Thursday, 3 January 2013

January update from Kimberley Susan

Happy New Year to everyone from a very hot Australia! I don't mean it's hot because of all the bottoms being spanked either. As a matter of fact the heat seems to have kept the customers away. It's as much of an ordeal to spank someone in this weather as it is to be spanked!

January is traditionally a quiet month for the blog and the shop. One factor with the shop is the heat and the other is that a lot of people are away on their summer holidays. If I can convince Aunty to close early today I'll be heading off to the local pool to keep cool.

Aunty has already done a couple of posts for the new year and Seegee came through again, so we're off to a good start. The SotM (Spankee of the Month) is also off to a promising start. We've already had two nominations and they're both for the same person, but I shall say no more. Aunty is quite excited about that.

I don't have a lot else to say, and it's dreadfully hot.

I have had enquiries about my Christmas present and I have confess that I love pajamas. Dropseats are my current fave, but I have lots, so I'll leave you with a pj spanking picture. This one is from Girl Spanks Girl and it is too cute!


  1. Sorry to hear it's so hot down there. You could always come to the states this time of year, plenty of cold bottoms here which need a good warming. :-) A cute pajama site.

  2. I suppose you could spank people in a bikini or whatever you wear to the local pool...

    On second thought, that might be counter-productive in at least some of the cases. I'm sure the boys and young men are under enough stress as it is. ;-)


  3. Nice post and welcome. Happy New Year. Glad it hot there as it is brutal cold here in NJ....need a nice warm bottom to contrast!

  4. Thank you all for the comments. I took pity on Kim and let her go early that day, then I took myself off for a country retreat for the weekend.

  5. I hope it's cooled down a bit by now, Aunty. If it hasn't I'll do a raindance and see if that helps.