Saturday, 19 January 2013

Overpowered - Guest Fiction

Hello my darlings! My lovely, talented artistic follower Pierre has provided me with a story that he wrote and also a drawing he did to go with it. Please enjoy Overpowered.

Emmanuelle takes charge of Jean-Philippe.


At a Paris university, Emmanuelle and Jean- Philippe are in the same group of students. For the last four years they have worked hard to become good lawyers, they want a solicitor's practice.

Jean Philippe has lot of knowledge. A classically trained pianist.  He’s very serious about his work,  plans carefully.

Emmanuelle is kind girl, sporty, funny and can never sit still. Always laughing, she listen to music without dancing. She gives everything just because she loves people. She’s the perfect friend, and she has a crush on Jean-Philippe. They’re not girlfriend and boyfriend but she always hugs him and pecks him on the cheek when they speak.

One day, they have an assignment to do together, including research,  a thesis and notes. Jean-Philippe,  is as usual prepared, with photo copies for Emmanuelle. Contrary to this Emmanuelle has hand written notes that are on odd paper and not at all ordered. It’s solid work, but spontaneous, like Emmanuelle herself.

As they have an empty classroom in the campus, they can act how they want, do run the risk of being disturbed by anyone passing by the corridor and looking for a free room.

Jean Philippe is a bit annoyed with his friend, and on this occasion, co-worker.

-          <Oh! What can I do with a careless co-worker like you? Lazy little girl!>

She keeps her tone light, pretends to be offended and answered with a loud laugh

-      <You're an old-fashioned guy, it’s like when I hear my father making comments about my marks and grades.>

-       <If I were your father, I'd spank you right here, right now on the bare bottom like a bratty teenager.>

-       <Oh you'll wish you never said that to me!>

Emmanuelle went straight in Jean-Philippe's direction, took his right arm over his head and inserted her knee between his legs. In less than a second he was over her lap, locked in with her right thigh as she sat down on the first classroom chair she grabbed.

Jean-Philippe would have avoided this if he had known that Emmanuelle had a black belt in judo. He wondered why she’s doing this time. It’s a fight for moment or two. What is she about to do to him? He is under her control and unable to escape.

Emmanuelle sits down and begins to spank her friend, not too hard but enough to sting a little. Letting him wonder if she wants play or punish. A question she’s going to let him find the answer to himself.
Jean-Philippe had no choice, but to suffer the fun spanking she planned to give him. The first few slaps demonstrated what she was capable of. 

Emmanuelle found the spanking amusing and continued, slap after slap and wondered if she should take down his trousers and underpants and have even more fun.

Fighting his kicking legs she begad to unbutton  his pants. It wasn't easy at first.  She caught his belt while turning him from right to left, it’s difficult but successful. His underpants appear. She won! She feels like a real mistress.

Brutally, she lowered the underwear letting it fall at her toes. She can now spank his bare bottom, and, she found the noise funnier in direct contact with flesh, the CLAC as opposed to the TwwACKKKK !

A number of fast and stinging slaps fall in an uninterrupted volley.  Emmanuelle spanks faster and faster, harder and harder in a real spanking more punishment than fun. SPANK, SPANK,  SPANK,  SPANK,  SPANK ……  Full force now, setting Jean-Philippe’s butt on fire, colouring from pink to red in no time.

Jean-Philippe feels the pain he is going through now mark the end of his correction, but Emmanuelle has other ideas. She wants to keep going.

 Completely turned on ….. her aim is changing. Jean-Philippe didn’t understand and asked

-      <Hey what’s the problem? What are you doing?>

-       <Let me have some fun, I've never did this before and ….. I enjoy it.>

-       <There's no reason to spank me this hard.>

-       <Oh sweetie, we’re close enough to the end and you can let me have  some fun!>  SLAP SLAP SLAP <You can do that for me, dear!>

-       <That's not a good reason,> Jean Philippe protested.

-       <Shut up and let me continue ……. You’re in for a long blistering, but a loving one ….>

The slaps became harder and harder, Emmanuelle losing control of herself. She’s now in the spanking, she forgets everything around her. She’s in another world. A mistress, a princess, a queen nobody knows and will never know, not even herself because she has no sympathy for her friend.

She’s into the spanking, enjoying  seeing Jean-Philippe's little butt becoming redder and redder, glowing and hot. It’s her female power which gives the control to her, an unbelievable sensation she had never felt before.

POWER,  POWER : this word is her only thought at this instant. She wants to completely dominate Jean-Philippe. She continues and enjoys the spanking and she must go deeper into the experience.

She  begins to relax becomes aware of how to make efficient use of her spanking hand. She spreads her fingers, and makes her hand more flexible so that at every slap the sensation is the one of a paddle with five whips. What a technique !

What a pleasure also for Emmanuelle, who continues to spank her poor friend SPANK, SPANK,  SPANK, SPANK SPANK . Is she conscious that this correction is now very painful?  Like a hard punishment for an unacceptable infraction.

With his backside fire engine red Jean-Philippe screaming, Emmanuelle still  isn’t tired and she thinks of the thighs. Don’t they deserve a little touch ?

Jean-Philippe is crying and bawling like a baby.  So Emmanuelle decides to give his butt a little rest, and attacks his thighs violently without even no warning.

-       <Keep quiet, or do you want everyblody to know?>

-       <Stop it please, I’ll be good, I promise. >

-       <But you are good dear! I'm just having fun and experiecingt new sensations. Let me do that…. but HA HA, you’ don't have a choice!" SLAP SLAP SLAP SPPANK SPANK SLAP SLAP  <Pooooooooor  baby..> 
A very long and hard volley of slaps is the final assault, a long sequence of  thirty, and finally the spanking is over. Jean Philippe cries and Emmanuelle rubs a little his butt, tenderly and comforts him. She lets him relax over her lap for about few minutes and when he stands, she does the same and embraces him while kissing him tenderly.

Emmanuelle assures Jean-Philippe that the spanking is over and she thanks him for letting her do it. I doubt if the 'thanks dear' makes him happy. If he can sit down, they can continue their research.



  1. Nice work, love the drawing and a nice fun spanking story, thank you/

  2. The drawing was Pierre's own work. I am always impressed by someone who possesses a talent that I don't.