Wednesday, 23 January 2013

And the rest

I could literally go on forever finding rooms and places in and out of the house to be spanked, but I shan't. I'm going to try and cover the rest here today. I hope you've all enjoyed this fun little series.

This one from About Spankings shows a young woman being caned in the attic. I don't really like attics as a venue for a spanking and I think this picture shows way. They're cramped and dark. They're not all that easy to get to. Unless one has been set up as a bedroom they're not really practical at all.

This picture is from Dreams of Spanking, and it's a bit silly really, but we can always have fun with spanking. Some people have dungeons or outfit a room as one. I think this couple have gone a bit far, but as long as they enjoy what they're doing. One advantage a 'dungeon' has is that there are always plenty of implements handy.

Here we have Amber 'Pixie' Wells and the lovely Lily Anna from Punished Brats having some fun in the snow. We don't really get snow down here, but it is rather practical for a spanking if you can find somewhere to sit to give it. The spanking keeps both spankee and spanker warm and the just spanked bottom can cool down again in the snow.

 Punished Brats again. There's no actual spanking in this one, but that young woman has been sent to the woodshed for her 'whipping' sans pants. Very little doubt about why she's going there. Woodsheds can be a little dark, but they're well away from the house and often quite well insulated against sound. They're quite roomy and straps as well as paddles, canes and switches can often be stored there. It also has a very traditional feel about it, being sent to the woodshed.

To take us out is a fun picture of a spanking in a pool. However the woman with the switch seems to know what she's doing, but the girl in the shorts doesn't seem concerned by the way she's sticking her tightly covered bottom out there. Pools do have some advantages as places to spank. Generally you're not wearing much, so not a lot to remove and your bottom will also be wet, so sting a little more. However they are very public and not likely to have a lot in the way of implements available.

I hope you've all had fun with this. I did.


  1. I don't think that's a dungeon specifically, since that's Pandora Blake and her boyfriend from her "Pirate Spanking"(or some such title) video and woodsheds, while traditional in folklore are probably less practical than it seems. Mostly, there's not a lot of room to spare. A barn would probably be better as there's room, along with hay bales and various leather implements like horse tack (and generally a hay loft for surreptitious viewing by others). These are only practical in rural areas for the most part. And definitely not soundproof.
    Another thought is a basement, finished or otherwise. They tend to be somewhat soundproof and generally have some room. Many of the houses where I grew up had finished basements that were equipped with couches, bars, pool or at least ping-pong tables and sometimes laundry facilities. Some of my friends told tales of spankings given in their basements. Ours was never "finished" and was just used for storage...


  2. Thanks Phil, basements or cellars are good places for spankings, but it was next to impossible to find a picture of a spanking taking place in a basement that actually looked like one. Down here not a lot of houses have basements as such, generally 'man caves' are sheds or garages converted for the purpose.

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  4. A lot of the finished basements I was referring to weren't "man caves" pe se, but were family rooms. The "family room" as a concept, didn't really exist upstairs in the house, so the finished basement used that concept. People entertained down there, watched TV, had parties, played games etc., and it served the purpose of getting the kids out from underfoot upstairs when Mom had her friends over for coffee or bridge. Sometimes there was more than one room and the smaller one could be used for checking out Dad's Playboys or playing "doctor" and such. Also good for spankings, plenty of room, privacy, ping-pong paddles readily available... Really very versatile. ;-)

  5. Thank you for the comment and the interest Xavier.
    Phil, it sounds like you have great knowledge of the basement. I'd love to hear more.

  6. Well done, a hot tube as well is a nice setting, or the back porch!
    Great series, thank you ma'am