Monday, 21 January 2013

Getting serious

My series of rooms continues. I don't know about everyone, but my house as a child certainly had one of these, and that's a study. It can be called a den or an office, some even have a school room in their house. It's not a room I generally wanted to be called to, because it usually meant I was going to be spanked.

This one from My Spanking Roommate has the look of a den spanking to me. The nervous smile, maybe she's hoping she can talk her way out of what is coming and decides to start with a pretty smile. That chair is ideal to sit in with her over your lap or to bend her over for a taste of the strap or stick.

This is most definitely a room that has been turned into an office or school room. Again there's a good sturdy chair as well as benches/tables to lean on. The lady from Punished Brats is only using her hand, but dens and studies tend to be where the paddle, the strap or the cane lived in my experience. If you're using a room as a school room then you'll more than likely have those as well as a ruler and a sturdy slipper close to hand.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in a den awaiting a miscreant, most likely a naughty boy. Boys, doesn't that sight just make you go weak at the knees?

Obviously the naughty boy never showed so Dana just went to work on Sarah and a friend. I actually always found it rather good to have a specific room designated for discipline. Although I love places like living rooms and bedrooms there's a good argument for that room being the study.

Our old friend Sassy Bottoms provides us with a view of why an office or schoolroom is ideal, where else would you have a strong wooden ruler so easily to hand. Nice picture too.

A young lady from Firmhand Spanking visits the Headmaster's office for a dose of the Board of Education across the seat of her denimed rump. I personally would have had those jeans down, if not completely bare bottomed, but I can imagine how those snug trousers will hold the heat in for quite some time after this encounter.

Something for you all to ponder next time you hear the words "See me in my study."


  1. The lady from Punished Brats (Julie Simone?)certainly seems to be a formidable spanker. I had a teacher like that once, in grammar school, but, alas they were just rumors...

    I certainly would have been nervous seeing Dana and Sarah waiting for me like that in school as well. I guess Dana just wanted to spank someone and Sarah and her friend were "handy".

    The Sassy Bottoms one is one of my faves. ;-)


  2. Sarah, whether She is getting or giving looks fantastic! What red blooded naughty boy would not want to get an OTK spanking from her.

  3. Thank you both for the comments and I agree entirely about Sarah.

  4. Aunty,

    We did not have a den.....but fantasy and mind let's me go there many times! Sarah impecable bottom or lap.
    Thank you

  5. Not everyone has a den, Ron, but they are nice to dream about.