Monday, 28 January 2013

Soap and water by Kimberley Susan

The idea for this post was actually suggested by Sophie when Aunty was doing her series on spanking locations. Aunty thought it would be a good idea for me to write it to assist with my personal development. I think that may be the case because I'm the one who has most recently gone though it.

I am speaking of an alternative to spanking, although I usually do it as well as a spanking as do Mum and Aunty.

We're talking about mouth soaping. It's quite a well known and even in this day and age still relatively common, although not as often as it used to be.

This is a doctored ad for Lux soap. I would like to respectfully disagree with that innocent looking young lady. I rather think that washing her mouth out with soap may do quite a deal of good.

This is from Good Spanking, and it shows what often accompanies a mouth soaping at my house. I do wonder if this red bottomed young lady has had her mouth soaped out or if she's going to get a dose after the bathbrushing.

This is what we often refer to as a 'soap sandwich'. It's probably the most common and easiest way to give a mouth soaping. I know of some that actually make the potty mouth hold the soap in their mouth while they spank. Ouch!

Here's a foul mouthed young lady being fed the soap. This one prompts me to talk about how do actually soap someone's mouth out. You can do it this way, but I don't find it totally effective. It's easier for sure, but you want to give them a really nasty tasting mouth and the best way to do it is to lather up a washcloth and rub it all over the teeth, tongue and gums, preferably until the one with the mouth is gagging, then you can let them rinse, although I've heard of some that don't even allow that because it takes away the taste. You can also load up a toothbrush with soap and do it that way, and I have done that, but you have to be careful not to let the brush be used for cleaning teeth afterwards.

Another one eating the soap. Why exactly does someone have their mouth washed out? The most common reason is for dirty talk, and boys are notorious for that. I think we'd have at least one client a week who gets that treatment. It can also be given because they're a cheeky little so and so and soapy mouth often makes them think before they speak. It's also a very effective punishment for lying.

I hope you've all enjoyed my musings on this subject. I may be marched to the bathroom to have my own mouth thoroughly soaped out and my bottom smacked if you haven't.

Kimberley Susan.


  1. A lovely commentary Kimberly and I can attest to the effectiveness of this particular remedy which has dramatically reduced the number of four letter words used in our house.

    Like you K also favours the washcloth method, another very effective tool is an old fashioned shaving brush - you can work up a realy good lather on those.

    Sometimes I will get put in the corner holding a dry bar of soap in my mouth to wait until its time for the washing proper to start, this gives a vey effctive tast of what is to come so I'm in a terrible state by the time the soap is taken out and the taps finally turned on.

    After a soaping is the one time I'm almost releived to see the bathbrush produced, a stinging smack at least takes your mind of the soap aftertaste, don't you find?


  2. I hardly think you'd be punished just because we didn't enjoy your musings on the subject. That would unjust, though if I've learned anything from reading the Spank Shop stories, it's that it's not safe to assume anything... ;-)


  3. Kimberley has read your responses and thanks you for them. Oh my clients are going to wish I'd never spoken to you, R, because I think K has two wonderful ideas there that I haven't used before.
    Of course Kimberley would not be spanked because people didn't necessarily enjoy her little post. Silly child! If she had not done a good job and produced a sloppy and poorly thought out piece well her bottom might be at some risk then. Happily this is not that at all.

  4. Kimberley, always love to hear from you, thank you.

    So in my house growing up, well the bar of soap and in it goes all wet and soapy. The urge is not to slurp in the wet soap, if you do wow. Now in my house, you were spanked first, sore bottom and then the soap.

    As me now, always get the wet, soapy bar and try not to suck on it!!

    Great post about a tough punishment!
    Love ya Kimberley,

  5. Kimberley thanks you, Ron. Yes, I often wet the soap first, I assume Kim does too. I know Gabrielle certainly does that. Here at the shop we tend to soap first then spank. The reason for that is because we don't want the naughty young man or woman thinking of anything other than how hot and sore their bottom is getting.

  6. So very happy to have helped....:)