Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Bad Boy Storybook

Hello to you all. I do hope that 2013 has treated you well thus far and that there weren't too many hangovers out there.

I'm sure everyone is aware that I am a great supporter of the Library of Spanking Fiction, and I know a number of you are contributors and even more of you are readers of one of the best, if not THE best, repositories of spanking related fiction on the internet.

One of their hardworking, unpaid staff is the delightful and often highly amusing flopsybunny.

Not content with merely being the revered rabbit in charge over at the LSF, flopsy has published an entire book full of spanking stories. She asked me to recommend this book, because it's called The Bad Boy Storybook: spanking stories for misbehaving men, and she knows that I tend to specialise in F/M fiction over here, which is what this collection is.

The wonderful Red Rump has provided the coverart for the book, this is it:

As you can see flopsy has called herself Lucy Appleby in her other guise as an author.

I haven't read the book myself, yet, but if her work at the LSF is anything to judge by we're in for a treat.

You can find out more over here at flopsy's blog: http://lucyappleby.blogspot.co.uk and the book can be ordered from Amazon.

Aunty Andrea XXX


  1. The cover shot is just amazing, thank you for showing us the lead on this one.

  2. My pleasure, Ron. Flopsy is a wonderful writer and deserves support.

  3. Having had the privilege of a few email conversations with flopsy regarding some stories at LSF, I'm sure her stories will be wonderful.