Sunday, 16 December 2012

Three stages

Aunty found this set on Girl Spanks Girl. It is the very beautiful and firm Snow Mercy (I feel this woman is somewhat misnamed, she rarely shows the quality of her surname) spanking the undeniably cute and extremely spankable Allanah Rae. It just seems like the right thing to post today.

It begins over Aunty's lap and with that firm palm on the seat of the pretty pink floral pjs.

I think Miss Alannah was expecting this spanking, why else would she be wearing panties under her jim jams?

It really doesn't matter now, because Aunty has removed them, and she's warmed that pretty situpon up very nicely

And it's finished off with that most traditional of implements; the hairbrush.


  1. Lovely. Both of them actually. Lovely in their own ways, Allanah attractive as a spankee and Snow Mercy regally beautiful, if stirringly stern as a spanker.
    BTW, I think Snow Mercy is merely a play on words, meant to evoke "no mercy" and thus explaining her lack of it.


  2. Auntie,

    Well you know what I am about to say no the panty and the spanking on the panty, the bare, the pj's and the bare bottom getting the brush...just lovely ma'am.

  3. Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad you found the set as lovely as did and well worth sharing.

  4. Mmm! These really are very lovely, and they make me decidedly tingly just looking at them. I would trade places with the naughty Allanah in two seconds flat!

    Thank you, Aunty :)

  5. Thank you Penny. I am always flattered when you leave a comment for me.

  6. Hello Aunty Andrea, I am sorry it has been a while since I have visited your blog. Truth be told I have not been very well and as a result have not done much reading online, I love the pictures and part of me wishes it was my bottom that nice shade of red, however I am a realist and know that when a bottom gets that shade of red it hurts such a lot. Lovely pictures Aunty


  7. Thank you Mario. I appreciate the support. I am sorry you've been unwell. I hope you're feeling much better now.