Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Name the place

The weather has kept me cooped up inside, it's been far too hot to venture out, and now it's cooled down a touch, it's raining! I simply cannot win!

The enforced stay inside got me looking at the great indoors a little more keenly and I started to think about how many rooms we actually spank in and the pros and cons of them.

Are you hearing what I'm hearing readers? Yes, it's another series! I'm going to look at places to spank. I do most of mine in the parlour because it's set up for it, but you can spank in any room of the house and there are various reasons for doing so, and I'm sure we can associate memories with these particular rooms.

I'm going to kick it off with the kitchen.

To set the scene we have this sequence from Girl Spanks Girl.

 To be totally honest and rather critical it is not one of the site's best set up sequences. The 'Mom' or 'Aunt' in this one is dressed totally inappropriately, and she looks far too young to be taking on that role with her 'daughter'. That quibble aside the setting is definitely the kitchen. I do love both the expression and the pose taken by the 'daughter'. I've seen the protective hands over the seat of the skirt (far too short to be believable in this case) many times. She could be rubbing after a spanking, but I think she's getting ready to be turned over 'Mom's' thighs.

Of the many things kitchens have going for them as spanking locations is the furniture. Kitchens usually contain stools, sturdy straight backed chairs, benches or tables. One of those chairs has provided the ideal place for this young lady to be upended over the knees and have her pretty bottom turned the same colour as her almost invisible panties.

By this stage the panties or thong has been dispensed with and the chastisement is proceeding on the bare bottom. Again another item of kitchen furniture; the table, has been put to use as somewhere for the girl to lean on whilst 'Mum' continues her spanking. As an aside I wondered if the room was cold. The jacket over the shoulder while spanking looks odd and awkward.

Kitchen's tend to have a lovely cosy feel about them. They are often the heart of the house, and in my house growing up that was quite frequently a very warm heart, as Mum got her blood flowing and that of me and my sister, but administering a good old fashioned on the spot spanking.

Now if you're an implement spanker then the kitchen was made for spanking, because they contain all sorts of common place items that have dual uses.

A sight to send a shiver of fear through the posteriors of any little miscreant. A selection of spoons and spatulas. Most Mums prefer spoons, although spatulas are gaining popularity. Most old fashioned spanking parents had at least two wooden spoons, one for cooking, one for spanking. Both generally resided in the kitchen.

Paddles generally only have one use and that's not in the kitchen, but why not get a paddle shaped chopping board? You can use it to prepare food and wash it down to spank a naughty bottom. The one above is not only functional it's quite attractive.

You don't see the above implements much very often now. They're butter pats, and not really used these days, but when they were again the kitchen was where they were kept. I have some of these in the shop. I find the ridged side as well as being intensely painful also makes a pretty pattern on a punished derriere. Once you've administered the ridged side you can seal the sting in using the flat side.

I hope I've managed to revive some memories of kitchen spankings for you all.


  1. Thank you for such a lovely post, Aunty! And such yummy pictures to go with it. I can totally identify with the naughty young miss :)

    We keep a wooden spatula in the bedroom - I don't think it's ever seen the kitchen - and it's a most dreaded implement. So stingy!

  2. You're right that the women in the pics are a bit inappropriately dressed. The girl, of course, deserves a good bottom-warming just for wearing her skirt that short and the "mom" is more than a bit casually (and revealingly) dressed as well.

    I think the cutting board would make a fearsome paddle, as it looks a bit thick and heavy. It would have to be used with care lest it do some real damage. I love the "butter pats". I've heard of them but never seen one. I wonder what the ridges are for?

    They do make various plastic and nylon cutting boards, many with handles that are much thinner and lighter than that wooden one and would be, IMO, more appropriate for spanking naughty bare bottoms... :-)


  3. Aunty,

    One of the most memorable spankings I got was in the kitchen, when I tossed out my eggs in the garbage...mom's hand and the spoon did the job. However our basement and parent's bedroom were the prime spanking rooms....bedroom mostly because that is where mom's hairbrush took up residence.
    Growing up however there was always this mythical room, the den, where supposedly spankings were delivered....we did not have a den!
    Kitchen and bedroom for me.
    Oh and some nice sexy pictures, thank you.


  4. Thank you all for the comments.
    @ Penny, you know you love the spatula really, naughty girl!
    @ Phil, that board is a little thick, true, but I just thought it looked rather attractive. The ridges on the butter pats are to give the pat of butter a nice look, but they also do a good job on bottoms.
    @ Ron, kitchens are a treasure trove of spanking implements, so it's best not to anger the spanker in that room if at all avoidable.

  5. There is always a huge tactical advantage for the spanker in being on his or her home turf, headmasters and their studies, Aunty A and her parlour, wives and their kitchens, and its hard for the spankee not to feel at a disadvantage in the same way.

    K is exceptionally adept at using home turf advantge and I'm probably marched into the kitchen where the stragiht backed chairs at the breakfast table provide the perfect suport for a trip over her knee more often than anywhere else. The stool in front of he dressing table is close second - its proximity to the normal resting place of her hairbrush makes it the the inevitable venue for hairbrush spankings.

    Both are rooms K has the most influence on but the kitchen is much more exclsuively her domain so its hard not to feel vulnerable and isolated doing cornertime next to the fridge.

    We do both laugh at the amount of equiptemnet that hides in plain sight in our kitchen, not just wooden spoons, my naughty apron, jokari bats (on a shelf with lawn bowls and other outdoor toys) Slippers (on a shoe rack) the hour glass timer (4 minutes for a hard boild egg or a moderately well smacked bottom), a 10 minute timer (for being very naughty and a guarenteed not to sit down for week - no useful cooking purpose has yet been found but nbpdy knows that, it just suts by the cooker). The strap which is used on my hands is harder to explain but the bueaty of a kitchen is that there are som many drawers to tuck things away in.

    And of course most kitchens are at the backk of the house, which is helpful when it starts to get noisy....truly the spanking hart of any home!

    Happy new year


  6. How wonderful to hear from you again, R.
    Oh yes kitchens are wonderful places to hide implements in plain sight, and no one ever questions their presence. You are also correct to point out that they are often filled with cupboards or drawers where many things not generally found in kitchens can lurk and still be easily removed for use. THe space aspect is also important, generally kitchens are largish rooms, plenty of room for kicking legs. Please give my regards to the lovely K.