Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keeping it clean

My series of rooms continues. I must confess I actually had trouble finding pictures to fit this room, which I found surprising, because like the kitchen I think it's an ideal place for a spanking and there are are reasons for this. If no one has guessed yet I'm talking about the bathroom. I'll try and speak further about this as I post the images I was able to glean to illustrate the post.

Now this young lady has been bathed, spanked and put in the shower stall to do her corner time. This picture illustrates some of the pros and one of the cons of using the bathroom as a place to spank. The recipient is very likely to be nude to begin with, so you can start spanking right on the bare and not have to remove clothing. They've also probably bathed or showered which makes the bottom clean and tender, so nicely receptive to a good old fashioned spanking. Bathrooms can be rather clinical, though and this may be why we don't see a lot of pictures of them.

Cathy is this girl's name. She's been stripped, bathed and spanked by an officers of the law in her bathroom. I'm not really sure why she was spanked there, but yet again she is nude and wet. Spankings do tend to sting more on a wet bottom, too. She's also using the bath to lean on. Like with benches in the kitchen and couches or chairs in the living room the bathroom contains items to lean on. One can also seat themselves on a stool or even the toilet seat to administer the spanking. You can also use the bath itself, but I find that a rather precarious and somewhat slippery perch.

The marvelous JPC also appreciates the value of the bathroom as a place to spank. One features a young lass in days gone by bathing prior to a spanking and the other has two girls in quite a spacious bath. One is having her bare wet buttocks attended while leaning over the bath and the other is doing a rather unique corner time while she waits for her own chastisement.

Sarah Gregory and her friend Chloe chime in from Sarah Gregory Spanking. Now this is a bathroom! It even has a little step and bench for you to spank a naughty bathmate. I think Chloe is finding out just how much a spanking stings on a wet bottom.

Spank-movie.com brings us a rather unique viewpoint, being spanked in the actual bath. I enjoy a nice long soak in a steaming tub, but this one would have a pleasure pain aspect I think. I suppose she can turn around and sooth her aching hindquarters after the spanking.

This lady is using a Spencer paddle on a freshly bathed young man. Ouch! The Spencer paddle hurts enough on a dry unoiled bottom I can only imagine how much it would sting on a freshly bathed still wet bum. That actually brings me to another point about bathrooms. Like kitchens they contain implements. I wouldn't generally keep a Spencer paddle or a paddle of any kind there, but they do have bathbrushes, lovely long handles with broad stinging oval backs. Sometimes hairbrushes. There are also little paddle shaped items that are generally used to scrape the body, but they double as stingy little paddles as well.

These two shots from Triple A Spanking, while featuring a lovely red little bottom being soundly spanked with a bathbrush also highlight that bathrooms contain ways of enhancing and soothing a battered backside. There's lotion and cold cream, cotton balls, talc and a ready supply of water.

It doesn't always spring to mind, but the bathroom is an excellent place to either give or get a good spanking!


  1. I like the idea of a spanking in the bathroom! You put it all so well, Aunty. (Alas it would be impossible in the cubby hole we have at present. Must get a bigger house!)

    I think the appeal has a certain something to do with the bathroom being a place associated with cleanliness (and so purity)... getting up to naughty things there seems extra naughty somehow.

  2. I agree that the bathroom is a nice spot, many are too small but funny, why does it seem the bottoms are really red when being spanked in the bathroom? Wet bottom perhaps. Lovely post ma'am, thank you.

  3. Lovely post. I've always wanted to spank/be spanked on a wet bottom, must give it a try

  4. Never lived in a place with a bathroom big enough for that sort of activity, so I couldn't comment. Having said that, the possiblilities are intriguing... ;-)


  5. Oh my! So many lovely comments! Thank you all. Bathrooms have all sorts of possibilities and if you have the space, something a few of you have said is an issue, the acoustics can also provide an interesting aspect of the punishment. The smacks and answering yells seem to be amplified.

  6. No mention of mouthsoaping, which I know Aunty regards highly as a remedy for bad language. Soap, a basin, a wash cloth and a bathbrush near at hand to make sure the lesson is learned....an ideal location indeed...:(


  7. Ah yes mouth soaping. That was remiss of me, R. I do find it an excellent and effective punishment and really should have mentioned it here, thank you for correcting that rather crucial omission. I may do a separate post on it at some point in the future.

  8. Love the idea of being spanked in the bathroom, Aunty, which I think I need?! But usually, in my experience, bathrooms are where bottoms get soothed rather than spanked!

    Sophie x

  9. That's the duality of the bathroom Sophie. You can spank the bottom and then soothe it all in the one place!