Thursday, 17 January 2013

'Tertiary Education'

Our recent heatwave may have made Kimberley and I rather grouchy and whiny, but it doesn't seem to have affected Seegee, and he's provided this little tale of why an education is important and you should always listen to your tutor.

From Naughty Boys Spanked. Even big boys can benefit from a strict application of paddle to bottom.

From Women Spanking Men. Down come those shorts, mister!

The artist Waldo shows the view and how embarrassing it is to have to bare oneself.

Women Spanking Men again. Hannah gets Darryl over her lap.

Darryl ‘Dazzler’ Kilpatrick looked down at the semester report in front of him and tried to take in the failing grade.

His coach looked across the desk at his star athlete and said “That’s the second one, Darryl. Fail one more and I have to cut you from the team. “

Darryl grinned at the grim faced man and said “But I’m Darryl the Dazzler.”

“I don’t care if you’re the King of England, son. Three failing grades and I have to cut you, those are the school rules.”

Darryl frowned and sighed “I don’t concentrate well under pressure, coach.”

“Get some tutoring, Darryl. We’ll even pay for it if that’s a problem. You’re a good kid and you’ve got a great future ahead of you, but you won’t get far without an education.”

“Okay, coach,” Darryl tried his goofy grin again, and when it didn’t work, collected the report from the desk, folded it up into a wad and stuck it in his back pocket before sauntering from the coach’s office.

This failing grade thing was a major pain. Darryl ‘Dazzler’ Kilpatrick was a college sensation. He was in his first year and leading a lot of the team statistics something unheard of for a freshman. He knew he’d been struggling with some of his subjects, but he hadn’t really worried about it. He was aware of the school’s policy, but there’d been no way they’d cut him from the team or pull his scholarship, he was just too valuable.

At least that had been his thinking until the recent meeting with the coach. The man didn’t mess around. If he said he was going to cut Darryl, then he was going to do it. Darryl had already fielded enquiries from scouts and agents, but he knew he wasn’t ready to make the transition to the big time, and even some of the people who had contacted him wanted him to complete college and show that he could see something through. There was also the ever present threat of injury. A serious injury could strike at any time, and they had ruined more than one promising career. Darryl didn’t like to admit it, but he did need something to fall back on if for whatever reason the glittering career that was spread out before him did not eventuate.

There was one other problem for Darryl with getting serious about his studies. It was hard work. Sport was something that came easily to Darryl, always had. He had a mind for field tactics and he was a naturally gifted athlete. It helped that he actually liked being physical. Study was different. He was stuck inside. It hurt his head to concentrate. Schoolwork was hard, he’d managed to pass high school, but college was another matter. Darryl didn’t really like working at things he didn’t enjoy.

What the coach had said about tutoring had some merit. There were always notices on the boards from students wanting people to tutor. Maybe he could find a cute post-graduate student to help him out. That wouldn’t be so bad. Darryl ran a hand through his mop of brown curls, and flashed a sparking grin at a cute sophomore. She smiled back at him. He thought she was a cheerleader, he could remember seeing her at the games.

Darryl leaned against the board and scanned the notices there. A name caught his eye. Hannah Dalrymple. He knew her. She was a post-graduate student. Darryl hadn’t known she was studying at the same college as he was at. He knew her from home. They’d grown up together. She was five years older than him, and had babysat him on a number of occasions. He could vaguely remember her mother saying something about how proud they were of her in a conversation with his mother, but nothing else. She was offering tutoring in the subject he was failing. Darryl ripped the tag off the note and stuffed into his pocket before strolling away, feeling rather pleased with himself.

Hannah hadn’t provided a mobile number on the tag, just a landline. Darryl knew it wasn’t a dorm number, but it made sense for a post-graduate student to share a house off campus, most of them did. Darryl dialed the number and waited for it to pick up.

“Yeah,” came an aggressive female voice.

Darryl frowned, he couldn’t really remember Hannah’s voice, but he was pretty sure that wasn’t it, and her family were big on manners. She would never answer a phone like that.

“Hannah?” he ventured.

“This is Laurie. I’m her housemate.”

“I was calling about the tutoring,” Darryl tried.

“Hannah’s not home at the moment. What’s your name and number? I’ll get her to call you.”

Darryl gave his details, although he couldn’t help a grin when his name rang a bell with Laurie.

Hannah swung her bag full of heavy textbooks off her shoulder and fumbled the door open. Laurie looked up from her microwaved meal, as the slender redhead entered the kitchenette. “Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” Hannah answered with a smile. She did like Laurie’s no nonsense attitude to life.

“You got a nibble on the tutoring thing,” Laurie told the other girl.

“Oh really?” Hannah answered, happily, pouring herself a cup of coffee. She was actually surprised. She had only posted the advertisement a few days earlier. She did need the money, though. Her grant only went so far, it paid the rent and for food, but nothing was left over for luxuries.

Hannah scanned the note Laurie had stuck on the refrigerator. “Dazzler?” she asked. “Someone called Dazzler called me about tutoring?”

“It’s not his real name,” Laurie answered. “He’s some jock. They call him Dazzler I think, maybe it’s Razzle Dazzle. I can’t remember.”

Hannah giggled at the brunette’s obvious disinterest. “His real name is Darryl Kilpatrick.”

That surprised Laurie, she hadn’t known Hannah took any interest in the campus sporting scene. She turned black eyes on the other girl “How do you know that?”

“I know him,” Hannah answered.


“We grew up in the same town. I babysat him as a kid.”

“He didn’t sound like the brightest crayon in the box,” Laurie offered.

Hannah laughed and sipped her coffee “He’s not, or at least he wasn’t. I’d be willing to bet next month’s rent that he’s here on an athletics scholarship.”

“I don’t take sucker bets like that,” Laurie said. “I guess that’s why he needs tutoring.”

“Did he sound like he was in a hurry to hear from me?”

Laurie shrugged “Not really.”

“Great, because I really need a shower. I’ll call him after that and when I’ve had something to eat.”

“Yo, this is the Dazzler!” greeted Hannah when she rang the number Darryl had given Laurie. The girl frowned and got ready to leave a message. She had gotten no further than stating her name when it was answered by a person. “Hannah! How you doing?”

“Oh, you’re there. I was hoping I hadn’t rung you during a lecture.”

Darryl seemed to find that rather amusing. In the background she could hear male voices and the sound of clicking and rustling “Nah, but I am doing something,” Darryl answered breezily.

“Is this a bad time?” Hannah asked warily.

“Sort of,” Darryl started, then shouted “Two pair does not beat a full house! Pay up sucker!”

“You’re playing poker?” Hannah queried, her voice taking on an edge.

“Yeah, helps with my math,” Darryl replied.

Hannah sighed, he had not changed one iota from the excessively cheeky little boy she used to babysit. “Is there a better time to call you, Darryl?”

“You know the coffee bar near the stadium?”


“Can we meet there tomorrow morning?”

“It’s not ideal,” Hannah admitted. “But yes I can do that. Does nine suit?”

“In the morning?” Darryl tried to clarify.

“Oh for Gods sake Darryl!” Hannah exploded. “You either want me to tutor you or not. Nine o’clock tomorrow morning or you can forget it!”

“Okay,” Darryl agreed, his voice a good deal meeker.

Hannah fumed over her cappuccino and looked at her watch again. Nine fifteen. If nothing else she was going to give young Mister Kilpatrick a good piece of her mind when he finally arrived. Hannah believed that if you made an appointment you kept it, and you arrived on time. The girl had just reached for her phone to call Darryl and blast him when he breezed in the doors. He greeted people with an airy wave and caught the eye of a waitress, he mouthed his order at her and blew her a kiss as she scurried off to fill it.

He made his way to Hannah and the girl’s lips compressed into a tight line.  “What time do you call this?” she demanded as he sat down.

Darryl shrugged “I dunno. Nineish.”

“I said nine o’clock!” Hannah raged. “Not nine ten, not a quarter past, not even twenty past nine. Nine o’clock!”

“Don’t have a coronary,” Darryl tried to pacify her as his coffee arrived. Hannah noticed that he got a tiny chocolate biscuit with his, something she had not been given. “I’m here now.”

“Hmmphhh…” Hannah bit her tongue and concentrated on the business at hand. “Do you have a copy of a recent assessment I can look at so I know what needs to be done.”

Darryl put his cup down and frowned, then a light dawned on his face “Oh yeah, I think I’ve got…” he half stood and removed a folded and crumpled sheet from his back pocket. “There ya go!” he presented it proudly to Hannah.

The girl took the sheet and regarded it dubiously. She put on her rectangular glasses and unfolded it. She scanned the crumpled bit of paper and her eyes opened wider as she read through the remarks and scores.

Hannah sipped her coffee though the remaining foam, regarded the seemingly unconcerned young man across from her, and said “That is abysmal, Darryl.”

“That’s bad, right?”

Hannah suppressed a groan and ran a hand through her long red hair, caressing her sensible pony tail. “Please tell me you’re not failing English as well.”

“Okay, I won’t,” Darryl grinned.

“You are?” Hannah asked.

“No. Gotcha!”

“Darryl,” the redhead said seriously. “Your education is not a joke.”

Darryl didn’t answer, just nibbled on his biscuit and stared into his cup.

“These scores are deplorable. They indicate a complete lack of understanding of the concepts. You can ask questions during lectures, they don’t mind…”

“You’re meant to attend the lectures?”

“Oh dear God!” Hannah slapped her forehead. “It’s apparent we need a total overhaul here. How important is passing this course to you? Maybe an alternative subject can be found, something about how to construct a pair of running shoes…”

“I’m not doing it by choice, Hannah. I lose my scholarship if I don’t pass it.”

“I was joking this time,” Hannah told the boy. “Look, I’ll talk to your professor. I know her and I may be able to get you to do some makeup tests, but you are going to have to really knuckle down. Can we meet again later today?”

“I’ve got training, but maybe after…”

“Your place?”

“Sure. You know where the Kappa Delta Kappa house is?”

“The frat house?”


Hannah frowned again “Freshmen aren’t supposed to be allowed to live at frat houses.”

Darryl shrugged, flipped a curl out of his bright blue eyes and said “Yeah well they made an exception for me.”

“Okay after training at…”

“Four,” Darryl supplied.

“Four and you had better be on time, young man, or I will be most displeased.”

“Yes ma’am,” Darryl agreed with an irreverent salute.


Hannah wrinkled her nose as the smell of the frat house assailed her. Sweat, unwashed clothes, cigar and cigarette smoke along with the odor of stale alcohol all lingered on the air. Hannah had never belonged to a sorority and she wasn’t the type that the frat boys courted, but she had attended the occasional fraternity party and all the houses smelled the same. Kappa Delta Kappa was no exception.

The unshaven boy who had opened the door to her swayed uncertainly on his feet and his eyes weren’t totally focused. “Don’ wan’ any,” he slurred at her and started to close the door.

Hannah put a hand on the door to prevent it from being closed in her face, and said firmly “I am not selling anything.”

The frat boy frowned as he tried to gather his thoughts and study the redhead, she was kind of cute in a geeky sort of way, but she didn’t look like she’d go out with any of his brothers. “Whaddaya want?” he asked.

Hannah closed her eyes and took a deep breath “I am looking for Darryl Kilpatrick. Is he here?” adding under her breath “He had better be.”

“Dazzler?” the still inebriated or possibly high boy at the door said slowly.

“What’s going on?” a somewhat more intelligent voice asked from the house’s living room.

“Some girl wants Dazzler,” the first one answered over his shoulder.

A taller, clean-shaven boy appeared behind the original. “Hannah?” he asked.

Hannah narrowed her eyes “I don’t…” she started.

“Grant Peterson,” the boy supplied. “You were a TA for my course last semester.”

The light of recognition came into the older girl’s eyes “Oh yes, I remember now. You did quite well from memory.”

“Thanks,” the boy’s smooth cheeks coloured a little at the praise. “You want Dazzler?”

“Could we please call him Darryl?” Hannah requested. “Yes. Is he in?”

“Should be,” Grant replied. “I think I heard him get in from training not long ago. He’s up the stairs, third door on the left.”

“Thank you,” Hannah replied, and picked her way gingerly into the house and up the stairs.

Music blared from out of the room Grant had told her was Darryl’s. There was a star on the door and the name Dazzler, so she would have known without the directions.

Hannah rapped firmly on the door. “Yo! Come in if you’re naked!” was the shouted invitation.

Hannah felt herself blush, but pushed the door open anyway.

Darryl lay on his bed, he was shirtless and reading a pornographic magazine.

“We had an appointment,” Hannah said sternly, deliberately not mentioning the boy’s state of undress or his choice of reading material, although her tightly compressed lips and blazing eyes showed her opinion of both.

Darryl’s eyes opened wide and he immediately threw the magazine under his bed, he reached for a singlet and was struggling into it, which hid his hot red cheeks. Some part of Darryl still remembered that Hannah used to babysit him as a child and being seen the way he had been by her was still a little embarrassing.

“If that’s your choice of reading material, Darryl,” Hannah scolded mildly. “I think I can see why you’re failing.”

“Ahhh…just some down time,” Darryl muttered, his cheeks catching alight again.

“Even though you knew you had a tutoring session with me?” Hannah asked. “I would have thought you would have been preparing for that.”

“Preparing?” Darryl asked, clearly confused.

“Darryl,” Hannah queried the boy. “Have you ever been tutored before?”

“Yeah,” the boy replied enthusiastically. “Miss Stosic did last year. That was how I passed mathematics.”

Hannah frowned, that was the very subject Darryl was failing, the one that she had been hired to assist him with. She searched her memory banks for the name Miss Stosic among her teachers and came up blank. Then something her mother had said about Darryl came back to her. Annabelle Stosic was a young teacher, and apparently somewhat smitten by the school’s athletics hero. It was rumoured that she had passed the boy purely and simply because of that, nothing to do with ability. Hannah wondered how she had managed to rig the standardized department exams and the college boards. Then again it was not unknown for eager college recruiters to do that sort of thing in order to get promising athletes on their school’s team.

Hannah looked for a place to sit down and eventually pushed a pile of unwashed clothes off a chair and seated herself gingerly on it. “Do you ever clean this room, Darryl?” she asked.

The boy shrugged without concern “I can sometimes convince a girlfriend to do it.”

Hannah bit off her annoyed reply and instead took the study schedule she had drawn up for Darryl out of her satchel. She spread it out as best she could on Darryl’s cluttered desk, and requested that he get off the bed and look at it with her.

Darryl was leaning over the desk and Hannah, studying the schedule, his brow creased in concentration, when the door was slammed open and a male voice screamed “Incoming!”

Darryl spun and just managed to catch the thrown football before it connected with the back of Hannah’s head. He tossed it out the door, and someone said “Nice throw, Dazzler.”

“You nearly hit Hannah,” Darryl informed the thrower.

“Oh sorry, buddy, didn’t know you had a girl in there. You need to hang a tie on the door. After training though, you’re eager.”

“Fuck off!” Darryl boomed good-naturedly with a laugh and the door was shut firmly, the sound of footsteps running down the hall could be heard through it.

Darryl became aware that Hannah was glaring up at him. Her green eyes could have just about burned a hole in him. “What?” he asked.

“Darryl Brian Kilpatrick,” the girl started, reminding him uncomfortably of being scolded by his mother when he was a young child. “What sort of language do you call that?”

Darryl swallowed hard, not many people spoke to him in that manner, and the fact that Hannah had been his babysitter brought back some memories. Of all the sitters he had Hannah had been by far the toughest. He could charm most of them, but not her. When Hannah told you to do something you did it or else. Darryl never actually found out what the or else was, he just knew there was an or else when Hannah used a specific tone of voice.

“It’s just the guys,” he tried to explain weakly.

‘It sounds like this house needs a good dose of soap and water applied liberally to the mouths of the inhabitants,” Hannah said.

Darryl’s face twisted. Hannah had threatened on more than one occasion to wash his mouth out when she’d sat for him. She’d never made good on the threat. Darryl suspected his parents would have had words to say about it, and they did pay their sitters well. Friends of his had reported that she did do it, and one who had been unfortunate enough to have scored Hannah’s mother as a sitter had said that she also washed out mouths, so it must have been a family punishment.

Darryl looked at the schedule again, and Hannah calmed down a little. She had just started to explain things when the door opened again and the shaggy head of the stoned or inebriated fraternity member poked inside with its owner asking “You making the game tonight? I have to win my money back.”

“As if!” Darryl laughed. “I’ll be there.”

As the door was shut Hannah was again turning an angry gaze on the tall athlete “You’re going to another poker game tonight?”

“I need to give Weed a chance to…”


“That’s his name?” Darryl explained.


“Well, no his real name is Wayne, but he smokes so much weed that we…”

Hannah sighed “I do understand frat humour, Darryl. What time does this game start?”

“I dunno. Eight, I guess.”

“And it finishes when?”

“When it finishes. Could be an early one and we’ll get out of it by two…”

“Exactly when were you going to fit in studying?” Hannah asked coolly.


“Yes, ummmm…,” Hannah repeated. “Darryl, we can’t get any work done here. The atmosphere just is not conducive to study. I’d love to find out what the pass rate for this fraternity it. Meet me tomorrow at two sharp in the library. You do know where the library is, don’t you? Do you need me to draw you a map or something?”

Darryl blushed “Uhhh…yeah Hannah I know where it is.”

“I am relieved. We’ll do some proper study tomorrow,” Hannah stood up and gathered her things, fastening her satchel again. “Please think about that and maybe leave the game a little early after Weed has managed to win his money back.”

Hannah slammed her satchel down on the kitchen table and Laurie stuck her head up from the couch where she was unwinding by watching a favourite TV show. “Bad day?” the brunette asked.

“That boy,” Hannah fumed, lost for further words.

“Razzle Dazzle?” Laurie asked.

“His name is Darryl,” Hannah clarified for the other girl. “I don’t know if I can deal with him as a client.”

“But you need the money,” Laurie pointed out, getting up from the sofa and pouring her Hannah a mug of coffee.

“I know,” Hannah sighed, sinking on to a chair and wrapping her palms around the warm cup.

“You know him, though, don’t you?” Laurie queried, seating herself opposite the stressed redhead.

“That may be part of the problem. Darryl’s always been gifted athletically and indulged by everybody because of it, especially his parents. He’s never really had to try hard at anything, so when he does have to work it’s a foreign concept to him. It means he doesn’t have much self-discipline. He’s quite charming, too and he can talk or grin his way out of nearly any situation. The boy has coasted his whole life.”

“You babysat this kid?”

“Yes,” Hannah admitted, sipping her coffee. “I think I was the only one the grin didn’t work on. He wasn’t naughty as such, cheeky as all get out, but not really naughty. He didn’t give me grief about bedtimes or brushing his teeth before bed or eating what was put in front of him,” Laurie’s eyebrows rose, she had done her fair share of babysitting before college, and the young Darryl Kilpatrick sounded like a dream compared to some of the juvenile monsters she could remember looking after. “Oh he could be difficult about those, but it was homework he gave the strongest resistance too. I wasn’t allowed to punish him.”


“Yes, really. His parents doted on him, always have. Part of it is because he’s an only, but a lot of it stems from how charming he is and his ability on a sports field. His Dad always wanted to be a star athlete, but wasn’t blessed with the same natural physicality as Darryl is, so in some ways he lives vicariously through his son’s achievements.”

“It sounds a like a pretty dangerous combination,” Laurie commented.

Hannah nodded “With the other kids I sat for I was at least allowed to send them to their rooms or the corner. If that didn’t work the threat of telling Mum and Dad what brats they had been usually did. That wasn’t the case with Darryl. His parents didn’t believe in negative reinforcement.”

“I wonder if a swat on the rear counts as negative reinforcement,” Laurie mused, which earned her a laugh from Hannah.

“I found that what did work with Darryl was taking things from him. I had to hide videogames and remotes. I wouldn’t tell him where they were until he’d done some or all of his homework. It was extremely childish, but it did work. Because I never gave into him he worked out that I was serious and I think he was a little intimidated by me.”

“Did he ever wonder why you were immune to his charms?” Laurie asked rising from her chair and putting her arms around the other girl, before kissing her soundly on the lips.

“He never mentioned it,” Hannah said, breaking the kiss. “I don’t think I even knew I was wired that way back then.” She laughed. “Knowing how arrogant Darryl was even then, I think he may have even tried to turn me.”

Working in the library with Darryl was the best method of doing things with him. Hannah was both surprised by how little he knew, and angered that the system had allowed him to get this far without taking some sort of action. The girl was, however, a talented teacher and a lot of what she said did take with the young athlete.

He still tried to get out of things as he always had, but he couldn’t get around Hannah and soon learned when she said she wanted something done she would keep at him until he did it. One thing Hannah discovered was that Darryl liked a challenge, be it physical or mental, and if she made things into a challenge for him then he tended to work harder at them.

He was still however prone to lapses, especially when he had homework. Hannah believed this was due to the environment at the fraternity house. How anyone from that fraternity achieved a passing grade in anything she did not know. They seemed to spend all their time partying and drinking.

Gradually the quality of the work Darryl handed in began to decline. Things came to a head when Hannah received a grubby answer sheet with mostly incorrect answers to the problems, and to top it off the writing was clearly not Darryl Kilpatrick’s, yet his name was on top of the paper.

“What is this?” Hannah demanded, her eyes flashing, waving the sheet under Darryl’s nose.

Darryl looked at it, frowned, and then answered “It’s a bit of paper.”

With a supreme effort of will Hannah stopped herself from smacking the young man over the back of the head.

“Who filled it in?” Hannah asked.

Darryl looked around nervously and then replied slowly “Weed.”

Hannah was so stunned that she couldn’t even reply for a few seconds “Weed?” she asked. “That stoner I met at the door the first time I came to see you?”

“Uh yeah.”

“Why on earth would you let him do a homework exercise? I’m surprised he’s still got enough brain cells to pick up a pen.”

“I was hung over and he offered to do it if I paid him.”

Hannah shook her head in dismay, her ponytail swaying as she did so. She sat down across from Darryl and said seriously “Darryl look at me and listen to me, okay?”

Darryl nodded and put on his serious face.

“When I first took on this job of tutoring you I spoke with your coach. Do you really understand how seriously they take your academic performance?”

“He said he was going to cut me if it didn’t improve.”

“That’s what he told me, now do you think getting Weed to do your homework is going to get you a pass?

Darryl considered the question “No, but they won’t cut me.”

“How do you figure that?”

Darryl threw his arms wide and smiled “I’m the Dazzler.”

Hannah’s lips compressed into that tight angry line that Darryl remembered so well from her babysitting years and the more recent tutoring sessions. The girl handed some work to be completed across the table and said sharply “Do those and next time we’re going to study at my house. I can maybe say and do some things there that I can’t here.”

“Your house?” Darryl asked in wonderment as he collected the work.

“Yes,” Hannah said, adding a slip of paper. “That’s the address. Do NOT be late.”


“I dunno, Laurie,” Hannah said to her girlfriend over dinner that evening. “I just don’t think he gets it. He honestly doesn’t think they’ll cut his scholarship even if he does fail.”

“Maybe it would be for the best,” Laurie answered, forking rice into her mouth.

“How do you work that out?”

“A shock. It sounds like Darryl needs to be forced into taking stock.”

“You have a point,” Hannah agreed with the other girl. “However I think forcing him out of school may be a little drastic. I know if I’d behaved like this when I was first studying for my degree my father would have paddled my behind and then probably made me work to pay off the debts I’d incurred to him before letting me go back to study.”

Laurie’s lips quirked upward in a smile “I think my Dad have done something similar, but Darryl is on a free ride.”

The two girls were silent as they ate their meal, and then Laurie spoke again. “You may have something with the paddling.”

“What on earth do you mean?” Hannah asked, flipping her ponytail.

“Hear me out,” Laurie requested. Hannah listened. The brunette was a psychology major so there may be merit in what she was going to say. “What sort of a reaction do you think Darryl would have to a spanking?”

Hannah burst out laughing “Have you ever seen him, Laurie? He’s a big boy. He’s a shade below being a professional athlete. If I tried to spank Darryl I know who would wind up with a red bottom and it would not be him!”

Laurie blushed “Okay, I know you can’t just turn him over your knee like a little kid, but give it some thought all the same. There may be a way you can get him to agree to some physical chastisement. I know none of my professors would ever agree with me, but there are people who need a good spanking every now and than. People like Darryl who have never been disciplined or coasted through life without any consequences for their actions are definite candidates for an old fashioned hot bottom.”

Hannah was musing on the girl’s words when Laurie said softly “I’ve still got a paddle from my freshman year when I was in a sorority.”


Darryl clearly looked rather glum when he arrived at Hannah’s house for the arranged study session in the evening. Hannah opened the door to the normally carefree young athlete, and took in the expression as out of character for him. She invited him to sit down at the kitchen table and offered him a drink, which he accepted quietly.

Once they both had glasses in front of them, Hannah laid out the books she thought they needed, then asked for Darryl’s most recent homework. He handed it across wordlessly. Hannah scanned through it while Darryl sipped his drink. The redhead’s expression darkened as she looked at the mostly incorrect answers. It was Darryl’s handwriting at least, but this indicated he had gone backwards since she stared tutoring him.

“What is this, Darryl?” Hannah asked when she had read through the sheet.

“It’s the answers to the test,” he replied.

“Well, yes,” Hannah admitted. “But it’s dreadful. Did you even try?”

The big teenager shrugged “Sort of. I did it in between training drills.”

“You what?” Hannah exploded, nearly upsetting her glass, her green eyes flashing in anger.

“I didn’t have any other time,” Darryl tried to defend himself.

“Why not?”

“I dunno, I just didn’t…” the boy started.

“You went to a party, didn’t you?” Hannah challenged her eyes narrowing dangerously.

“I might have,” Darryl said cautiously.

Hannah sank back down onto her chair and put her head in one hand. “Darryl, this isn’t going to work.”

“What?” Darryl asked, the concern evident in his voice.

‘The tutoring thing. You just don’t take it seriously.”

“Is it the money?’ Darryl asked. “I can get them to pay you more. Coach said if I fail this semester I’m out.”

Hannah’s head came up “He confirmed what I told you?”

Darryl nodded “Yeah, he said that if I’m not playing they’ll have to take away my scholarship, too.”

Hannah sighed, the boy looked close to tears. That was the one thing that had always been able to melt her heart when she had looked after him as a child. His disarming grin never worked on her, but being upset did, especially if it was genuinely serious, as this seemed to be.

“Darryl, honey,” Hannah said gently, placing her hand on the young athlete’s shoulder. “I know you’re upset, but going to a party and blowing off your homework isn’t the way to handle it.”

‘You can’t pull your tutoring,” Darryl begged.

“Darryl, if you’re not trying and you fail it reflects badly on me. How many clients do you think I’ll get it if I’m known as the girl who let the Dazzler fail and wind up leaving school?”

 “I’ll do anything!”  Darryl vowed.

“So you’ll prove to me that you’re prepared to work?”


“I’m pretty sure everyone connected with you academically has heard that before Darryl. You only stick to it for as long as it takes for you to get what you want. I saw you do it in school.”

Darryl pouted.

“I have an idea,” Hannah said, recalling her conversation with Laurie. “You’re probably not going to like it, but I don’t see any other way to make sure this is going to work.”

Darryl looked eagerly at the girl, although there was also some interested anticipation in those blue eyes.

“Do you know how often I wanted to spank you when I used to sit you?”

The blue eyes widened, and he asked “Me?”

Hannah laughed “Oh God, so innocent! Remember the time you asked me if I’d be angry at you if you hadn’t done something?”

The grin that slid across Darryl’s face told Hannah that he did indeed remember the incident.

“I said no, why would I be angry at you if you hadn’t done something and then you told me that you hadn’t done your homework!”

Darryl chuckled at the memory.

“That was only one of many, Darryl. I bet that sort of thing made your parents laugh, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, kind of,” Darryl admitted.

“Do you know what my parents would have done if I’d tried that on a sitter?” Hannah asked.


“I would have been punished.”

“Punished how?”

“Maybe grounded, maybe had to go to bed early, maybe even spanked.”

“Spanked!” Darryl echoed.

‘Yes, spanked,” Hannah confirmed. “My parents did spank.”

“Sorry,” Darryl said, although the idea of Hannah being spanked was rather appealing, she was cute for a geek.

“Maybe if your parents had spanked occasionally we would not be having this conversation.”

“I don’t get what spanking has to do with now,” Darryl told his tutor.

“Oh it has everything to do with this situation,” Hannah said.

Suddenly an idea hit Darryl, and Hannah saw comprehension dawn on his face.

“Wait…you can’t mean…no,” he said firmly, with a blush creeping into his blemish free cheeks.

“I do and I can.”

“Not doing it,” Darryl reiterated his opposition to the idea.

“Okay,” Hannah shrugged and started to gather up her books. “That concludes our professional association Mr Kilpatrick. Good luck on your upcoming exams.”

“Hannah, no!” Darryl protested desperately. “I can’t…I’ll fail…”

“Will you accept a spanking to prove your determination to actually try this time, then?” Hannah asked, her voice a good deal steadier than she felt, her heart had been pounding madly since she proposed this idea.

Darryl thought back to his initiation into the Kappa Delts. He’d been paddled that night, all the pledges had. It had stung. What Hannah was going to do couldn’t possibly be worse than that and at least keeping her as a tutor gave him some sort of chance to pass, even if he didn’t pass they may look at his engagement of a tutor as a sign that he was trying and wouldn’t pull his scholarship. “Why not?” he agreed with shrug that was far more casual than he was feeling about the arrangement.

“Well, young man,” Hannah started in a stern sounding voice. “Let’s get those pants down.”

Darryl’s eyebrows rose. She hadn’t mentioned anything about doing this on his boxers. The girl’s expression did not change. Darryl sighed and dropped his jeans.

Hannah frowned “Take them off and fold them neatly. I remember how much trouble it was to get you put your things away as a little boy, and your room at the frat house is an absolute pigsty!”

Darryl did as she asked, becoming ever more worried, he even had to remove his running shoes to get his jeans off and retain some sort of dignity while doing so.

Hannah was trying to work out how to do this. Her small experience of spanking told her that it was meant to be done with the spankee draped over the spanker’s lap, but Darryl was considerably taller than she was. There was no way she could support his weight and her own while sitting on a kitchen chair and smacking his bottom. She stood up and moved to the couch, seating herself in the middle of it. Yes! Much better.

Hannah patted her lap and encouraged her victim “Come on over you get.”

She was serious! Darryl thought. He’d initially thought she was joking, and he went along with it to see how far she would take it, but she really meant to spank him and she wanted him lying over her lap like a little kid. “Come on, Hannah,” he tried. “This has gone far…”

“You chickening out?” she taunted.

That did it! Darryl was not scared of Hannah Dalrymple, and he was going to prove it right here. With attitude dripping off him he lay himself over her lap, his backside pointing to the ceiling.

Hannah stared down at the firm, round male set of buttocks encased in tight boxer shorts in her lap and her eyes widened. She patted them tentatively, and Darryl wiggled his backside at her provocatively. Hannah’s jaw firmed and she landed a hard slap on the right cheek.

“Hey!” Darryl protested. “That hurt!”

“It was meant to,” Hannah informed the young athlete, holding him around the waist, and following up her first smack with a volley that bounced crisply off both buttocks. “It is a spanking and that’s what they do.”

Darryl winced, but endured it stoically. He had felt worse on the field, although it wasn’t generally on his backside and it wasn’t all concentrated on the one area. He had to give Hannah this; she had a hard little hand.

For her part Hannah was actually enjoying herself. This was a heady experience. Her hand bouncing from one muscular globe to the other, the occasional grunt from Darryl and the feel of him wriggling in her lap. She could also feel heat rising from his shorts, the material was quite thin and she could see patches of pink spreading from the legs. There was also the feeling of having someone in her control, someone who had caused her concern and worry recently, too. She hoped this would get the message across.

As the spanking continued and the heat rose in Darryl’s shorts he actually started to enjoy it. His bottom had gone a little numb, he was able to anticipate where and when Hannah would smack and the warmth was not entirely unpleasant. Hannah’s lap was feeling rather comfortable, and he felt his member harden and grow.

Hannah frowned as she felt an insistent pressure on her thigh. What on earth? No way! He was enjoying this! The little brat! Hannah hooked her fingers into the waistband on Darryl’s shorts and without warning yanked them down over his nicely reddened bottom and to his thighs. “Hannah! What?” Darryl squawked.

“This is a punishment, young man!” Hannah scolding, spanking as hard as she could as she did so. “You’re not meant to enjoy it.”

“I’m not!” he yelped.

“Some part of you said otherwise,” Hannah informed him, turning her hand’s attention to his upper thighs, which really made him squirm and squeal.

As Hannah spanked steadily away she looked down on the bottom under her palm and found herself entranced by the now bright red hemispheres. The way her descending hand flattened out the buttock and how the flesh whitened as she lifted her palm, only for the area to be filled in with blushing crimson roses only seconds after. Darryl’s struggles were becoming quite vigorous now, and he rolled his bottom from side to side desperately trying to avoid her hand. Curiously and fascinating enough to the inexperienced Hannah it only gave her fresh tender areas for her hand to sting and redden.

Hannah was really having to work to hold the athlete in place, and combined with the exertion of spanking, this was quite a workout and she was perspiring. Hannah was concerned that Darryl was going to maneuver himself right off her lap soon, and she wasn’t even close to being done with his spanking. How could she keep him where he was until she’d given him what she thought was enough?

Her aunt, who had a whole tribe of children, had once remarked to Hannah’s mother that spanking was a skill that came naturally to ladies. Her mother had asked how she controlled some of her older kids over the lap, because they were into their teens by this stage. Aunt Liz had said when they got too desperate she locked her leg over theirs and that seemed to do the trick. The conversation came back to Hannah now and she hooked her leg over the backs of Darryl’s lower thighs and found to her delight that it did control him quite nicely and that conceivably she could keep him there as long as she wanted.

As the spanking continued Hannah became aware of things outside of Darryl’s frantically pumping rear end and the sound of her slapping hand against the now steaming and scarlet buttocks and thighs. The boy was begging “Please Hannah, stop! I’ll be good. I’ll do my work. I promise!”

The redhead’s hand was also hurting. Darryl’s rump was basically a muscle and it was quite hard, although it no doubt hurt right at this moment.  Darryl may have been begging her to stop, but he wasn’t crying. Hannah’s limited experience of spanking always included tears. In fact her aunt held forth that a spanking wasn’t really done until some tears had been wrung from the eyes of the miscreant. Hannah thanked her lucky stars the woman had never spanked her. The horror stories her cousins told were enough to convince her that she had it pretty good with her parents, who did spank, but infrequently and not as intensely as Aunt Liz did.

How could she get Darryl to cry? He maybe would if she kept spanking him, but by that stage her hand would be bruised and swollen and she didn’t want that. Then she remembered Laurie had a sorority paddle. She’d even spoken about it the time they’d discussed her spanking Darryl.

She released her leg from Darryl’s and stopped spanking him “Get up,” she told Darryl softly.

At first he lay over her lap and then asked gently “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

Very carefully Darryl eased himself off the lap, he stood up with a wince and his hands flew to his abused derriere, which he began to massage vigorously. “For Gods sake Darryl,” Hannah snapped. “Pull your pants up! I know your backside hurts, but I don’t need to see your equipment.”

Darryl went bright red and quickly dragged his shorts up, there was a satisfying gasp of pain as the waistband made contact with his superheated rear end and brushed across the glowing glutes. Once the boxers were in place, the hands dove down under them, and he kept rubbing his bottom.

Hannah dropped her head to hide a smile, he looked about seven years old standing there in front of her rubbing his bottom unashamedly.

“You said you were sorry while over my lap, young man,” Hannah put to Darryl. “Are you?”

“Oh gosh yes, Hannah!”

“Is that because I spanked you?”

“I guess. It hurt.”

“It was meant to. Spankings usually do.”

“I’ll do my homework now, I promise.”

“What about when your bum stops hurting?” Hannah asked.

Darryl was lost for words. If he were honest Hannah was correct, a few days after the pain had receded he’d be back to his old tricks. It was his nature.

“That lack of response tells me you need something a little more stringent.”

“Stringent?” Darryl repeated the unfamiliar word.

“It means harder,” Hannah supplied with a smile.


“I assume you were paddled when you joined Kappa Delta Kappa.”

Darryl nodded.

“Would you accept a paddling from me?”

“You have a paddle?” Darryl asked in surprise.

“Yes, I do,” Hannah grinned.

“Will you keep tutoring me if I let you?”

“Yes, will you promise not to slack off?”

“What if I do?”

“Then you’ll be back over my lap and under the paddle,” the girl’s voice was stern as she made the promise.

Darryl closed his eyes, swallowed hard, and said “Okay.”

“Drop your shorts and assume the position,” Hannah ordered, then went to the room she shared with Laurie to fetch the other girl’s sorority paddle.

As Hannah searched for the paddle she thought about what she had just told Darryl to do. She’d only seen that in movies and yet a friend in a class, who went to a school where paddling was still permitted, had assured her that they did still issue that command to students who were due to receive the school’s ‘Board of Education’. Up until she had told Darryl to do it, she had thought it sounded silly, but coming out of her mouth it sounded right.

As Darryl lowered his shorts and registered the pain on his still roasting rear, he reflected on this bizarre evening. Although the spanking had really hurt he did have the feeling that he needed it. He knew he was old enough and should be responsible enough to study without having someone make him, but he wasn’t, and he never had been. Hannah had always scared him a little as a kid, because of her reputation and the fact that she didn’t take his shit like all the other sitters did. Darryl had never really been kinky, but he had occasionally wondered what it would feel like to be spanked by Hannah. One of his friends said that she had spanked him, but he suspected that the boy was lying, and only saying that to improve his standing amongst his peers, who respected someone who could stand up to Hannah Dalrymple, the meanest babysitter in the neighbourhood.

Hannah was gratified to see as she reentered the room paddle in hand, that Darryl had obeyed her command. His shorts were around his ankles and he was bent over, holding his ankles. This position thrust those freshly spanked buttocks into the air, and the sight was amazing. Darryl’s backside was so red. Hannah idly wondered if she switched the lights off would that rear end glow in the dark. She told herself to concentrate and get a grip on herself.

Darryl heard the girl step up behind him, he looked through his legs and could see her jean covered legs, he turned a little and caught a glimpse of the paddle in her hand. Oh crap! It was the real deal. He had no idea where she had obtained it, but that was a proper college paddle, a full sized one. Darryl knew from his initiation just how much those things hurt, and that had been over his underpants, without being thoroughly hand spanked beforehand.

The paddle patted his upthrust rump a couple of times and Darryl clenched his roasted seat reflexively. “Up nice and high, Darryl,” Hannah said. “I want a good target to aim at.”

Darryl took a deep breath and straightened his legs, which pushed his bottom up and out.

“Good boy,” Hannah purred. “I’m a little sad that it’s come to this, but I really don’t see any other way of getting through to you. Please don’t try and be a hero. If you want to cry, then cry. I won’t think any less of you if you do, okay?”

“Yes Hannah,” Darryl whispered.


The paddle struck home and Darryl hissed. Every nerve ending in his backside lit up at once and told him to stand up. He willed himself not to break position. You got extra at initiation if you did that. He didn’t think Hannah would, but he wasn’t taking the chance.

Hannah stepped back and looked at the glowing bottom in front of her. Wow! Not only had that felt amazing, there was also the obvious effect it had on Darryl. He had really felt that. She saw his entire body tense as the slat of wood in her hand connected with his bottom. The redness on his hindquarters had also flared when it hit. She had to respect his toughness, though. If that had been her, she would have howled.

Darryl’s eyes opened wide and he felt them water as Hannah struck again. She really knew how to swing that thing. He gasped and told himself to tough it out.

“Darryl,” Hannah said gently as she wound up for a third shot. “You’re not doing yourself any favours here, sweetheart. The tears will give me the message I need.”


The third stroke went through his entire body. Darryl bit his lip to keep from crying out, but he felt the tears start to slide down his cheeks.

“That’s it darling,” Hannah encouraged as she heard the first sob.

Darryl yelped as the paddle lit his throbbing rear end up for the fourth time, and he felt his nose start to dribble as well.

“Now Darryl,” Hannah lectured. “I want a promise from you, sweetheart.”

She laid the paddle on again and Darryl howled, the tears were now flowing steadily.

“When I set you work I want it done, and I want it done by you, not one of your frat brothers or team mates or anyone else. I want you to come to tutoring sessions prepared and not hungover from the party you attended the night before. I don’t want to hear excuses about card games or parties or non existent trainings. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am!” Darryl wailed as Hannah underlined her scolding with another searing swat of the swinging paddle.

“Furthermore,” Hannah said. “You will agree with me that if you do any of those things then you will accept a spanking from me to pay for your transgression or we can terminate our agreement.”

Before Darryl could reply the paddle took his breath away.

“Yes, yes, Hannah,” Darryl bawled. “I’ll do that, I promise!”

Hannah swung the paddle again, this time it caught Darryl on the lower part of his bottom and forced him onto his toes, and got a desperate “I’ll be good! I’ll study. I promise!”

Hannah let the paddle dangle by her leg and told Darryl “Do you know something, darling. I believe you.”

Darryl tensed for another swat, but it never came. In fact he couldn’t even see Hannah’e legs through his tear blurred eyes. Hannah had left the room to replace the paddle. Darryl rested his legs a little, but did not dare totally break position until he was given permission to do so.

He felt Hannah’s arms around his waist and she gently coaxed him to a standing position. Darryl relaxed against Hannah’s body and cried into her shoulder. She put her arms around him, rubbed his sore bottom and patted his back, talking to him soothingly as one did an upset child, telling him that everything was okay and he was her good boy now.

Eventually Hannah broke the embrace and looked at Darryl’s face “My aren’t we a sight?” she said brightly and filled her hands with tissues to gently, but firmly clean his face. Darryl suddenly became aware that he was nude in front of her, he blushed and hastily replaced his shorts. Hannah had him sit gingerly on the couch and made him a cup of tea to settle him a little.

Darryl passed that semester…barely, but from that day on the boy’s classwork improved. He graduated easily and was signed to a top team as a high ranked draft pick. Hannah was a regular spectator at his games throughout college and even when he landed a contract with a professional outfit. She was an honoured guest when he won an award and if anyone asked him why she was there he credited her as his motivation.


  1. Well ma'am, with all due respect I would assume this wonderful story improved both your and Kimberley's state of mind...terrific read and well done as always. Wish I had a tutor like this!
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Ron, it did put a smile on our faces during a trying time.

  3. Seegee at his usual best. Loved it! I'll bet things might have been different (for both of them)if Hannah had had her way with him when he was a boy and she his babysitter.

    Had a few babysitter fantasies myself...


  4. Thank you, Phil. If Hannah had been able to discipline Darryl as she wanted when he was younger she probably wouldn't have needed to tutor him in the first place. Oh yes, babysitter fantasies are very popular.

    1. That's exactly what I meant, and, I daresay, it would have been more fun for both of them as well... ;-)