Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sweet Caroline

Hello! It's almost the end of the month and that means it is time to unveil January's Spankee of the Month. As many of you now I am a keen tennis follower and down here in Australia January is also Australian Open month. In keeping with that theme, two of my very treasured followers (NJSpank and Penny, many of you know her as the Naughty Little Writer Penelope Hasler) suggested that one of the world's top 10 tennis players; former World Number One Caroline Wozniacki was an ideal person to receive the honour.

For those of you who are not familiar with Miss Wozniacki, here she is:

Doesn't she look absolutely adorable? Why on earth would anyone suggest such a sweet, high achieving young woman to be soundly spanked?

This picture has something to do with it.

At a late season exhibition tournament in 2012 Caroline thought it would be amusing to make fun of Serena Williams by putting padding (I think they're tennis balls actually) under her skirt and top to give her figure the same sort of look as the statuesque Miss Williams. Although reports said that Serena saw the joke, she did not sound best pleased about it and making fun of someone for their physical shape is not at all nice and Caroline should have known better.

Just so you can compare this is a picture of the younger Williams sister on court at the Australian Open.

Like many tennis players Caroline occasionally teases us with glimpses of her underwear on court.

As well as being talented, pretty and cheeky Caroline also has a high profile boyfriend, golfer Rory McIlroy.

All of this and she still has to make fun of someone else, it is very disappointing. Ron and Penny suggested a sound spanking for the young lady. I think it should be administered courtside possibly by the offended party, although I would be only too happy to deputise if it was preferred.

I hope people have enjoyed the choice for January.

If you'd all like to put your thinking caps on the voting is now open for February and remember it is a short month.


  1. Well done ma'am, may I suggest charging admission, will be a big money maker! She also for those who did not see it, I too am a tennis fan, smarted off to the press about her relationship with Rory.

    Great panty shot ma'am, thank you.

  2. I'm sure if this had been done publicly it would have been the highest drawing event at the Open. It seems Caroline did not learn from her public castigation over the Serena impersonation incident if she's making remarks to the press about her boyfriend as well.

  3. Oh my! Such a cheeky girl! I'm certain it would be a major money-maker if she were willing to submit to it. Perhaps half the proceeds to the charity of her choice and half to her would do the trick. I would probably be unable to afford the pay-per-view fee to see it though... :-(

  4. Thank you Phil and your suggestion of the money raised going to charity is a wonderful one.

  5. Sweet Caroline is sweet and sore Caroline now, Aunty. Serena would have a good swing to apply the spanking but I think you should be the one to carry it out. That young lady would not be making fun of anyone for a long time once you had shown her what her lovely bottom is for, Aunty.

    Sophie x

  6. Thank you Sophie. Maybe Serena could have a front row ticket to young Caroline's spanking. Her red bottom would contrast so nicely with the blue plexipave court at the Australian Open, too.