suit is red, Phil.
    Thank you Penny, we're glad to make you frisky, dear.

  4. Now I am in the Christmas spirit; well done and very realistic, I can picture a scene like this no doubt...ah a Christmas spanking, nice thought. Well written as well.
    Thank you

  5. Glad we were able to put you in the right frame of mind, Ron.