Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tears before bedtime

This is the second in my current series of places to spank. First up was the kitchen. Today we have a far more traditional and common setting. If the title hasn't given it away this picture from Spanking Dollars should definitely do so.

Now how familiar are we all with this? A just spanked young lady laying on her bed, crying and wishing her bottom wasn't so hot and red.

Those of us who were raised traditionally probably received the bulk of our hidings in a bedroom, either our own or our parents room.

This is about as traditional as they get, pj's down and over Dad's lap while he sits on the bed to deliver a good reddening. If I were him I'd have the bottoms a little lower to give the upper thighs a roasting too.

The bedroom is really an ideal place to spank. Firstly there's a bed to sit on and support the weight of even an older naughty one, you can also have them laying on the bed. Here's one of each type from the marvelous Clare Fonda.

We've got one with the girl laying on her bed (it seems to be the same room, but different girls) and with Clare using both hands to really toast her hams. The second one has been taken over Miss Fonda's lap for an old fashioned otk spanking. I'm not a fan of things, but this one will soon blend in with her bottom.

I've featured mostly hand spankings here, but the methods of one's execution are often kept in the bedroom. Paddles, hairbrushes and straps are most common. This bedroom spanking from Spanking Internet features a less common implement.

Yes, it's the crop. I suspect by the attire that these girls are girlfriends and having a bit of a play, although the one under the crop is sporting a very well warmed set of buttocks under those black panties.

Of course the bedroom is also where you want to go and have a cry after a good spanking, too.

I'll leave you with a fun picture from Sarah Gregory Spanking, I always like the contrast of a dark skinned girl spanking a light skinned one or vice versa.

What better way is there to wake up to a nicely spanked bottom administered by a loving friend?


  1. I like the contrast of a nice, white bottom being properly and thoroughly reddened... Especially when it's Sarah Gregory's. Nice pics, Aunty. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Sarah has a lovely bum and it looks even better when it is red.

  3. Another wonderful post, Aunty! I really like this series :)

    The bedroom is where I get 99% of my spankings, and it's where we keep all our toys (and my outfits). The number of times I've stood in the corner after a spanking, my school skirt held up...

  4. And Pennykins we're only just getting started. There are many more rooms in the house and even some outside of it where a naughty girl or boy can have their derrieres warmed up.

  5. Thank you for leaving us with the amazing Sarah, already commented most spankings I got were in mom's bedroom.

  6. My pleasure, the Sarah picture is a wonderful one.